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Jack In The Box Is Giving Away One Million FREE Burgers

It’s raining burgers. Hallelujah, it’s raining burgers… a MILLION burgers, to be exact.

To celebrate the brand new Double Jack burger at Jack in the Box, they’re giving away one million of them at Jack’s everywhere, starting today! All you need to do is visit to grab a coupon that’s redeemable for the new Double Jack or a Jumbo Jack burger. Better get in line.

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The idea to give away such an extreme amount of deliciousness stems from Jack’s confidence that the Double Jack is their best burger yet. With toasty buttery bakery buns, real mayo, hand-leafed lettuce, freshly-sliced tomatoes, two slices American cheese, and two 100% beef patties…it’s hard to disagree.

“No doubt, the Double Jack is a delicious burger. But it means so much more than that,” Jack says. “It’s a testament to the quality, craveable of ingredients that Jack in the Box is committed to delivering. It’s a statement of hard work and dedication. It’s Jack in the Box getting up on a soapbox and taking a stand for better burgers for everyone. Because America deserves the best.”

Grab ‘em while you can.

This post is in partnership with Jack in the Box. 

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This Jack in the Box ‘Jumbo Jack’ is 19 Beef Patties Deep


What’s in a perfect burger? From person to person, the dream of the perfect fast food burger pretty much varies. Beau Chevassus, however, decided to never settle for what society deemed a “Jumbo Jack” and set out to create his own perfect burger no matter the cost.

Taken over by a stroke of audacity, Beau decided to order the most epic Jumbo Jack in fast food history. His order consisited of 19 extra patties, several orders of bacon, every single cheese on the menu, onion rings, fried eggs, ham, turkey and more chicken patties. The total came out to $38.23, making this possibly the world’s most expensive custom fast food burger.

Beau then asked for an antennae ball (which wasn’t reflected in the total) to top off his masterpiece.


It’s hard to realize that it’s possible to swoop up this mouth-watering whale of a burger by just heading to the Jack in the Box down the street. So now that you’ve read one man’s inspiring journey to find the perfect burger, how many of you want to go out into that greasy, delicious world and make your own dreams come true?

PicThx BeauCh

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Jack in the Box: $3.99 Jumbo Deal

One of the renegades of value, Jack in the Box has decided to end the year off strongly with a limited time Jumbo Deal. Participating restaurants will be offerring up the signature Jumbo Jack® hamburger, two tacos, small order of fries and a small fountain drink for $3.99. According to Jack in the Box reps, they’ve created a meal that includes four of our menu favorites for less than what some of our major competitors are charging for a single burger.” Are you all excited about this Jumbo Deal? Would you rather a different combination of products for $3.99? Speak on it!


Jack in the Box: Jack Box Crash Update #8

This specific commercial has been making its rounds on TV networks as of late. If you haven’t seen it, get yourself a bonesaw and a hot glue gun…


Jack in the Box: $2.99 Jumbo Deal

For a limited time only, Jack in the Box is bringing some menu favorites together for your eating pleasure. For $2.99, enjoy two tacos, small order of fries and the Jumbo Jack. Jumbo Deal. Eat on!