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Kendall and Kylie Jenner Face Backlash For Releasing Tone-Deaf Chinese Takeout Purse

Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s new Chinese Takeout purse is drawing some serious backlash.

The celebrity sisters released the new bag as part of their “Kendall + Kylie” fashion line. It went up for sale on the Saks Fifth Avenue website for just an hour before being removed, according to Nextshark.

In addition to the identical design to a Chinese takeout box, the bag bears the name “KK Express” to evoke Chinese delivery. Furthermore, its name, the “Lee Clutch,” has drawn further ire from those who got a glimpse of the purse. A fortune cookie-shaped coin purse is apparently also part of the Jenner’s misguided collection.

What’s worse is that the Jenners likely stole this idea from another celebrity. In 2014, Kate Spade released a strikingly similar bag that also drew ire. Additionally, the Jenners have been accused of this type of cultural appropriation in the past. Kendall Jenner caught flack for her insensitive Pepsi commercial earlier this year, for example.

While the Chinese takeout purse is no longer available for purchase, we have to yet to hear about an official apology from either of the Jenner sisters.

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Kendall Jenner Claps Back At NYC Bartender That Claims She Didn’t Tip

Update: Kendall obviously didn’t appreciate her good name being dragged around, so Monday afternoon, she addressed the tipping issue, saying that she tipped in cash. Kendall tweeted out, “Damn, I guess next time we won’t tip in cash,” but it’d be surprising if she returned at all after the way she was called out by the club. The bartender who first tweeted about the incident, Michael Burns, has since taken the accusatory tweet down.

Kendall Jenner is now 21-years-old and can finally buy herself alcoholic beverages, but the young millionaire allegedly committed a serious bar foul and was called out for it by the establishment.

The young Jenner sister was accused of not tipping the bartender at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, and the night club came with receipts, posting a photo to their Instagram account showing the lack of tip on Kendall’s $24 bill and captioning it, “Don’t forget to tip your bartender,” with a smiley face at the end for good measure.

The reason Jenner was in the building in the first place was for rapper A$AP Twelvyy’s listening party, along with Jenner’s friend A$AP Rocky, slated to perform that night.

The club took the image of Jenner’s receipt down, but not before everyone caught a glimpse and dragged Jenner through the mud:



This brings up the age old argument of when to tip, how much to tip, and if the tipping system is broken altogether.

No one’s ever technically required to tip their bartenders, but it’s a bit of a douchey move not to. The peeps behind the bar are trying their best to put together your crazy drink requests, at a reasonably quick rate, with a line full of people bombarding them. Bartenders do provide a bit of an extra service that you can’t just go to the grocery store for.

Either way, of all situations where tipping comes up, it’s in bad form not to tip your bartenders.

Kendall Jenner has been accused of a less-than-savory experience with wait staff before, as she was accused of trying to dine and dash, being chased down, then throwing a couple $20 bills at the server’s face in 2014.

Her and the staff should just settle this all with an ice cold Pepsi, and call for a truce.

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Pepsi Can Learn From Taco Bell On How To Stay Relevant [The Katchup Podcast]

To stay relevant in modern times, companies often take different routes. Pepsi got Kendall Jenner to star in a commercial about protests that totally flopped. Taco Bell, on the other hand, launched a series of innovative new items, including a hype breakfast taco made with a fried egg and a Mexican crispy chicken pizza.

For those of you that haven’t seen the tone deaf Pepsi commercial, it featured Kendall Jenner handing a Pepsi to a white cop watching over a protest and the entire crowd cheering. The ad triggered some major backlash due to the insensitivity of the campaign and how it inaccurately portrayed protests, police, and race relations. Pepsi’s attempt at social relevance revealed how uneducated it was in this field.

Taco Bell didn’t jump into that area, but it did stay relevant through its continuing ability to innovate and change the fast food game. Its new Naked Breakfast Taco, which puts breakfast items like sausage and potatoes into a a whole fried egg “taco shell,” is set to revolutionize the way we think about the quintessential morning meal.

It’s safe to say that Taco Bell did a much superior job to Pepsi in terms of being relevant this week, and that’s what we dove into on this week’s episode of our podcast, The Katchup. Foodbeast Editor-In-Chief Elie Ayrouth sat down with Managing Editor Reach Guinto and self-proclaimed Fatboy-in-Chief Rudy Chaney to go in on Pepsi for their horrible commercial and hype on Taco Bell’s new food offerings. I also crashed the podcast for a little bit because I had to give my take on where Pepsi went wrong and how they could’ve saved themselves.

We don’t hold anything back in this podcast, so make sure to listen to hear some of the most brutal commentary on the Pepsi commercial to date. And then feel better hearing about all the cool stuff Taco Bell is doing.

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Kendall Jenner Is Trolling Instagram’s Nudity Policy With Pizza Emojis

Kendall Jenner’s the fashion model in her family, and like most of her sisters, isn’t afraid to show off her body on social media.

Only problem is Instagram seems to be scared shitless of women’s nipples, and will take down photos of any woman bearing them in a photo.

Jenner’s had problems with Instagram before, as IG didn’t take too kindly to her see-through top photo. The photo below is a repost from some random account, obviously, but once IG sees it, it’ll come down:

A photo posted by Joboy Afulugénciá (@thejoboy) on

While she still isn’t allowed to free the nipple, she found a way to almost fully express herself, with the help of food.

Using the popular pizza emoji, she covered up her nipples, still leaving almost nothing to the imagination.


A photo posted by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

It still hasn’t been taken down, so it looks like Instagram is OK with this pizza replacement.

To all those who are tired of censoring themselves with generic paint, pizza emoji would be a great replacement, and an awesome trend to see.


Feedback: The Top User Comments Of The Week

Here at Foodbeast, we can appreciate a clever, or insightful comment from our Facebook followers, as they peruse our headlines and check out our food stories.  All we do is write news, send it out into the world and hope it resonates with people, and often it does.

Most of the time, we get the basic feedback of, “Gross”, “This looks amazing!”, or just a crazy amount of tags, but the special ones who take the time to be witty or thoughtful, those are the ones we want to put the spotlight on in this weekly series.

They’re sometimes touching, funny, offensive, and maybe too honest — but always real.

Without further ado, here are the Best User Comments of the Week:


“I might have to start drinking again just to experience this wizardry.” – Katie Honana

beard beer
STORY: Amazon Now Delivers Booze To Your Door in 1 Hour

I swear, this post was not intended to spark up past addictions, Katie. Maybe buy it for a friend? Whatever. Thug Life.

“They were protesting, ‘Fowl lives matter!'” – Dawn Federighi

kfc chickens

STORY: Hundreds Of Live Chickens End Up In Front of KFC After Escaping A Truck

Bruh, you’re gonna have a whole lot of movements after you for this one. Black Lives Matter is one thing, but you don’t want PETA coming at you, throwing that red paint on your kicks.

“Isn’t that like a wall around his salad?” – Nick Variz


STORY: Trump’s Advisers Urged Him Not To Tweet His Infamous Taco Salad, He Did It Anyway

Great observation, Nick. I’ve heard the man does have a ‘thing’ for walls.

“Can you guys not associate HipHop with this fool.” – Jelani Smith


STORY: Rapper Chief Keef Had A Blunt And Lean Birthday Cake, Because Hip Hop

I saw this one coming a mile away. All the hip hop heads who still say “son” and “word is bond” were going to absolutely hate on the Almighty Sosa. I hear you guys, but this is a part of rap culture now.


“I tried to get disability from my job at IHOP for the same condition. They said to get back to work.” – Mark Neal


STORY: Pancakes Scare the Sh*t Out of Kendall Jenner And It’s Actually For A Legit Reason

You gotta march back into IHOP and tell them to put some respeck on your fears.

“Skip all the useless tasks related to the making of the burger, just start pouring melted cheese into and all around ur mouth and don’t stop until ur bathing in cheese” – Ayla Miller

VIDEO: Cheesy ‘Eat Famous Burger’

That’s a plan we can all get behind, Ayla.

“Fitting since Taco Bell’s meat is horse shit.” – Audrey N Micah


STORY: Watch This Cowboy Ride His Horse Into Taco Bell After The Drive-Thru Busted

Slow clap.

“Finally, Someone can officially shout ”it is over 9000!!!!” in front of that athlete.” -Setsuna Yuen


“Would have been cool if you changed “than” to “then”‘ – Kyle Marcoux

badminton mcdonald's

STORY: This Olympic Athlete Eats More McDonald’s Than Your Whole Squad/Alt Title: This Athlete’s Cheat Meal Was Over 9,000 Calories of McDonald’s

We posted this one with a couple different titles and both were money with commenters. We got a classic Dragon Ball Z reference, which was set up perfectly by the 9,000, plus our boy Kyle Marcoux, AKA, The Vulgar Chef with a fantastic suggestion for our headline. It would be pretty gnarly if that athlete ate your whole squad.

“So is it supposed to taste better or equally as crappy as del taco soft chicken tacos” – Kari Torres

VIDEO: Del Taco Chicken Soft Pie

Straight shade on the Del Taco. And to answer your question, it is better.


“I will say this, their pizza was overpriced shit before the recession. Now its moderately priced shit.” – Nick Chavalas

Dominos Commerical

STORY: How Did Domino’s Pizza Become America’s Top Fast Food Chain?

$10 for a large pie isn’t bad, bro. Take your ass to Little Caesars for that $5, heat lamp garbage.

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Pancakes Scare The Sh*t Out Of Kendall Jenner, And It’s Actually For A Legit Reason


Kendall Jenner is arguably the most normal person in the superstar-ridden Kardashian/Jenner family. She doesn’t have a sex tape, a pedophile boyfriend, and isn’t married to an ego-maniacal self-proclaimed genius, but she does have a strange condition that you probably would have never thought about.

Kendall suffers from trypophobia, which is essentially a fear of tiny holes, circles or pods, and her fear apparently gets triggered by, of all things, pancakes.

Tiny holes aren’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about pancakes, but she wrote on her personal blog that those porous, fluffy little cakes do the trick.

“It sounds ridiculous but so many people actually have it,” Jenner said. “I can’t even look at little holes, it gives me the worst anxiety. Who knows what’s in there?”

You have to wonder how far her fear goes. Like, does she have a panic attack when sipping out of a straw? If someone threw Cheerios at her, would she have a mental breakdown?

Hopefully she can get over this fear, because a life without knowing the pleasure that comes from pancakes, is one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard.

h/t refinery29