Iconic Katz’s Deli Making Its Way To Los Angeles

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West coasters usually have to travel east to get a bite of Katz’s Deli’s famed pastrami sandwiches in New York, but Angelenos should mark their calendars, as there are going to be at least a couple opportunities to get their hands on the legendary pastrami in the near future.

One of those opps was accidentally revealed by The Hundreds co-founder Ben Shenassafar, who blurted out the surprise  during his appearance on the Foodbeast Katchup Podcast.

Shenassafar, AKA Ben Hundreds was explaining how his September 15, Family Style Food Festival came together, and while rattling of names of people he was bringing on, he accidentally mentioned the name of Katz’s owner Jake Dell.

“We were just like, ‘Let’s just call a couple friends’… I called Jake Dell from… Whoops,” Shenassafar said. “No one knows that news yet. If you know who Jake Dell is, you know who Jake Dell is.”

The Hundreds have some of the heaviest hitters in LA restaurant scene joining them, such as Howlin’ Rays, and Jon & Vinny’s, but having a New York staple in Katz’s adds a whole new wrinkle to the food exclusivity they’re promising at their event.

Before the festival, however, LA can get its hands on the classic pastrami from now until August 25, as Katz has reportedly teamed with Belcampo Meat Co. to deliver pastrami sandwich kits through Uber Eats, according to TimeoutLA.

The build-your-own kits come with a serving of the world-famous pastrami, rye bread, Katz’s famous mustard, and a Belcampo burger just for kicks.

If you’re within the delivery range of Belcampo’s four LA locations, you can have Katz’s delivered to your home through Uber Eats for about $27.

Unfortunately, it is only available through the app and not at any of the Belcampo locations.

If you can’t exactly fly out to New York anytime soon, Katz’s is having a limited west coast experience. If you miss out on the Uber Eats opportunuty, you can at least try to get tickets to The Hundreds’ Family Style festival.

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13 Cheat Meals That Will Tempt the Strictest of Diets

No matter how many times you hashtag #fitspo on Instagram or assert that your Kardashian-esque diet is changing your life, sometimes all you want is a pizza (or sundae/ cheeseburger/ fried butter, etc.)

The key to life is ~balance~  and even aspiring Fit Tea modes shouldn’t give up the good stuff completely.

Carbs, cheese, and the occasional bacon wrapped donut, may not be the most nutritious, but they still feed the soul in a way kale never could.

So to prep for any upcoming cheat days you already have on the calendar, here’s the top 13 meals to indulge in.


Serendipity 3 – Golden Opulence Sundae

If you’ve got a raging sweet tooth as well as $1000 dollars burning a hole in your pocket, make your way over to Serendipity 3. Located in New York City, Serendipity is home to the Golden Opulence Sundae, a dessert so #extra it needs to be ordered two days in advance.  The sundae is comprised of Tahitian Vanilla ice cream, drizzled with Amedei Porcelana chocolate, gold-coated almonds, candied fruit flown in from Paris, ‘sweet grand passion caviar’ and covered in 23-carat gold leaf.  

Katz’s Delicatessen – Pastrami Sandwich

Established in 1888, Katz’s Delicatessen has become one of the world’s most famous restaurants. The legendary deli is known for many things from its cranky staff to its late night crowd, but most importantly for its mile high, unreal pastrami sandwiches. Yet it’s not just the sandwiches’ absurd size that has made them so iconic. Since its inception, the restaurant has utilized old school cooking methods using no chemicals or additives which accounts for the pastrami on rye’s utter perfection.

Flour Shop – Mini Sprinkle Explosion Cake

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NYC’s Flour Shop knows just how much everybody loves surprises and incorporates such in their latest crazy creation. Meet their Mini Sprinkle Explosion Cake, an eye-popping treat that reveals a treasure trove of sprinkles and candy once sliced into. If cheat days are already a gift to ourselves, why not sneak in a bonus surprise like this sugar dream?

Bakers & Baristas – Fruity Pebbles Tres Leches Cake

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Rub your eyes all you want, but trust, you didn’t not misread the headline for this entry. Yes, a tres leches cake with Fruity Pebbles exists, and you can get it at Bakers & Baristas in Artesia, CA. This wild dessert is such a creative and fun play on cereal and milk, while also providing your feed with ample aesthetics.

Maison Pickle – 24 Layer Chocolate Cake

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Because everyone knows 23 just isn’t enough,  NYC’s Maison Pickle created a chocoholics’ wet dream by making a 24 layer chocolate cake. This notorious monstrosity of sweet is made with 12 layers of thin chocolate cake and 12 layers of smooth chocolate filling. Perfect for sharing, but it really wouldn’t be a cheat day if you did, now would it?

Myeong-Dong Market – Footlong Soft Serve

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When exploring through Myeong-Dong in Korea, make sure to fill your IG feed and tummy with the absolutely bonkers footlong soft serve cone. It’s a great way to chill out after shopping through the famous luxury shops and marketplace. That’s treatin’ yoself times two!

Black Tap –  Crazy Shakes

Though the freak shake trend may have peaked in 2016, it’s really never too late to indulge in a comically decadent milkshake. These aptly named, outrageous desserts can be found in a number of places, but Black Tap is perhaps the most famous. Sweet, massive and still super #instaworthy, Black Tap’s shakes are a must try.

Caked Up – Bacon Croissant

A wise man probably once said, “everything’s better with bacon.” Caked Up Cafe in New York City clearly got this memo because they created bacon stuffed croissants that are absolutely amazing. More things in life should be stuffed with bacon. Maybe even bacon.

Jaburritos – Jachos

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You know that feeling when you’re hungry and can’t decide between nachos and sushi? We’ve all been there. Luckily, Jaburritos in Las Vegas offers the ultimate (and delicious) solution to this universal problem. “Jachos” are tortilla chips doused with spicy tuna, crab, shrimp tempura, and chipotle mayo. Yeah, get you a dish that can do both.

Pizza Barn – Giant Slices

If you wanna do cheat day proper with pizza, head on over to Pizza Barn in Yonkers, NY. A good indicator of a pizza that qualifies as a proper cheat meal is if it’s practically half the size of you. Check. Pizza Barn passes that test with flying colors.

Clinton Hall – Doughnut Grilled Cheese

A post shared by Clinton Hall (@clintonhallny) on

In what may be a triumph in #foodporn, Clinton Hall’s Doughnut Grilled Cheese should be a go-to when you’re looking to collect some calories for the heck of it. Picture this indulgent scene: a glazed doughnut fashioned as a grilled cheese sandwich, hung up on a hook that dangles itself precariously over a steaming bowl of creamy tomato soup. Ugh. Excuse me while I go fan myself.

Café du Monde // Beignets

The beignets served at Cafe du Monde are like a childhood fantasy come true. Made with only two ingredients, fried dough and literal mountains of powdered sugar, the famous pastries are a heavenly sugar rush waiting to happen. Not to mention, these beignets have delighted the taste buds of many a celebrity ,so if you wanna feel ~famous~ I’d recommend getting to NOLA as fast as you can!

Elbows – Pizza Mac N’ Cheese

Elbows in Los Angeles created a mac n’ cheese pizza hybrid, and it’s just as magical as it sounds. People might say this combo is too much. But don’t listen to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


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NYC Legend Katz’s Deli Trolls Vegetarians With Their Mile-High Cheese Sandwich

If you go to the legendary Katz’s Deli in New York, chances are you’re getting a sandwich piled high with corned beef or pastrami. It’s definitely not a place that you’d think would gain fame for its vegetarian options, however, Twitter users have uncovered a mile-high cheese sandwich at the deli that’s definitely sticking it to non-meat eaters.

The item is listed on their menu simply as a “cheese sandwich,” cleverly disguising the fact that it’s actually a massive monstrosity containing at least a dozen slices of cheese on it. One Twitter user described it as an “abomination,” while others wondered as to why someone like Katz’s would have such a vegetarian item.

According to Eater, the item has been on the menu for 15 years, and is definitely not meant for the typical vegetarian palate. Owner Jake Dell says that it only showed up on the menu after vegetarian customers demanded for a vegetarian option. Guess that if they want a true Katz’s deli sandwich experience, they’re going to get it, mile-high piles and all.

In total, it has 3/4 of a pound of cheese, the same weight of meat that goes on Katz’s more traditional options, meaning that you REALLY have to love cheese to get this sandwich.

They also offer vegetarian items that aren’t sandwiches, like latkes and blintzes, which they say tastes a lot better than a cheese sandwich. If you’re a vegetarian looking for something to eat at Katz’s, get those unless you want to be stuck with a mountain of dairy to tackle.

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NYC’s Famous Katz’s Deli Is Launching Global Shipping For Its Beef

Regardless of where you come from, one of the most iconic stops you’ll likely flock to when visiting New York City is Katz’s Deli, long-known for its amazing corned beef, pastrami, and other fine meats.

Well, if you don’t live in the United States, there will soon be a way for y’all to enjoy what everyone at Katz’s is having. According to the Wall Street Journal, the iconic deli will be opening up a 30,000 square foot facility in New Jersey to produce and ship their beef all around the world.

While Katz’s was already in the shipping business for United States customers, this is the first global expansion the company has ever performed. They plan to begin shipping to Canada and Mexico by the end of this year, and then full-on global services the year after that.

Apart from the newly expanded delivery service, Katz’s is also looking at expanding its retail locations to more places in the United States. They’ll be opening up a new location in a Brooklyn food hall soon, and are considering Washington D.C., Phildaelphia, and Boston as other potential sites for offshoots of the original location.

This might be the most exciting thing to happen to Katz’s since Sally had that fake orgasm, and we’re definitely looking forward to seeing that world-famous pastrami heading to all corners of the world.


For The First Time Ever, Katz’s Deli Is Taking Its Pastrami To A New Location

Pastrami Katz 02

Katz’s Deli is a classic pastrami shop in Manhattan that has stolen the hearts of New Yorkers and tourists alike, and for the first time in its 127-year existence, the deli will be slicing up its corned beef and pastrami at a new location.

The DeKalb Market Hall in Brooklyn will be the new spot, and along with Katz’s, will be bringing up to 55 vendors to the massive food hall.

The DeKalb Market existed before, but was forced to move out. So instead of giving up, they’re opening a new, bigger location in City Point, so the Katz’s will be in the heart of Brooklyn,  approximately around here:

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 2.10.57 PM

The DeKalb Market Hall is slated to open in fall of 2016, so in about a year from now, New Yorkers will have a new option to grab their favorite pastrami on rye bread.


LAPD vs. NYPD: Why The World’s Best Pastrami Is On The Line During MLB Playoffs

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 2.33.24 PM

As much as gambling is frowned upon in Major League Baseball, it doesn’t stop high profile fans like these from doing it.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck and NYPD Commissioner William J. Bratton placed a friendly bet involving sandwiches as their beloved Dodgers and Mets face each other in the first round of the 2015 playoffs.

If the Dodgers win, Bratton has to pick up the tab during lunch at New York’s famous Katz Deli, according to Dodgerverse.

If by some miracle the Mets win (Full disclosure, a Dodger fan is writing this article), Beck will treat Bratton to a pastrami sandwich from Los Angeles’ famous Langer’s Deli.

In other words, no matter who wins, the two officers will be eating some delicious sandwiches, the location will just vary.

This isn’t the first time these two put lunch on the line, as in 2014, they placed the same wager on the Stanley Cup Finals when the LA Kings beat the NY Rangers.

h/t dodgerverse, picthx pham_bot