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Chrissy Teigen Admits To Baking Kanye A Terrible Cheesecake

Chrissy Teigan has become a goddess in the food world, as the model has positioned herself to be a go-to source for everyday recipes. That doesn’t make her infallible, though, and she recalled an embarrassing time when she served Kanye West a cheesecake that was barely a cheesecake.

While on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” Teigen and hubby John Legend talked about the infamous cheesecake, saying that it tasted more like flan — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“I’ve made a bad meal for a celebrity friend before,” Teigen said. “I made a cheesecake for Kanye… it was very bad.”

Legend backed up his wife, saying that the cake still tasted good, but it wasn’t necessarily a cheesecake. Apparently Kanye kind of nodded his head and said, “This is kind of flan-ish.”

Obviously, Kanye didn’t insult his friends, but the incident still embarrassed Teigen to the point that she’s never tried to make the cheesecake again.

You’d think Teigen would own it and call it a flan cake or something. Maybe it wasn’t what she intended, but I honestly hope it’s in her next cookbook.

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Apparently Lil Dicky And Kanye Casually Eat Denny’s After Playing Basketball

Real “Dickheads” know that Lil Dicky can mop the floor with people on the basketball court, often bringing up his “several rec league MVPs.” Well, apparently he also plays pickup ball with none other than Kanye West, leading them to a random Denny’s meal.

In an interview with Foodbeast, Young Dick revealed that he’s been playing pickup basketball with West about three times a week, and as friends often do after playing ball, the two made their way to Denny’s for a postgame meal.

“I think we both got the All American Slam, and he got extra cheese on his eggs,” Lil Dicky said. “It was awesome. I’m a huge Kanye fan, and a huge Denny’s fan.”

Prep yourself for the dang weekend with a hearty spread like @amku2500

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While Lil Dicky said he didn’t want to go overboard on his meal, he mentioned that Kanye went balls out and ordered a strawberry milkshake with his breakfast plate.

“I don’t like mixing business with pleasure like that,” Lil Dicky said about skipping the milkshake himself. “I was just trying to get the protein in.”

It might sound like a weird combination to have Lil Dicky and Kanye West just casually playing basketball and strolling to a Denny’s, but you might remember that Ninja of Die Antwoord once had an awkward basketball and banana pudding filled day with Kanye. Well, the basketball and banana pudding wasn’t awkward until Kanye started playing anal porn on the TV. Ninja also detailed that they were playing against Drake that day, as well.

It’s safe to say that Kanye loves playing basketball with other rappers, and if that’s the case, Lil Dicky and his love of basketball make him a perfect running mate.

As far as Kanye’s skills on the court, Dicky playfully said, “He’s good, but I’m just a little bit better.”

Never forget

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Lil Dicky has been busy of late, releasing music videos for his “Professional Rapper” album, performing his energetic hip hop hits at music festivals, and trying his best to stop people from dabbing.

His latest endeavor into the food and drink world has him teaming up with Drizly and Mike’s Hard Lemonade, as they plan to throw a house party for fans with Lil Dicky himself hosting.

The “Save Dat Money” rapper has been keeping busy to say the least, but one can never be too busy to ball up with Kanye or indulge in some classic Denny’s meals.

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From Music To Meals: Plan Check’s Owner Is A Success Story Of Transitioning Into The Restaurant Industry

The following interview has been edited for length and cohesion

It isn’t out of place to see music industry veterans crossing over into the food service industry, investing in already well-established fast food chains.  Many of us are quite familiar with musicians like Rick Ross and Chris Brown owning a couple Wingstop and Burger King franchises.  But it isn’t often you see someone in the music industry opening and overwhelmingly succeeding at being a restaurateur with their own concept.

Enter Terry Heller: the renowned hip-hop music video director who has gone from working with the likes of Eazy-E, Bone Thugs & Harmony, and Lil Wayne, to serving up some of the best casual gourmet food at his Los Angeles restaurant chain, Plan Check.  

I had a chance to chat with Terry about music and food; two things he and I are both passionate about.  We spoke at length about his transition into the food industry, Plan Check’s unique innovations, and which rapper he would love to work with on his next food collaboration.  It was 11am, a Friday morning..  I was sitting by my dining room table at home, ready to listen intently at every word he said.  After initial introductions, Heller was quick to ask about the tone of our interview, briefly concerned after  a quick scroll through Foodbeast’s recent headlines brought him to a particular article, “Watching This Clam Dig Through Sand Is Quite Disturbing.”  He just wanted to make sure that he would be taken seriously.

I laughed, diffusing any tension built up from both Heller’s concerns and my own apprehension from interviewing someone as accomplished as him, and reassured that this wasn’t going to be some fluff piece.  I could have geeked out about hip-hop and fried chicken with the man for hours on end, but I knew he was busy, and I had a gym session to destroy.  

Curious to learn how one of my favorite casual neighborhood restaurants in Los Angeles came to be, I asked Heller about Plan Check’s origins and his vision into creating the restaurant.  

My fascination with food and restaurants started at an early age… and starting Plan Check was a long time coming.  Plan Check comes from my fascination with architecture, I wanted to be an architect when I was a kid, and because the restaurant’s first location was adjacent to the Los Angeles Building and Safety Department headquarters; so the concept just made a lot of sense.

Going from being a prolific storyteller in hip-hop, to a distinguished restaurateur, Terry wanted to get behind something super familiar without sacrificing a single slice of authenticity.  Switching industries isn’t easy for most people, but for him, it was almost seamless.

Was it a difficult transition to go from hip-hop to restaurants? And did you do anything notably different?

No, it wasn’t particularly difficult for me.  It was both the same: I had a vision, I didn’t give a fuck, I went for what I wanted.  I stayed true to myself, I wanted to be authentic, and really just keep telling stories.  Nothing has changed.

In an industry that continues to push boundaries of taste and concepts, with many well-known celebrities trying to make their mark in the food industry, it can become increasingly difficult to stand out.  Having a marquee name behind the restaurant just doesn’t cut it anymore, and customers expect more from the places they eat.  As a result, there have been quite a few music industry veterans that never quite cut it in the food scene by just banking on their name alone.  Britney Spears’ NYLA restaurant closed within a year, and rapper Flava-Flav, and producers Doug-E-Fresh and Jermaine Dupri’s respective spots didn’t last long either.  

To you, what is it that really makes Plan Check stand out the way it does?

People just connect with the food.  Simple as that.

It was a simple answer, but it makes perfect sense.  They make delicious food without the fluff.  The truths in their authenticity translate to packed houses at each of their four LA locations every weekend.  Their ingenuity has caught worldwide attention, especially with the development of Ketchup Leather.  

How did the Ketchup Leather concept come about?  What was your involvement in the process?  

Well I’m not a chef so I didn’t do any of the cooking,but I was there in the kitchen everyday, hands-on with the whole process.  I knew what I wanted out of the concept, and I wanted to create a tight framework for the restaurant.  But overall, I wanted to create something delicious,something I wanted to eat.  

If you’re not familiar, Ketchup Leather is Plan Check’s housemade ketchup dehydrated by baking it for four hours, creating a leathery consistency that eliminates the problem of having soggy burger buns before your order even gets to your table.  Not only is this an innovative achievement, but is also an unexpected way to have a familiar taste.  

Pioneering new ways to enjoy the ketchup in your burger isn’t the only way Terry and Plan Check are killing the game right now.  Over the last five years, the restaurant has collaborated with other entities like Stussy, Sanrio, and most recently, Linkin Park, to create special pre-fixe menus that get your mouth watering.  

You just dropped a dope limited time meal pack menu with fellow musicians and foodies, Linkin Park, celebrating their latest album release.  How did that conversation start, and how long did it take to create that menu?

This collaborative effort with the band took a while.  Mike (Shinoda) and I were heavily involved in the process.  The three-course menu we developed was inspired by the band’s diversity and love for food.  I was there to taste everything, and was involved in every aspect.  Logo, t-shirts, the experience you’d get at the restaurant, we worked on the price, marketing, everything.

Is this a sign that more food collabs with other musicians are on the way?

You know what, I don’t know yet.  This last one took a while to create and we just launched it.  We’ll see, but yeah, I’d like to.  

Then who is one musician you’d really like to collaborate with on the next menu?

Wow, you know, there are so many musicians that I’d enjoy working with, but definitely Kanye.  I’m a big fan.  I met him briefly on set of his Slow Jams video back in the day and the way he directed his vision… I knew that he would be huge.  His energy, and his drive, I feel like he would really push you to create something great.  

As a fan of Kanye and his music, I would absolutely welcome that collaboration.  Who knows what kind of impact he could have on the food industry.  If this collab menu were to ever happen, one thing is for sure, expect a packed house and lines out the door because everything Ye touches turns into solid gold.  

But that’s something both Terry Heller and Kanye West have in common: People keep buying into their vision.  Kanye makes visual and sonic masterpieces, and Terry masterminds mouthwatering food.  They get people asking for and wanting more.  

What do you think it is about your restaurant that really translates to people and gets them coming back?

Well the food is amazing, there’s that — but I get these emails sent to me everyday about our latest Yelp reviews, and  it makes me happy to get good reviews, but I really focus on the bad reviews because I want to genuinely make the experience better.  II don’t care about the restaurant being cool, I want to make it right.  I want to have a welcoming environment.  I care that you had a good time.  And if you didn’t, I want to know why because I want to fix it to prevent it from happening in the future to you or other customers.  Our business model is “to have a mutual respect.”  We’re not out here trying to be pretentious.  I think we have a great team at every location, and we just want to deliver great food and great service.  

For the years that Plan Check has been around, I’ve remained a fan because of everything they’ve stood for.  Like Terry said, they don’t care about looking or trying to be cool.  They just want to be the best restaurant for the people as they can be.  I recalled celebrating my birthday at their Wilshire location one year and told him how pleased I was when his staff did everything they could to hold me down on a section of the restaurant even when my friends showed up later than I told them to (Filipino time, am I right?).  Not only did they deliver on the service, but they also did not disappoint on the food.  

Can we talk about the fried chicken for a second…because hands down, that’s my favorite item on the menu.  Top 10, probably top 5 fried chicken dishes I’ve ever had.

(Laughs) Yeah, we tried to use a high quality bird — the Jidori chicken.  We prefer to use the thigh because it’s much juicier and retains the flavor.  

Like visual storytelling through music, finding the recipe to success in LA’s cutthroat, fickle restaurant scene is difficult to do.  There’s a lot of planning, research and trials involved, but most of all, it takes a vision and dedication.  With Plan Check, Terry Heller has found a recipe that works: a perfect union of gourmet food without gimmicks, a warm, intimate ambiance, and a welcoming, attentive staff.  The dedication to promoting a culture that respects its guests and providing a vibe that people can rock with is one of the many redeeming qualities Plan Check has to offer.  

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Proof Kanye West Loves Ice Cream More Than You Do

Kanye West is known for his larger-than-life ego, and it is widely known that there are few things he loves more than himself, but there might be one thing that is neck and neck with that love, fighting his own conceit for space in his heart: ice cream.

As a huge West fan, I’ll admit that the 40-year-old rapper is often seen with a dilapidated scowl on his face that makes him seem like an unapproachable asshole, but nothing makes his eyes light up the way they do when he has his hands on the cold and creamy treat.

Kanye eating ice cream

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If Kanye ate ice cream more frequently, he might not go on batshit crazy rants or fight the paparazzi, because clearly, these scoops take him to his happy place.

He doesn’t even look at Kim Kardashian as lovingly as he looks at ice cream. That’s how you know his relationship with the it is real.

Kanye eating ice cream

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The legendary producer has gone as far as making his head look like a bowl of Neapolitan ice cream.

His love for ice cream is contagious, to the point where it not only makes him, but also brings joy to others as well.

Only Kanye has the kind of power that can make others just as happy as he is.

But then there’s this fact…

Yes, Steph Cuellar, the media does spend an excessive amount of time obsessing over Kanye’s ice cream fixation, but I’d like to think it’s because it reminds us that we can take great pleasure in even the smallest things in life — even if you’re a twisted savant, like Kanye.

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Kanye West Has Henny And Grey Goose Lemonade Slushie Machines Backstage

Kanye West once said that Hennessy would be the death of him, and it just might be, if he chugs too many of these frozen drinks on tour.

Wednesday night, Kanye performed in Toronto, and of course, his wife Kim Kardashian-West Snapchatted behind the scenes goodies, as she usually does. Among the things she posted to her Snapchat story, were Kanye’s Hennessy & Coke and Grey Goose Lemonade slushie machines.

Kim captioned the photo, “Pablo rider is LIT” and showed off the 7-Eleven type of machines.

A photo posted by Kanye West (@kanyew.est) on

It’s not just for show, either. In later Snaps, you can see Kanye holding a cup of the frozen Coke & Henny, while Kim’s shrilled voice gives random commentary in the background.


Kanye has always considered himself a revolutionary and a trend-setter. Maybe convenience stores will see this, take note, and make it a thing, so we can all enjoy the boozy Slurpees.

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Kanye Rolls Up On A Candy Store, Drops $200 on Skittles And Push Pops

If you get to the check-out line and decide you want to treat yourself to a Kit-Kat or a Snickers bar, you’ve had a satisfying trip to the store. However, Kanye West doesn’t settle for $2 sweets and of course, has to take things to the extreme.

Yeezy, Kim Kardashian, and baby North West were spotted going on a high-roller candy spree at Dylan’s Candy Bar in Los Angeles, Monday.

They must have been inspired by Lamar Odom’s old sweet tooth, as the power couple dropped $200 on an array of lollipops, Push Pops, Gobstoppers, Sour Skittles, Rainbow Nerds, Sour Octupus and Peachie-O’s, according to TMZ.

You have to think they walked out with a heavy amount of each candy, though, because none of the candy described should ever amount to anything more than $20.

Maybe Kanye was stocking up for his upcoming tour, or maybe he was paying tribute to the late great Gene Wilder and his portrayal of Willy Wonka. Regardless, that’s a baller amount of money to spend on one trip to the candy store.


This Is The Most Erotic Poem About Pizza I’ve Ever Heard [WATCH]

Poetry can be beautiful, it can lift your spirits, it can take you to a place you never thought possible. And then there’s times when poetry wants to make you take a shower with pizza and do dirty things.

As our own Elie Ayrouth went down to St. Louis to find out what goes down after hours during Tastemade’s “All Nighter” show, he stumbled upon a slam poetry session and dropped a poem about his favorite cheesy pie that could almost be mistaken for a Too $hort verse.

Elie has a knack for turning anything sexual, as his Nikki Giovanni-like spoken word flows actually had the crowd bobbing their heads.

Pizza is life
Pizza is sexy
It’s curvy, it’s saucy
Pizza is my wife
It’s deep, deep dish
No, no deep sea fish on my pizza
Paper thin crust
Mile-long cheese pulls
Mountains of pepperoni and basil
It’s nipply in Napoli
Cheese drips everywhere
My food boner burstin’ through my jeans, every seam wih me and my slice
Is ripe with wide eyes, for better or worse, I can’t see the world outside
I need a drink just thinking about my love for this piece of bread, sauce an cheese
It makes me weak to my knees and despite what’s outside
I keep my eyes on the pie
Just one piece, maybe two, maybe six
There’s no bad day for pizza
And even when the pizza’s bad, I want a garbage bag
full of seconds and thirds
until my stomach spits
and this world has heard that I got love for pizza
I want to fold it, I want to rip it
let it wrap around my tongue
as I run up the spiral staircase of a food boner building on my ground floor
the delivery guy’s almost here
I can’t wait to start eating some pizza

Its lines were almost like Kanye’s McDonald’s poem, except pizza trumps MCD fries any day.

There’s a very specific type of person who thinks of sex and pizza at the same time. If this poem makes you feel some type of way, you now know you are one of those people.

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McDonald’s Offically Responds To Kanye’s Bizarre French Fry Poem

Monday, we learned that Kanye West wrote a touching poem about McDonald’s and its food, colorfully telling a story about some scheming fries and “smooth apple pie.”

The poem was featured in Frank Ocean’s magazine called “Boys Don’t Cry” and the Golden Arches took note, actually acknowledging Kanye’s McStory.

Here’s what Mickey D’s had to say on Twitter, complimenting Mr. West:

Kanye West doesn’t seem to have many allies these days, often criticized for everything he does, from calling out Taylor Swift, to trying to cut in line for BBQ, so it’s nice to see someone of note has his back.

It’s still not clear what the poem meant as it was filled with jealousy and deceit, a lot more than you’d expect from McDonald’s, but even without clear interpretation of what Kanye meant, it’s definitely put people on notice, from McDonald’s itself, to Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ reciting the poem, calling it “Shakespearean.”