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Sam’s Club Slices Up Kansas City-Style Barbecue Burnt Ends

Photo courtesy of Sam’s Club

One of the most delightful things about barbecue brisket is savoring those decadent ends that arrive at the end of the watch. 

For those who don’t want to commit to an entire brisket but can’t help themselves from snacking on those burnt ends, Sam’s Club’s latest offering lets you indulge in this guilty pleasure. 

Member’s Mark Kansas City Style Beef Brisket Burnt Ends are now available at Sam’s Club locations. 

Featuring hand trimmed beef brisket morsels seasoned with brown sugar, coffee rub, and slow-cooked for ten hours, each box contains roughly two pounds of meat and a side of barbecue sauce. 

You can find the burnt ends offered at your local Sam’s Club or online

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The 5 Must Try Dishes That Will Be Available At the Super Bowl

At this point, football is only 50% of the Super Bowl. The NFL’s championship game is larger than life. It’s more of a cultural event, with celebrities and the press descending upon the host city seemingly straight from the Grammy’s and tickets going for, at the very least, thousands of dollars. So, it makes sense that the menu for the game would be larger than life as well. 

This year, Centerplate, a food and beverage company that serves entertainment venues around the United States, is in charge of creating a menu for this Sunday’s game at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, FL. Led by national executive chef Carmen Callo, the Centerplate team has created a menu heavily inspired by Miami’s seasonal offering and its Latin heritage. 

Though there will be traditional gametime offerings like popcorn and Bud Light (and for a steal, at $5/can, at that), Centerplate has focused on making the menu a bit more elevated than your typical stadium food. This means bigger plates, better quality, and bolder flavors.

Check out our top five picks for what we’d grub out on if we were going to the big game:

Skewered Pork Kan-Kan

Kan-Kan is the pork equivalent to a tomahawk steak and, clearly, is just as visually striking as it’s bovine counterpart. Centerplate’s is marinated in a spice mix of annatto, sazon, and chimichurri, making for a South Beach blend of spice, zest, and umami.   

Key Lime Pie Milkshake

The Key Lime Pie Milkshake takes its inspiration from the pie stemming from the Florida Key’s iconic tiny limes. This vanilla milkshake is topped with fresh whipped cream, a candy gummy, a cherry, and an entire piece of key lime pie proving that, apparently, the only thing better than one dessert is two.

South Florida Seafood Paella

Key West shrimp, mussels, clams, squid, lobster stock, and Valencian bomba rice meet in one of Spain’s most iconic dishes. While this may not be directly Miami-inspired, Centerplate has added a secret mix of spices that draw from the Keys that bring the dish in line with the rest of the menu.

18” Cuban Dog

A Miami menu would be incomplete if there wasn’t a cubano-based dish. This foot-and-a-half long hot dog is covered in mojo pork, mustard, Swiss cheese, and pickles, as it attempts to recreate the famed Cuban sandwich.

Custom NFL Bon Bons

These minute chocolates were specially made for this year’s Super Bowl, as they feature unique decorations inspired by the 12 teams that made the playoff push for February 2nd’s game. I’m not going to lie, if I had these in my possession, there’d be less eating and more sneaking away in my pockets to keep as a relic.

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Is Kansas City The Barbecue Capital Of The World?

The regionality of barbecue in the U.S. is but another wrinkle in the textured history of the cuisine’s rich contribution to the canon of American cooking. You’ve got four distinct kingdoms of ‘cue that are fierce in their respective representation. Think of it as a friendly yet spirited feud between dynastic families or noble houses.

With House Carolinas you have a fine affinity for pork. Their whole hog obsessions and expertise make for a destined pairing with their trademark vinegar-based sauces. House Memphis flies the banner of pit-smoked, dry-rubbed ribs coated in a thin, tangy sauce. For House Texas, their juicy brisket cooked low and slow is their pride and joy. Fun fact: when folks use the term “Texas barbecue” it more than likely refers to the Central Texas-style. But no matter what, beef is their main course. Finally, you have House Kansas City, where slow-smoked meats rubbed in a complex formula of spices and slathered in their signature, gloriously gloppy, tomato-based sauces are their bastion for barbecue braggadocio. Oh and they also happen to be the loudest of the bunch to tout themselves as the barbecue capital of the world.

Bold claim, sure, but the likes of Anthony Bourdain, Barack Obama, and even (oddly enough) John Madden co-signing hold merit. As they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire — or in this case, succulent, soul-stirring ribs that put the concept of an otherworldly kind of goodness on a pedestal.

And it’s there where I trailed the lead, curious about this barbecue capital of the world and finding out whether such a crown is too heavy for Kansas City to wear or just the right fit. Along the way we put this assertion of barbecue dominance to the test, whether it be through conversations with a barbecue historian to attending the world’s largest barbecue competition to even finding out the preferred choice of pork brand for these lauded bbq pit-masters (pro-tip: it’s Smithfield).


Editor’s Note: Pitmaster Tuffy Stone of Cool Smoke Barbecue
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IHOP Writes N-Word On Customer Receipt, Apologizes With $10

There’s a lot of ways to go about apologizing for a mistake. IHOP probably didn’t use the best one.

After an employee printed out the word “Nigga” on a receipt, they obviously faced some backlash, and tried to make things right with the grand gesture of, wait for it, a $10 gift card.

The incident occurred April 13, as Maya Thomas, 19, didn’t even notice the slur on her to-go order until the following day, according to the Kansas City Star.

Thomas and her mother called the IHOP to complain, and a few days later, the pancake diner sent the $10 gift card in the mail as an apology.

I’m not sure why IHOP thought a gift card was the best way to make things square. Was that the dollar amount they felt could smoothen out a racial slur?

According to the NY Post, the server was black, but regardless of your stance on the word’s usage, it’s not a situation a business wants to be attached to.

Obviously, this disrespectful gift card followup upset Thomas even more, but she should find some solace in learning that the employee responsible for the receipt, was ultimately fired.

IHOP eventually released a standard apology, said racism not being tolerated in their store, but the damage was done, and now they’re down 10 bucks and an employee.

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Foodbeast Helps Set Guinness World Record With Smithfield For World’s Largest Grilling Lesson

“Yo let’s build fam, I FW your vision,” me basically once I heard that Smithfield brand was trying to set the first-ever Guinness World Record for the world’s largest barbecue lesson. Though that really wasn’t explicit verbatim and likely just my inner thoughts, I was still hyped to check off a bucket list experience of being a part of a Guinness World Record.

Peep the setting: Kansas City, Mo, AKA the barbecue capital of the world. Over 300 eager participants seeking world record glory. Nine-time World Champion pitmaster Chris Lilly, Weber grillmaster Kevin Kolman, and Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Lineman Chris Jones leading grilling and tailgating fans through two recipes featuring Smithfield Prime Back Ribs and Roasted Garlic & Herb Marinated Fresh Pork Chops.

Colin E. Braley/AP Images for Smithfield

The rules to set the record were simple: the one-hour long lesson which showcased the ease, convenience, and versatility of grilling fresh pork, must have all participants’ dishes cooked and completed within the given time limit. Very minimal social media posting was allowed during the lesson and anybody who left the designated grilling lesson area was eliminated from participation and inclusion in the record.

Though nature called for a few eliminated participants, triumph was ultimately achieved on April 27th and Smithfield officially set the first-ever Guinness World Records title for the largest grilling lesson with 336 participants at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., as announced by official Guinness World Records adjudicator Phillip Robertson.

Smithfield Guinness World Record Attempt for "Largest Grilling Lesson"

Colin E. Braley/AP Images for Smithfield

The event not only launched the brand’s national “Get Grilling America” campaign, but also celebrated National Barbecue Month and the Kansas City Chiefs’ Draft Party.

Foodbeast was really out here helping set world records and partaking in the world’s best barbecue. Twas lit like the hottest grills getting Guinness World Records’ attention, fam.

Smithfield Guinness World Record Attempt for "Largest Grilling Lesson"

Colin E. Braley/AP Images for Smithfield
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Jimmy John’s Cashier Robbed At Gunpoint, Doesn’t Even Flinch

A Kansas City Jimmy John’s was robbed Wednesday night, and while the robber cocked and waived his gun at employees, the cashier upfront didn’t seem bothered by it, at all.

Video released by Kansas City PD showing that, “An unknown black male wearing a light blue hooded sweatshirt entered the restaurant, placed an order, then pointed a gun at the cashier demanding money from the register.”

The cashier didn’t look startled, or in fear, he just took off his safety gloves and started taking out the money with a “Come on, man” look on his face.

At the end of the video, the cashier calmly walked away, as if nothing had happened.

Thankfully, the surveillance video helped police identify the man, and he is in custody as officials investigate the incident.


These NFL and MLB Stadiums Consistently Served Up Expired and Moldy Food to Fans


The NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs are poised to make a playoff push this season, but it looks like the folks selling the food at their stadium aren’t putting in the same type of effort.

According to ESPN, the Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium, along with their baseball-playing next-door neighbors at Kauffman Stadium, have served fans expired food, stored food at unsafe temperatures, and have even shared the kitchen with cockroaches and mice.

A food service called Aramark provides the food for the two Kansas City stadiums and have caught some heat after employee Jon Costa shared some unsavory photos of the kitchen practices. Costa was the district safety manager for Aramark and with a title like that, you’d think he’d be the guy to fix this kind of thing. He instead took a bunch of pictures and went to ESPN with them.

The photos he provided showed expired dates on pizza dough that was still served, moldy hot dogs and buns, and mice feces near pizza dough. The work areas were just as bad, as photos showed dead cockroaches in vending areas, food not being stored at safe temperatures and trash completely blocking off employee hand sinks.

“I think it says, ‘Hey, we can sell any substandard food that we want.’ What else are they going to do? How far are they going to go?” -Jon Costa

Mark Bruno, Chief Operating Officer for Aramark, said that immediate action was taken when these health concerns were brought up and even low-key made it seem like Costa is a crazy dude looking for attention.

Either way, the pics are out and these are some of the things that have been found at the Chiefs and Royals stadiums:


Some Pizza Dough With a Dash of Mice Feces




Cockroach Parties in Vending Areas




An Impossible Mission to Try and Wash Your Hands




How Fellow Employees Feel About Food Safety


Keep digging into those stadium hot dogs, player.