New Kahlúa Midnight is Best Chased With A Slice of Orange

kahlua-midnight Kahlúa is amping it up with Kahlúa Midnight, a 70 proof mixture of rum and black coffee liqueur. The brand suggests serving it “chilled as a shot” that’s accompanied by a “fresh orange slice.” The drink is depicted as smooth with a subdued sweetness that sets it apart from your “standard sticky and sugary sweet coffee liqueurs on the market today.”

Personally, my interest is piqued. Although I’m a fan of the original Kahlúa version, I always saw it as something meant to be mixed or baked with, never taken as a solo shot. Now, Kahlúa Midnight is threatening to change the playing field of liquored possibilities, offering a viable substitute to straight vodka, rum, whiskey and the like.

Because honestly, a shot of rum infused with the roasted cheekiness of black coffee and followed by a bite of tangy orange sounds a lot more appealing than the unforgiving burn of vodka.

Of course, this is all theory and Kahlúa Midnight could very well be the distant cousin of Pumpkin Pie Vodka. Don’t even get us started on that silly fellow.

via beverage world