The East Coast’s Blizzard Food Game Is Strong

As the East Coast braces itself for the Nor’easter that apparently eats other blizzards for breakfast, they’ve taken to grocery stores and social media to show that the #blizzardof2015 can’t shake them.

There’s been some very adult-like shopping:


Storm prep #barefoot #absolut #ghirardelli #bravethestorm #blizzard2015 #fucklivinginmaine ❄️⛄️ A photo posted by Amanda Dillingham (@ajdillingham13) on




But not everyone got lucky:




And these people are just slaying it:



#homemade #chickenpotpie #lecreuset #snowday #january2015 #winter2015 #blizzard2015


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#currentmood #chili #blizzard2015 #juno


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Making the most out of being snowed in by Juno. Raw clams on the half shell over a bed of snow❄️

A photo posted by Victoria Nguyen (@victoria_nnguyen) on


Greek yogurt creme brûlée #healthybaking #blizzard2015

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Stay warm!



Juno Cheeseburger Phone

If there was a office, wouldn’t you expect to see us all using a Cheeseburger Phone during our conference calls? This item has been duly noted. For $26, you can be like my girl Ellen Page and handle all your vocal affairs with a bun on your ear and cheese on your cheek. FredFlare does it again.