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This Cooking Show Parody May Be The Darkest, Most Hilarious New Series We’ve Seen

Practically every time we go on YouTube, we find ourselves drawn to some kind of cooking series. While not the best home cook by any means, we can more than appreciate a good instructional video. To our delight, we discovered a new series to subscribe to.

You may remember David Ma, the innovative director behind food series such as Jeff’s Table, Food Films, and SuperHands. Teaming up with Brian Haimes, who comes from the world of animation and puppetry, the two co-created this innovative new cooking series simply called Food Kitchen.

The series is described as a dark take on the boring, clean-cut cooking show. The twist is that the foods are talking puppets that can feel everything happening to them, though there’s not much they can do about it. Characters include a masochistic pepper, an overly emotional onion, a wise-cracking chicken breast, and even a killer knife with a split personality.

Only a few seconds into this new series and we’re already hooked. We always felt the food world needed more dark humor, and it looks like we now have it.

Can’t wait to see what the next episode has in store.

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The Halal Guys Made A Giant Gyro Meat Platter, Here’s Where And Why

If you’ve ever eaten at The Halal Guys, you know why people wait in lines out the door for it.

The New York-based gyro restaurant is without a doubt addicting, so seeing its delicious meats, pita bread, and famous ‘White Sauce’ on a MASSIVE 52-inch platter will make you feel a bit tingly, to say the least.

The larger-than-life platter will be a part of FOODBEAST’s upcoming food festival, Meat Street Presented by the Makers of SPAM Brand at MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, California.

The Halal Guys will be in the festival’s all-you-can-consume VIP section, as festival-goers will be served their epic chicken and beef kebabs, hummus, rice, lettuce, tomato, and pita bread.

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The festival will be a meat lover’s dream, featuring not only this enormous halal platter, but several exclusive food items throughout the VIP and “Marketplace,” where one can pay as they go.

MEAT STREET is going down Saturday April 22, at the Santa Ana MainPlace Mall. For more event information or tickets please visit

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An Intimate Look Inside A Danish 7-Eleven


After more than 12 hours flying, fellow writer Sean and I landed in the Copenhagen Airport in Denmark for a recent press trip. As Sean beelined straight towards the nearest restroom, I wandered around the terminal.

Wide-eyed and in a brand new country for the first time, I spotted an entire 7-Eleven condensed into a corner of the airport.


While the 7-Eleven did have many recognizable snacks for us to feast on, there were many things we’ve never seen before that we’d never see back home. At least not inside a US location.

My stomach rumbling and my phone just as eager to capture these treats, I capture some of the most delicious looking convenience store bites.

Here’s what I spotted:

Kyllingespyd (kebabs)




A slice of Mexican pizza with beef.


A slice of pepperoni pizza.

Frosted Pastries


Raw balls with goji berries





Strawberries and Cream Cake Kebabs

This sugary sweet kebab takes the idea of Edible Arrangements to a whole new plateau. The bakers at HowSweetItIs spice up your regular fruit kebabs by adding a soft and creamy cake with a strawberry infused cream glaze.  These Strawberries and Cream Cake Kebabs start off with strawberry infused cream cake, which consists of heavy cream, vanilla extract, sugar and strawberries. Alternate your skewer with pieces of cake and fresh strawberries, then drizzle some strawberry cream glaze all over your kebab (that is definitely what she said).


Video of the Day: Bill Bailey on Photographing Kebabs

This video, by association, points out the absurdity of a website like ours. Regardless, keep taking photos, but keep laughing!