Julia Child Gets the Auto-Tune Treatment for Her 100th Birthday [VIDEO]

To celebrate Julia Child’s 100th birthday tomorrow, PBS Digital Studios released a brand new video for the late French Chef.

Third in a series of videos remixed by John D. Boswell, also known as melodysheep, the video features an auto-tuned mash-up of Julia’s many PBS appearances and is as addictive to listen to as it is to watch her cook. Check out the video below and bring on the roasted potatoes!


Gourmet's: 20 Tools That Changed the Way We Cook

I was off reading some heavy content on when I came upon an article that international food magazine did about the “20 Tools and Technologies That Have Changed the Way We Cook”. I found the article so enlightening and informational that I knew I had to post the entire thing here on our website. So bear with me and walk yourself through the changes in cooking since the earliest of times.