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This Magic Wand Orders Your Favorite Takeout Every Time You Wave It

UK food takeout service Just Eat is currently making every Harry Potter fan’s dream come true. Their novel new magic wand orders your favorite food with a simple flick of the wrist.

In a video detailing the invention, Just Eat claims that by swishing the wand around, a device is activated that sends a personalized barcode to your phone. That barcode then activates the Just Eat app and orders your takeout order of choice. Whatever your go-to meal is will be on its way shortly after casting your high-tech “magic spell.”

This wand, according to Engadget, is a prototype that apparently is only compatible with Android devices. Just Eat plans to undergo further development on the device, including the ability to order different dishes based on the gestures you make, the Evening Standard reports.

For those worrying about continual waving causing a flood of orders to be made, there is a built-in solution. You can only order once an hour using the wand, and have time to cancel should you accidentally summon food to your doorstep.

A price has not yet been determined for Just Eat’s magic wand, which will be available to the public starting sometime in 2018.


Eatensil: The 6-Tool Kitchen Swiss Army Knife

It seems that take away concept site Just-eat is making their way to manufacturers with the following pitch — a Swiss Army type product for the extreme foodie. Intrigued?

The unit contains a pizza cutter, wooden chip fork, chopsticks, bottle opener, a fork, knife and a spoon.

The idea is novel, but since the items don’t necessarily breakaway from the base unit, some particular uses may become quite cumbersome. From the action shots above, the top right most photo of the young lady sipping soup showcases the immense girth of the Eatensil. No word on availability or production dates yet, but the Internet is talking.

Would you care to see this item come to fruition?

VIA: PocketLint