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Chipotle Is Testing CHORIZO Protein In These 33 Restaurants


With the popular carnitas option falling in and out of the Chipotle menu, the fast-casual Mexican chain added a tofu option as a protein last fall. It looks like the menu is widening even further, with a new spicy meat.

Chipotle is testing a chorizo option at all of its 33 Kansas City locations. The combination of ground chicken and pork sausage can now be added to burritos, tacos, salads and bowls. The two meats are combined into a patty (the addition of chicken makes it less greasy overall) and then seared on the grill. Before serving to customers, the meat is crumbled into chunks.

According to the Kansas City Star, corporate chef Nate Appleman says that he’s been trying to get the chain to serve chorizo for the last five years.

If successful, we may very well see the protein on national menus in the near future.

Fast Food

McDonald’s Testing Family Packs in Kansas City, Perfect for Tailgating


Here’s the thing, you order a bucket of chicken from the KFC drive-thru, people tend to understand you’re ordering for a group. You order 5 Big Macs and 10 large fries, you’ve got to expect at least one person is thinking you’re just a big ol’ fattie.

But maybe not much longer. Burger Business reports McDonald’s is currently testing a multi-person boxed meal in Kansas City, Mo. as part of a promotional sponsorship for the Kansas City Chiefs. Dubbed the “Blitz Box,” the meal includes two Quarter Pounders with Cheese, two medium fries and a 20 piece serving of Chicken McNuggets, all for $14.99.

As it stands, McDonald’s has not announced any plans to take the combo even regional, let alone nationwide. Although, similar family-sized meals have been tested before in the Czech Republic, Australia and Malaysia. My only request? Make that ish customizable, like KFC’s Original, Crispy or Grilled buckets or Taco Bell’s DLT-variety pack. Heck, it might even get me to watch football.

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Pizza Hut to Hand Out Free Pizza If Historic Upset Occurs

Pizza hut will be offering free pizza slices across the U.S. if one of the No. 16 seeded teams in the 2012 NCAA basketball tournament can defeat one of the No. 1 seeded teams.

The only catch is that it has never happened in tournament history. Way to tease the country, Pizza Hut. This offer was made last year by the Hut and of course, we were all left pizza-less. Well at least free pizza-less.

I’ve always said that March Madness is more enjoyable with free pizza. Well, actually, I’ve never said that, but can you argue against it?

If this historic upset occurs, Pizza Hut will jump on its mobile kitchen and serve up free slices of pizza in the 48 adjoining states across the U.S.

Princeton University and the University of Oklahoma came really close to achieving this in 1989, but came up short by one point. But anything can happen in NCAA basketball, so unless you’re a fan of the No. 1 seeded juggernauts, you might really want to root for the underdog this year.

University of North Carolina at Asheville and Long Island University have already earned No. 16 seeds.

The winners between Missouri Valley State vs. Western Kentucky University, and Lamar University vs. University of Vermont will earn the final two No. 16 seeds.

UNC-Asheville will have to defeat No. 1 seeded Syracuse University, LIU will have to defeat No. 1 Michigan State University, the winner between MVSU and WKU will have to defeat No. 1 seeded University of Kansas, and the winner of the LU, UVM matchup will have to beat No. 1 seeded University of North Carolina.

I fully expect the fans in the arenas to chant “We want pizza!” I know I will be chanting from home.