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Chuck E. Cheese’s Unveils Their Sketchy New Spaghetti Pizza

Despite how gross this might sound to most adults, it would come as no surprise if this freak-from-the-oven resonated really well with kids. After all, it’s universally known that children are really big fans of pizza and spaghetti, so how would combining them be?

Well, Chuck E. Cheese’s set out to discover the answer to that question by doing that exactly: combining them. The finished product is, at the very least, interesting to look at.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 4.15.08 PM

The pizza is made with their standard dough, a layer of marinara, a helping of spaghetti noodles spread all around it, a drizzle of marinara on top, some classic Italian mozzarella, then finally a handful of meatballs.

Although the spaghetti pizza is not a permanent menu item, the fusion food will be available at all participating Chuck E. Cheese’s until June 30th, 2016.



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Baskin-Robbins Features ‘Triple Vanilla’ as Flavor of the Month


Baskin-Robbins kicks off summer with Triple Vanilla as its June Flavor of the Month. The treat features a combination of their Classic Vanilla, French Vanilla and Vanilla Bean ice cream flavors swirled into one cone or cup, however you prefer it.

While the idea of eating three different vanilla types at once is definitely a fun twist, it did make me wonder what the difference was between the varieties. After an arduous Google search that ultimately led to several Wiki pages on vanilla (and French colonization in Madagascar, go figure), I came to the following conclusion: Plain or “classic” vanilla is flavored by only artificial vanilla extract; French vanilla is made from an egg custard base, which makes it creamier than the former and appear yellow in color; vanilla bean doesn’t contain egg but does contain bits of vanilla bean, hence the small dark flecks you see.

Now you know, and you thought this was just a simple update on the latest flavor of the month. Silly you.


Subway Thinks We Haven’t Had Enough of the Oven Roasted Chicken, Features it as June’s $5 Footlong


Last month it was the $3 Six-Inch Select sub. The month before that? Also the $3 Six-Inch Select sub (it was March’s, too).

But it seems all the Oven Roasted Chicken love still isn’t over, as Subway has just revealed its favorite poultry dish as this month’s featured $5 Footlong. The sub boasts only 320 calories and features the eponymous oven-roasted chicken and spinach plus your choice of bread and fixings.

Now there’s nothing wrong with this per se, except that with the ORC moving up in the world, there’s no new $3 Six-Inch to take its place. I just wish we could finally have a $5 Footlong worth being excited about (Chipotle Steak and Cheese with Avocado, I’m totally looking at you).

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Gimme S’more: Dairy Queen’s Featured Blizzard for June is a ‘Campfire in a Cup’


As awesome as s’mores are, we all have got to admit they’re pretty f*cking annoying. Whenever you make one, you’re either dropping the chocolate, not toasting the marshmallow enough, fighting not to choke on smoke or getting sand in your eyes. Bottom line: It ain’t pretty. Luckily we have Dairy Queen’s new featured Blizzard for the month of June, the S’mores Blizzard, to take all the “oh great” out of the Great Outdoors.

Made of vanilla soft serve covered with graham crackers and rich chocolate chunks filled with marshmallow fluff, the S’mores Blizzard Treat is being touted as a “campfire in a cup” – and rightly so. It used to be you needed a warm fire, good company and bright stars to have a good time. But now you can enjoy all the fun of summer from the comfort of your twitter feed. Win.

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