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FROOT LOOPS To Change Forever As Kellogg Announces All-Natural Direction


Kellogg Co’s going all natural. The company announced Tuesday that it plans to stop using artificial colors and flavors in its cereals and snacks sometime before 2018, Reuters reports.

All this year, fast food chains have been announcing similar goals with their ingredients. Now, the 109-year-old food company is the latest to make the change.

Competitor General Mills had also made a similar announcement about a month ago.

Thankfully, this isn’t a major change for Kellogg. About 75 percent of its cereals in North America are made without artificial colors and more than half of are made without artificial flavors. Those who enjoy the sugary saturated colors of fruit loops, however, will be sorely disappointed.

Like its Australian counterparts, expect the cereal to boast paler shades of color as natural coloring ingredients replace the artificial ones. It’s all in the name of health, right?


Packaged Food

New Fiber-Rich Waffles from Kellogg

Eggo Fiber Plus Waffles

Kellogg Co. has released its new line of fiber rich waffles marketed as “Eggo FiberPlus Waffles.”

A recent survey conducted by Caravan Survey of 1,006 adults showed that only 1 in 10 Americans were getting the proper daily intake of fiber. Because of this, Kellogg has made this high in fiber product for consumers. Eggo FiberPlus Waffles comes in two flavors: Buttermilk and Chocolate Chip. Both flavors will contain 10 different vitamins and minerals as well as satisfying 20-35% of the daily fiber DRV.

The waffles can be found in the frozen food isles of your local grocery store.

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