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Watch Shaq Get Pranked With a Smoothie Containing Lotion and Ranch

The uproarious hijinks that go on during any episode of Inside The NBA are a part of the special recipe that’s made the Hall of Fame show so legendary and beloved. A main culprit in said hijinks is Shaquille O’Neal, usually on the receiving end of a prank or mishap.

The Big Fella played the hilarious victim again, after co-host Kenny Smith became fed up of Shaq making fun of his healthy eating habits and chose to exact revenge. How? By way of a nasty smoothie he concocted, made up of random ingredients like Metamucil fiber supplement, Aveeno lotion and ranch dressing.

The segment starts with Shaq taking a cautious sip of said smoothie, followed by showing surprising approval for how it tasted. “This is nice,” he admitted. “I taste cranberry and pineapple.”

Kenny then went straight for the big reveal, unveiling the list of ingredients that went into it in a separate video clip recorded earlier in the day, before blending it all together, ready to ruin The Big Diesel’s day.

The thoroughly unamused look on Shaq’s face afterwards, his gagging reactions and Kenny ducking behind Charles Barkley made for another side-splitting moment by the Inside The NBA crew.