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Katy Perry Refused To Eat This Old Egg, Ranked Her Best Lovers Instead

Katy Perry isn’t exactly the shyest celebrity, and if you put her in the right situation, you can get her to admit to some pretty intimate things about herself.

James Corden put her in one of these situations in a Late Late Show segment called, “Spill your guts, or fill your guts.”

The premise of the game put Perry in a predicament where she had to either answer an embarrassing question, or eat something gross.

The first question was going to force her to trash a city she’s performed in, but she refused to do that to her fans. Instead she drank a soy sauce and mayonnaise shot.

She took the shot like a champ, but the next question was the juiciest. Perry was asked to either rank John Mayer, Orlando Bloom and Diplo, as far as who’s better in bed, or eat a 100-year-old egg.

She screamed and refused to rank them at first, but there was no way she was eating that egg. In turn we learned that John Mayer tops the list, followed by Orlando Bloom, then Diplo.

Mayer and Bloom didn’t respond, but of course, Diplo responded to the revelation in true Diplo fashion, saying on Twitter, “I don’t even remember having sex.”

He then followed that statement, saying, “I won the bronze medal in sex Olympics.”

At least as payback, Corden had to drink a glass of bird saliva, so I guess they’re even?

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Gordon Ramsay And Katy Perry Cooked Together And It Was Hilarious

It turns out that when you put Gordon Ramsay and Katy Perry in a kitchen together, the results are downright hilarious.

Chef Ramsay popped up on Katy Perry’s Witness World Wide live stream to record a clip for an upcoming episode of his new show “The F Word.” A quick sum-up video of what happened in that recording was later posted to Katy Perry’s YouTube channel, and it showcased some seriously hilarious moments.

Basically, it was Gordon’s job to teach Katy how to make a healthy Zucchini Noodles with Meatballs dish, but he could only coach her verbally as she tried to maintain pace with the Michelin-Star chef. Comedy ensued as Perry struggled to keep up, giving us some hysterical quotes like this perfect one-liner:

“I’m a pop star, you’re a chef, STAY IN YOUR LANE!”

The entire video was a solid laugh from start to finish, and I’m positive we’ll see an even more comical recounting of Gordon’s cooking lesson in tomorrow’s upcoming episode of The F Word on FOX.

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Find Out Why People Are Baking Cherry Pies For Katy Perry On Twitter

From wearing a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dress to having whipped cream shoot out of her nipples, Katy Perry knows how to use food to bring attention to her music.

Now she’s at it again, asking fans on Twitter to bake cherry pies for her, using a recipe she put up.

The submissions quickly poured in, as Perry promised something special to whoever made the best looking pie. Perry even took the time to judge some of the tweeted submissions and giving feedback.

You might be wondering why the hell she wants people to bake pies, but it probably all comes down to fantastic marketing.

KP’s upcoming album will have a song called “Bon Appetit,” and fans think they’ve cracked a secret code within the recipe that Perry provided.

Within the paragraphs in the baking instructions, there’s subtle commentary added by Perry, saying things such as, “Please just take your time,” along with, “This pie is gonna hit that sweet tooth, boy,” and “Calm those hungry eyes.”

Katy Perry superfans believe those are actually part of the lyrics for her next single, possibly even the hook.

Katy’s inner-foodie just came out again, and her fans are eating it all up. Now we just have to wait and see if the secret recipe actually was a clue to her next song.

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Katy Perry Releases Adorable Pizza Party Merch


Katy Perry’s on the back end of a world tour, but she’s already planning to sell us DVDs and pizza shorts in the tour’s honor.

The pop queen with questionable attire is hoping people will buy her $70, special edition Pizza Slice kit that comes with pizza pajamas, a pizza slice charm necklace and a Katy Perry pizza canvas tote bag.

For $130, you can get the PJ set, 4 pizza necklaces, a pizza pencil case, nail decals and an 8-inch by 10-inch print of Katy in a pizza bathing suit.

Oh, yeah. The tour DVD and Blu-Ray aren’t even included in those packages.

As ridiculous as it might sound to pay $130 for some pajamas and some stickers, there’s probably some crazy Katy Perry fans out there that will think this is a steal.


This Wedding Unicorn Pees Actual Lemonade and Sneezes Glitter


If a life-size unicorn that pisses lemonade, shoots pink fire and sneezes glitter sounds like the “twisted fantasy of a six-year-old girl,” well, you’re absolutely right.

Anna Schumacher and her husband, who met through their local Burning Man community, were looking for exceptionally unique “fire art” for their wedding. Conveniently, they were able to reach out to “talented fire geeks” to create a centerpiece that reflected Anna’s obsession with unicorns and, yes, fire.


Thus, Katy Perry the Wedding Unicorn was born. Although the piece was originally a black carousel horse, friends Kat and Jesse Green repainted her in white, cutting holes into her nostrils, forehead and nether regions. Beverages are connected to a CO2 pressurized keg at the base, with the tap located at the crotch. The glitter containment unit and copper horn are activated by separate buttons and when timed right, Miss Perry can shoot fire and sneeze glitter at the same time. 

I believe this is what they call “magic.”

The glorious lemonade-pissing, fire-shooting, glitter-sneezing unicorn cost about $3000 dollars to make, with Kat and Jesse’s labor a wedding gift to the couple.

H/T + Picthx Offbeat Bride

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New Katy Perry-Themed Popchips Are Surprisingly Not Candy Cane-Flavored


When we first heard that popstar Katy Perry was going to team up with snack company Popchips for a new flavor, we weren’t quite sure what to expect.

Candy cane-flavored chips? Marshmallow? Whipped cream?

Not so much. It seems that the Popchips won’t be another extension of the superstar’s Candyland persona. However, the Popchips investor/brand ambassador (didn’t you know?) will still have an influence on the flavor of the snack.

“Katy’s Kettle Corn” features — what else — the sweet and salty taste of kettle corn, and is described as, “sweet. salty. sinless.” The bag features the colors pink and purple (arguably Katy’s favorite colors) and a “stylized heart” to dot the “i” in the Popchips logo.

This will be one of the first sweet flavors for Popchips, whose usual flavors include sour cream, barbecue, and salt & vinegar. While the new sweet and salty item sounds delicious. . . pink and purple? Which one’s the “salty” color?

H/T Brand Eating

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Celeb Grub: Katy Perry Wears a Cheeseburger Yukata

Katy Perry has a been one of the sexiest Foodbeasts since day one. Always tweeting quality photos for us over her career, we’re looking at a custom Yukata she had made. The form fitting sex garment is patterned with milkshakes, cheeseburgers and fries. (PicThx @katyperry)

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Celeb Grub: Katy Perry Eats Cotton Candy

The sexiest girls are always the ones who know how to eat and make it look like they don’t. Katy Perry is definitely one of those, especially with this cotton candy picture she sent to her Tweeeeeps! Oh yeah, did anyone see her performance at the MTV Movie Awards?! Sexy as usual, of course.