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This Alt-Right News Empire Is Making Kellogg’s Pay For Spurning Them


Photo: Breitbart

Breitbart News Network is going hard on the offensive to retaliate against food industry giant Kellogg’s.

Shortly after Kellogg’s announced they would be pulling their ads from Breitbart’s programming, the alt-right news agency launched a Twitter campaign, calling on its readers to #DumpKelloggs and sign a petition to boycott any product that Kellogg’s sells.

Kellogg’s is pulling the ads because they were alerted to consumers that ads were on Breitbart, which in the eyes of many, has been associated with articles promoting anti-Semitism, racism, and sexism. The cereal giant stated that they pulled the advertising since the values of Breitbart did not match their own company values.

Breitbart retaliated by stating that the removal of Kellogg’s ads wouldn’t make a difference in their revenue regardless, and accused the company of being an “out-of-touch corporation” trying to “cynically smear hard-working Americans.”


Photo: Ten_GOP (Twitter)

Since Breitbart’s call for boycotting Kellogg’s began, tons of Twitter users have shared the hashtag #DumpKelloggs in support of the campaign, and shares for the cereal company have been on a steady decline as more than 130,000 people have signed the boycott petition.

So far, it appears that the retaliation efforts are working in favor for Breitbart. However, this isn’t the first company to pull ads from the news website, with BMW and Allstate also pulling its ads.

Regardless, it’s noble to see companies like Kellogg’s standing up and doing what they believe to be right, regardless of the repercussions that may follow.


Kellogg’s Employee Pees On Cereal And Cherry Blossom Fraps Hit Starbucks [The Katchup]

Another week as flown by and if you’re overwhelmed with all the food news that’s coming at you, fear not. The Katchup is here.

This week, the West Coast finally gets rainbow bagels that have become famous on the east coast, convenience store Goliath 7-Eleven is bringing back their any-cup-you-want Slurpee promotion, and Starbucks released these dope Cherry Blossom Frappuccinos that taste pretty sweet.

In some NFSW news, someone took a leak on a Kellogg’s cereal production line and the company is PISSED, plus Macklemore has a painting of Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber with a pancake in his house.

Guess where it’s hanging?

Unicorn Bagels


While some are more than happy to hop on a plane to try this multi-colored novelty, others can probably hold off a bit until a similar version comes out in the West Coast…Read more here.

Starbucks Cherry Blossom Frap

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.18.04 AM

As most people know, the people of Japan are all super into cherry blossom trees, or “sakura.” The budding flowers on the branches are sticklers for timing, blooming only as soon as the Japanese springtime makes its way into the country. And when the tide of pink flowers rolls in, so do their Starbucks…Read more here.

Kellogg’s Employee Urinates on Cereal


The second World Star-hosted video involving food and male genitalia in one week has surfaced, featuring what appears to be a Kellogg’s worker filming himself urinating on…Read more here.

7-Eleven #BYOCupDay


7-11 wants you to indulge yourself with Slurpees by letting you bring and use pretty much anything you want as a Slurpee cup. Read more here.

Macklemore’s Nude Justin Bieber Painting


It’s a lot easier being a Belieber since his last album was filled with fire, from start to finish, but there’s a Grammy Award-winning rapper who took his Justin Bieber obsession to a higher… Read More here.


Watch This Kellogg’s Employee Pee On Cereal At The Factory [NSFW]


The second World Star-hosted video involving food and male genitalia in one week has surfaced, featuring what appears to be a Kellogg’s worker filming himself urinating on products in an assembly line. Of course, the other incident World Star broke was a customer giving a waiter a blowjob at Denny’s, but this situation at Kellogg’s has a very small potential at affecting us much, much more.

After learning of the video, an internal Kellogg’s investigation found out the act was filmed back in 2014 at a facility in Memphis, Tennessee. According to Kellogg’s, the only products that could have potentially been affected include Rice Krispies Treats, Rice Krispies Treats cereal and puffed rice cake products. All products would be past their expiration point, anyways.

The explicit (nudity), NSFW video can be seen here courtesy of World Star Hip Hop:

According to a statement made to WREG, Kellogg’s is “outraged by this completely unacceptable situation, and we will work closely with authorities to prosecute to the full extent of the law.”

The matter is currently under a criminal investigation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. WREG said the video might have been shot during a labor dispute at the factory back in 2014.

Packaged Food

Kellogg’s Releases Limited Pumpkin Spice Mini-Wheats


Summer’s over and fall is kicking off with new pumpkin spice products. A lot of them. The latest in the seasonal trend is new Mini-Wheats Pumpkin Spice.

Kellogg’s is releasing a limited-edition flavor of Mini-Wheats that boast a pumpkin spice flavor. Made with eight layers of wheat, the cereal is given an extra layer of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger. Y’know, the essential ingredients to making pumpkin spice.

The cereal is available in 15.5 oz boxes at all participating grocery retailers. Prices vary depending on location.

Packaged Food

Kellogg’s Now Peddling Kid’s Cereals For Late-Night Snacking


Picture midnight in the summer. You’re hungry, but lazy. You could order pizza, or boil water for instant ramen, but your hunger isn’t super ravenous, and you’d rather not wait more than the minute it takes to walk to the kitchen. Enter: cereal for late night. Already the lazy (or enterprising!) man’s go-to midnight munchie cure, Kellogg’s is attempting to boost falling breakfast sales by repositioning popular cereal lines like Special K, Froot Loops, and Frosted Flakes as the perfect “good night snack.” They even have a fancy new moon and star bedazzled box, ooh!

Pitched as an alternative to milk and cookies, Ben & Jerry’s, and lukewarm DiGiorno, new late night Kellogg’s cereals are exactly the same as their daytime counterparts, just in new limited edition boxes to remind everyone that, yes, you can totally eat Froot Loops in the middle of your shameful Power Rangers/Netflix binge.


According to the Associated Press, sales for Kellogg’s U.S. breakfast division fell 5.5% in the first quarter, due to more and more Americans seeking healthier or more convenient alternatives like Greek yogurt, fast food breakfast sandwiches, or cereals made without genetically modified ingredients. The push of cereals as snacks or even yogurt toppings, Kellogg’s hopes, will help abate some of the company’s losses.

Seems reasonable enough, though, as Consumerist notes, we’re not too crazy about letting kids think they can eat sugary cereals for dinner. It’s hard enough getting them to eat their veggies as it is.

H/T Consumerist + PicThx Impulsive Buy


The Pop-Tarts Vodka We Wish Was Real


With Carl’s Jr. rolling out with new Pop-Tart ice cream sandwiches, it seems these breakfast-desserts are the hot food item of the moment. Hoping to join the trend, Kellogg’s will be rolling out with new Pop-Tarts-flavored 80-proof vodka. The new line features three different flavor profiles: Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Strawberry and S’mores.

According to HiConsumption, the company has been prepping the boozy items for years at their headquarters and plans to introduce three new flavors every year. Except, this is all a sham. A cruel, cruel lie by Table to Grave meant to tease and tantalize our tastebuds with something we can only wish was real.

H/T HiConsumption

Packaged Food

Kellogg’s Looks to Score Pringles Deal: Outlook Good

Diamond Foods has been through a lot this last year, especially with the replacement of their CEO and CFO due to internal problems within the company regarding finance. Diamond Foods, which is known for producing Pop Secret Popcorn, Emerald Brand Nuts, and Kettle Brand Potato Chips, now have lost their proposed acquisition of Procter & Gamble’s Pringles. The deal was worth $1.5 billion dollars.

This is great news, however, for Kellogg’s who has plans on acquiring a contract with the brand. The $2.7 billion dollar all-cash transaction will be expected to be completed by the summer of this year.

Does this mean big changes are in store for our delicious potato chips? Will we get more flavors? Different textures? Less hands stuck in jars? All I know is, the snack industry takes their chips very seriously.

via: Huffington Post

Packaged Food

New Fiber-Rich Waffles from Kellogg

Eggo Fiber Plus Waffles

Kellogg Co. has released its new line of fiber rich waffles marketed as “Eggo FiberPlus Waffles.”

A recent survey conducted by Caravan Survey of 1,006 adults showed that only 1 in 10 Americans were getting the proper daily intake of fiber. Because of this, Kellogg has made this high in fiber product for consumers. Eggo FiberPlus Waffles comes in two flavors: Buttermilk and Chocolate Chip. Both flavors will contain 10 different vitamins and minerals as well as satisfying 20-35% of the daily fiber DRV.

The waffles can be found in the frozen food isles of your local grocery store.

Thx: Grocery