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Dairy Queen’s Latest Blizzard Is Filled With Sour Patch Kids


July is probably your favorite month of the year and you don’t even realize it. Why you may ask? Well because it’s “National Ice Cream Month”! Duh! 

What would National Ice Cream Month be without new and crazy flavor combos? And few ice cream brands are more known for such flavor combos than Dairy Queen. This month Dairy Queen is teaming up with Sour Patch Kids to bring you the NEW SOUR PATCH KIDS Blizzard Treat. The SOUR PATCH KIDS Blizzard Treat blends together the tangy chewiness of Sour Patch Kids Bitz and the sweetness of Sour Patch Kids Redbury Flavor in ice cream harmony. Perfect for the summer sweet tooth.

And if the NEW SOUR PATCH KIDS Blizzard Treat wasn’t enough, DQ created an interactive, mobile-first game called ‘DQ Spoon-A-Pult.’ In the game, players use a red spoon to catapult tiny SOUR PATCH KIDS into pools of Blizzard treats. Poor kids. With a gameplay style similar to Whac-A-Mole, if you’ve ever been in a real food fight, then ‘DQ Spoon-A-Pult’ is right up your alley. The game is available through @DairyQueen Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or on mobile devices by visiting  

The NEW SOUR PATCH KIDS Blizzard Treat will be available at participating DQ locations nationwide through the month of July.

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Today Is Free Slurpee Day At 7-Eleven

Once again, the greatest day of the year falls upon us! Every year on July 11th, everyone’s favorite mini mart gives away free Slurpees from 11 AM to 7 PM.

With over 14 million Slurpees being sold every month, it’s no surprise that the chain has been around for 88 wonderful years.


For today and today only, you can get a FREE Slurpee from 7-Eleven. Granted, it’s a small, but you can just go to five or six different locations and put them all together to make a big one. We all know there’s a 7-Eleven every 30 feet anyways.

This year, 7-Eleven throws another promotion into the ring: starting tomorrow, if you order seven Slurpees with the app over the next week, you’ll get 11 free!


It’s July And Walgreens Is Already Selling Halloween Candy


Grocery stores are no strangers to getting seasonal a little earlier than necessary. You can walk into a Kroger grocery store in early November and hear Christmas music blaring down the aisles.

Releasing Halloween candy in July seems a little excessive, though.

Super coupon blogger Jill Cataldo said this was the case at her local Walgreens las the Chicago store already had its 3 MuskeFears and Brach’s classic candy corn and pumpkins.

Cataldo even held up a copy of the Northwestern Herald, dated as July 21, 2015, just in case she was pulling your skeleton leg.

I’m guessing we can expect Walgreens to put up its Christmas decorations next to the back-to-school stuff once August rolls around.


h/t thatsnerdalicious


Bruxie Will Feature A LOBSTER WAFFLE SANDWICH For 4th Of July


This weekend is the 4th of July and restaurants are preparing to celebrate with limited-time menu offerings. Orange County-based waffle sandwich joint Bruxie, for example, will have Maine lobsters. No, you heard right.

Lobster fans will now be able to enjoy the New England Lobster Bruxie. Made with Maine Lobster, the meat is tossed with mayo, chives, black pepper and sea salt. It’s served with a side of waffle fries.

Also on the limited-time menu is a Vermont Apple Pie waffle sandwich and a Red, White & Blue Shake.

The Lobster Bruxie and other special menu items will only be available Friday July 3 through Sunday July 5th. Guests, however, are recommended to get theirs early because they’ll more than likely run out.

Never had waffles and lobster together before. Guess we’ll have to swing by.


Celebrating Fourth of July: Expectations vs. Reality


Independence Day in America is one of those rare holidays that doesn’t seem to exist just to make people buy things. Sure, you’ve got all the fireworks kiosks. And yes, they don’t just give away all that patriotic tablewear and those hot dogs and grilling utensils for free. But mostly it’s about eating well, sitting back and enjoying each other’s company. Except when it’s about burning in the summer sun. Or suffering from food poisoning. Or being too hungover to work because this stupid holiday just had to fall on a weekday.

Ah well, at least we have the freedom to gripe about it together. ‘MURICA.


Expectation: Throwing a cool, outdoor barbecue in the shade


Picthx: Pinterest

Reality: Just stepping outside feels like burning

Alternative: Having it at the beach and being gloomy as f@#k


Expectation: Having time to make lots of cute, USA-themed snacks

Picthx: Apollinas

Reality: Barely having enough time to buy groceries


Expectation: Enjoying a nice, stress-free potluck with friends and family


Picthx: Chella’s Common Cents

Reality: No one brings anything but booze and utensils, forcing you to whip up something last minute


Expectation: Sticking to your summer diet

Reality: Parking your butt at the dessert table


Expectation: Lighting the grill on the first try



Expectation: Finally getting to nom on all the delicious grilled grub

Reality: Waiting. Lots of waiting. Probably some food poisoning when you get tired of waiting.


Expectation: Washing everything down with a sweet, cool, delicious ice cream

Reality: Staring at a great big puddle of melted cow tears


Expectation: It’s a classy summer party, time to break out the sparkling whites and rosés‎!

Reality: PBR for days


Expectation: Toasting the perfect s’more

Reality: Ending up with a pile of burnt messy goop


Can you even call those s’mores anymore?

Picthx: Chocolate Moosey


Expectations: Kicking off the night with beautiful fireworks

Reality: Too cloudy to see ANYTHING


Expectations: Being totally able to function at work tomorrow



Expectations: Spending the day filled with the love of your country



Happy 4th of July everybody!

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