Eat Locally, Strip Globally: Canadian Strip Club Offers Quality, Locally-Sourced Menu


Apparently, there’s only one thing that Vancouver residents love more than watching strippers work it on onstage — and that’s munching on a selection of locally-sourced Vancouver cuisine while enjoying the show. Vancouver gentleman’s club No. 5 Orange discovered the surprising overlap between local food fans and strip club aficionados when they gave their normal food selections a locally-sourced revamp earlier this year. The environmentally friendly overhaul paid off big time, and  according to CTV News, No. 5 Orange’s food-generated revenue has “more than doubled” since the changes.

Of course, credit has to be paid to the local master chef that No. 5 Orange hired to oversee the switch. Chef Stuart Irving, a longtime fan of the gentleman’s club he describes as “Cheers, but with boobs,” took painstaking care to make the menu reflect the quality service and beautiful presentation that No. 5 Orange serves on and off the pole. The new menu features a series of gourmet selections including “Satay Kabobs of either free-range chicken, double-smoked pork belly, or wild sea prawn,” which will make it pretty hard to tell if customers are drooling over the food . . . or the performers. We’re going to take a wild guess and assume that it’ll be a combination of both, and we’re hoping that strip clubs worldwide follow No. 5 Orange’s example. Eat locally, strip globally? Sounds like a plan to us.

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OC Fair: Chicken Charlie’s

It has begun! The OC Fair is running on all cylinders and is not slowing down for anyone! From their enticing Las Vegas lights, stomach turning rides,  to their intense variety of edibles! They are not taking any prisoners, especially my brother from another mother Charlie! This man has one of the most impressive booths at the fair and is using it to its fullest potential! He’s muscling out any type of food your heart and soul desire. Whether you are on your healthy game, thats right, healthy foods at the OC Fair! Or you looking for the original comforting deep fried specialties like “Deep Fried Klondike Bars”! Charlie is the CHIEF at “Chicken Charlie’s”!

Celebrity Grub

Video: Memphis Grizzlies eating Persian Food

Hamed Haddadi and Mike Conley (the two gentlemen that have no idea what they are eating) are of the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies, and we join them at a local Persian restaurant in Vegas to grub down! They basically have a mixture of what seems to be some lamb, beef, and chicken kabobs with some very luscious saffron rice! And if anyone ever asks you about Saffron…don’t tell them cheese, egg or anything like that. It is a spice derived from India/Turkey which is used with basmati rice to give it its yellow appearance! BAM! In your face Good Eats!