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Seattle Restaurant’s Viral Mt. Fuji Burger Just Got Turned Into Cup Noodles

Katsu Burger, a Seattle phenomenon specializing in fried cutlets, is known for their colossal Mt. Fuji Burger. This burger mountain features three different types of katsu, and is a towering wonder to behold.

The restaurant is taking its viral creation and transforming it into an epic stack of Nissin Cup Noodles that’s best described as a double-decker ramen burger in a cup.

The cup is filled with shredded cabbage, just like the original burger. From there, a ramen version of the Katsu burger is layered on top. The bottom layer features bacon, a crispy, fried noodle patty made with Cup Noodles, cheddar cheese, and chicken katsu.

Next is a second noodle patty, pork katsu, pepper jack cheese, and a fried egg. To top it all off, the burger is finished with a final layer of ramen, American cheese, 12-spice seasoning, spicy mayo, pickle and eggplant.

All in all, it’s an impressive ramen burger stack that you have to taste to believe.

Katsu Burger will be carrying this Cup Noodles version of its Mt. Fuji for the next month.

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Seattle’s Mount Fuji Katsu Burger Towers Above The Burger Game

An epic burger crammed with three levels of meat doesn’t immediately come across as flavorsome. This Mount Fuji Katsu burger, however, is anything but lacking in that department.

A popular local chain in Seattle, Katsu Burger has been a favorite since it opened in 2011. Their mouthwatering sandwich creations bring together Japanese flavors with delicious burgers. The Mount Fuji, which is an absolute behemoth, is one of their more gargantuan and tastier offerings.

What makes up this mouthful is a triple layer of katsu pork, beef, and chicken. However, differing flavors in between each layer make this a three-in-one sandwich delight. Peep the video above to see what toppings go with each meat for a mouthwatering katsu threesome. Additionally, Katsu Burger’s owners pay full attention to quality. The buns come from a small local bakery, and authentic Japanese ingredients are imported to pair with the rest.

Overall, this creates a unique fusion burger experience unlike any other, and the Mount Fuji is the epitome of this one-of-a-kind restaurant. It may require an anaconda’s jaw to bite into, but it’s definitely a burger you don’t wanna miss.


Seattle Restaurant Serves Japanese Katsu Burgers and Katsu Ice Cream Sundaes


Japanese katsu, for anyone who hasn’t yet been blessed with its presence, is a deep fried filet of breaded meat, usually chicken or pork. Tender and juicy, it’s typically served with rice and a healthy helping of sweet katsu barbecue sauce (plus a side of macaroni salad, if you’re getting it Hawaiian style). Basically it’s amazing, and a small Japanese burger joint in Seattle is putting it. on. everything.

Burgers. Pork nuggets. Even a katsu ice cream sundae. The fittingly named Katsu Burger in Seattle has been slinging deep-fried everything since 2011, according to its Facebook page. Each burger comes with your choice of beef, pork, chicken, or tofu, a patty of which is then deep-fried and adorned with a range of American and Japanese toppings, from bacon and cheese to wasabi mayonnaise, miso honey mustard, and tonkatsu sauce. Extra hungry hippos can also choose from the shop’s two Mega Burgers, the Tokyo Tower (which is basically a katsu-style Double Double), or the Mt. Fuji (which is pretty much everything on the menu all at once).


In addition to the burgers, there are also a couple other Asian-inspired treats like the seaweed french fries or the green tea, chai, or soy flour and black sesame milkshakes. As for the aforementioned katsu sundae, the truth is it doesn’t actually use meat, but a katsu-fried red bean pancake called a dorayaki. Still that doesn’t make the thing any less dank.


Our recommendation? Nab one of everything. And don’t forget to “Sumo Size” it.