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Find Out Why People Are Baking Cherry Pies For Katy Perry On Twitter

From wearing a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dress to having whipped cream shoot out of her nipples, Katy Perry knows how to use food to bring attention to her music.

Now she’s at it again, asking fans on Twitter to bake cherry pies for her, using a recipe she put up.

The submissions quickly poured in, as Perry promised something special to whoever made the best looking pie. Perry even took the time to judge some of the tweeted submissions and giving feedback.

You might be wondering why the hell she wants people to bake pies, but it probably all comes down to fantastic marketing.

KP’s upcoming album will have a song called “Bon Appetit,” and fans think they’ve cracked a secret code within the recipe that Perry provided.

Within the paragraphs in the baking instructions, there’s subtle commentary added by Perry, saying things such as, “Please just take your time,” along with, “This pie is gonna hit that sweet tooth, boy,” and “Calm those hungry eyes.”

Katy Perry superfans believe those are actually part of the lyrics for her next single, possibly even the hook.

Katy’s inner-foodie just came out again, and her fans are eating it all up. Now we just have to wait and see if the secret recipe actually was a clue to her next song.