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Kylie Jenner’s Going Vegan, And Her Meals Actually Look Pretty Good

The youngest sister of the Kardashian/Jenner clan has built quite a meaty reputation for herself, often snapping herself at In-N-Out or Popeyes chicken, and even cooking bbq ribs at home. It looks like those kinds of foods are going to be cut from her life, as she announced on her Snapchat Tuesday that she will be going vegan.

She didn’t say why, but maybe she’s just trying to mix up her diet, or maybe she watched Okja on Netflix and freaked out like everyone else.

She did, however, give a glimpse into what her new diet is going to look like, as the photo that said, “I’m trying this whole vegan thing,” included a plate of vegan tacos. She didn’t describe what exactly was inside the tacos, but it looked like it was definitely packed with shredded Daiya cheese.

Her second vegan meal of the day wasn’t specific on the ingredients, but she did distinguish that her nachos were raw vegan, soy free, dairy free, and grain, adding a bit of a sarcastic sounding “mmm.”

We’ll see how Kylie does on her new diet. Knowing her, she’ll find ways to cook vegan alternatives to all her favorite foods, and she seems to be off to a pretty good start.

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This Is What Kylie Jenner Eats For Breakfast Every Morning

Kylie Jenner gets a lot of flack for her food posts, as people claim she’s a spoiled kid who has never been in a kitchen, but those who follow the star closely, know that she actually does enjoy cooking.

On her personal blog, Jenner revealed what her breakfast usually looks like, and it’s not some fancy omelette that’s prepared by a personal chef, or a million dollar truffle. The celebrity teen’s breakfast typically consists of a turkey sausage, egg and rice stir-fry, according to Hello! Magazine.

Those who follow Kylie on Snapchat have seen her whip up breakfast before, as in 2016, she snapped herself cooking up some bacon, a chicken apple sausage scramble, and french toast coated with Frosted Flakes.

She has even snapped herself making cinnamon roll waffles, as she just put the Pillsbury rolls in a waffle maker.

They’re not the most complex meals to whip up, but breakfast shouldn’t be complicated. Breakfast should just be delicious, and her concoctions sound pretty damn good.

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‘Influencer’ Scott Disick Cut + Pasted His Instagram Tea Ad Like A Schmuck

Scott Disick, my personal favorite member of the Kardashian mafia, just put up a shitty ad for a tea brand on his Instagram account. In true Scott Disick barely-giving-a-fuck fashion, he initially copy+pasted the advertising copy he’s inevitably getting paid to shout out:


To be honest, that’s the coolest caption I’ve seen from an “influencer” trying to scam their followers of money with some ridiculous weight loss, metabolism boosting tea. He should have kept it at that, mistake or not — seems pretty on brand to me.

Unfortunately, a few moments ago, his Instagram account has since been corrected, and now reads whatever his assistant/manager/Intern/Mason Disick told him to write:


Oh well Scott — it was fun while it lasted. I hope you were having enjoyable relations with Kourtney Kardashian while you Instagrammed this, it’s the only measurable excuse for you to backtrack on what could have been the coolest paid Instagram shoutout of all time.

Anyways, back to your regularly scheduled programming.