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Watch This Guy Try To Stop Actual Violent Protest With Pepsi

Just a few weeks back, Pepsi released an uninspiring and tone deaf video where superstar model Kendall Jenner stops a potentially violent protest with a can of Pepsi.

In that same spirit, when hundreds of protesters got rowdy during a “Patriots Day” rally in Berkeley, Calif., one brave soul sought to end the violence with cans of Pepsi in hand.

YouTuber Vito Gesualdi was literally in the middle of the protest, as there were Oakland PD in riot gear, violent fights erupting, and items being thrown left and right. Someone had to stop the madness, so walking through all this tensed-up rioters, Gesualdi offered the cans of soda to anyone and everyone he could.

This guy was literally walking up to fights on the floor, and geared-up police officers, all for the sake of making a beautifully constructed video, which perfectly illustrates just how stupid the original Pepsi ad was.

Thankfully Gesualdi didn’t get hurt with this comedic stunt, but he also didn’t stop the violence, which is a bummer.

Peep the full video below:

h/t brobible