This Karaoke Bar Created An Entire Sanrio Menu To Snack On While You Sing

Sanrio x Energy Bistro & Karaoke

Not too long ago, Sanrio did a collaboration with a Japanese restaurant chain Curry House. The restaurant crafted a special menu that featured popular Hello Kitty character Gudetama. You may recognize him as a butt-naked anthropomorphic egg that’s perpetually lazy.

Well it looks like Sanrio is going full speed ahead with their collaborations and has just begun another team-up. This time, the popular Japanese brand has partnered with California-based Energy Bistro & Karaoke for a collaboration featuring one of their newest characters: Aggretsuko.

The metal Aggretsuko Room

Aggretsuko is a red panda that works in an accounting office in Tokyo. Because she can be somewhat of a pushover, her superiors take advantage of her and pile on deadlines. Unbelievably stressed, she dons an afterwork persona of a heavy metal karaoke singer.

Sounds pretty intense.

The deluxe Hello Kitty Starry Room

In a two-year collaboration, the karaoke bar transformed five of their 15 rooms into Hello Kitty-themed hangouts.

The eggs-cellent Gudetama Room

Each room has a design unique to a popular character in the Japanese franchise.

Along with the change in decor, Energy Bistro & Karaoke also created an entire menu based on the popular characters with the help from their own Chef Cindy who conceptualized the menu herself.

Here’s what you can order:

The karaoke bar offers a bounty of Hello Kitty themed items for customers to order and snack on while they belt their favorite tunes. Unlike the Gudetama collaboration at Curry House, each item on this menu can be ordered a la carte rather than prix fixed.

Here are the three savory options patrons can choose from.

Hello Kitty Okonomiyaki Hot Dog with fried tofu.

Gudetama Last Waffle Sandwich with sweet potato cheese tots

As for dessert, guests can choose from either Hello Kitty-shaped waffles and ice cream, or baked ube and ice cream in the shape of the titular feline.

Hello Kitty & Mimmy Waffle & Ice Cream

If you happen to be near Hacienda Heights, CA, and are an avid fan of Hello Kitty, you definitely want to check this place out. Just make sure to grab a few friends to join you in this experience. While, you definitely don’t have to sing to try the menu, you won’t get the full experience unless you immerse yourself.

Wonder what their slow jams selection looks like?

Photos: Peter Pham
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Literally Go Underground For This Subterranean VIP Karaoke Experience

For those outside of Magic Sing-wielding households and Soju-wasted ragers looking to blow off steam, the idea of karaoke may seem like a cheesy night out that will only end in spilled Hite and embarrassment for not hitting any of Mariah Carey’s dog whistle high notes.

So possibly elevating the whole karaoke experience might switch up your feelings towards it, which is all good, you’re not alone.

Enter The Venue: Los Angeles’ answer to a chic, VIP karaoke experience done in a subterranean setting and featuring a chef-driven menu from Kayson Chong and high-end cocktails by mixologist Devon Espinosa.

The hip spot’s literally underground by way of one very sleek staircase that leads you to 13 private karaoke rooms, as well as an expansive, open dining room and bar. Being immersed in such a sexy setting will literally make you feel miles away from the musty private rooms, dilapidated leather seats, and barely-there song selection of other karaoke joints.

So squad up and fine tune those singing voices, because you really have no excuse not to be a part of this VIP karaoke experience at The Venue in Koreatown, Los Angeles.


Restaurant Owner Bashes Negative Yelper’s ‘Painful’ Bohemian Rhapsody Rendition

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 4.25.50 PM

From utter confusion, to encouraging bad reviews, we’ve seen some interesting responses to bad Yelp reviews.

According to Fox Boston, the owner of KC’s Rib Shack in New Hampshire wasn’t impressed with a Yelper’s complaint and even bashed the Yelpers terrible vocal skills.


Kevin Cornish owns the New Hampshire rib joint and noticed a customer’s negative reviews on both Yelp and Facebook. The reviewer claimed that their party of 20 was told to pipe down after an impromptu cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

The Yelper was upset, said they’d never go back and called for a boycott of the business.

Cornish promptly jumped onto Facebook and said:

“Dear [name removed],

I sincerely apologize that you mistakenly thought my restaurant was a karaoke bar. We are a family restaurant not a bar. I realize you felt as though everybody in the entire restaurant was rejoicing the painful rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody you and your self entitled friends were performing, yet that was not the case.

Although sometimes it is tough to walk the line between being the fun police and allowing our customers to enjoy themselves to their fullest. We have to draw the line when it becomes a nuisance to the other customers in the restaurant at the time. Two tables asked to be moved to other areas of the restaurant even after your group was asked to stop singing. You probably missed out on that because it is clearly all about you. I’m glad you and your inconsiderate friends have voted to “Never Eat There Again” and to #Boycott KC’s Rib Shack. Go ahead and continue your social media crusade on Yelp and facebook. I think you may have forgot Tripadviser as well. Thanks again for your feedback. We will let you know if we decide become a karaoke bar in the future.”

The comments have since been removed, but before they were, Cornish said people loved his response to the tune of 45,000 views and over 2,000 likes.

Now all you can find on the Facebook page is five-star reviews of people praising the restaurant and its ballsy owner. Other restaurants have called him a hero, while a family member of the reviewer called out Cornish, saying he did purely for publicity.

If we learned anything from this, or Kanye West’s rendition, it’s that Bohemian Rhapsody should only be sung by Freddie Mercury.