East Coast Delivery Service “Gifts” Free Pot On Juice Orders

It’s impossible to quantify love. However, it seems a cold-pressed juice delivery company has found a way to add “love” to juice orders, and people are actually paying for it.

In fact, for (at least) $55, customers can receive a bottle of juice, and are “gifted” some “love” —  which is actually a code for free pot.

juice delivery free pot

For most people, a juice delivery service giving out free pot might seem like an illegal activity. But, companies like Washington D.C.-based HighSpeed Delivery, are actually operating within legal parameters.

As states like Massachusetts continue to roll out recreational pot laws, delivery services across the East Coast are capitalizing on sales, by covertly operating in a gray-area established by Initiative 71.

In 2014, Initiative 71, also known as, “Legalization of Possession of Minimal Amounts of Marijuana for Personal Use Act of 2014″ was approved by more than 60 percent of  voters. Initiative 71 went into full effect in 2015, and essentially gave citizens the right to grow, posses, and gift small amounts (up to two-ounces) of marijuana — without facing the threat of penalty.

HighSpeed Delivery operates in Washington D.C and Boston, is a self-described, “cultural hub” that sells art, music and bottles of juice. Some of the flavors include “Petworth Punch” and “Strawberry Lemonade,” which are listed on the homepage for $11.

However, customers are given the option to add, “love” or “lots of love,” at check out. With the “love” option added, prices on juice increase from $11 to between $55, and “lots of love” will increases to $150.

Although, there is no mention of cannabis or marijuana on HighSpeed’s website, it seems word of mouth has fueled “juice” sales on the East Coast.

Still, some worry that this loophole might be a creative way to skirt operational guidelines — and taxes — for those operating recreational cannabis businesses in Washington D.C. and Massachusetts.

It remains unclear if businesses like High Speed Delivery are actually breaking any laws — as there are no regulations on gifting pot, or even making infused food. Secondly, until selling juice becomes illegal, the High Speed Deliveries of the world will continue to supply their parched clientele.

One thing is certain, the East Coast is thirsty for a recreational cannabis industry, and this tasty loophole illustrates how far companies will to fill the well.

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This Is How Two Juice Bottles Cost Dollar General Store $250,000 In A Lawsuit


Two small juice bottles were the subject of a $250,000 lawsuit at Dollar General.

Linda Akins, a cashier at the major dollar retail chain, had taken two bottles of $1.69 orange juice from the cooler at her Tennessee store to help alleviate her diabetic shock, reports KTLA News. She had later paid for the drinks, but the company had let her go because she failed to do so before opening the bottles, per their company policy.

Akins said she asked if she could keep her own juice at her register, though a supervisor denied her request due to a zero food and drink policy at the cashier station. What no one explained to her was that Dollar General had a policy that medical exceptions could be made.

On Akins’ behalf, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission sued Dollar General for $250,000.

Dollar General said that Akins already had accommodations for her where she could keep juice bottles in her apron, hidden under her register (out of camera sight), or in the break room.

Akins was awarded $27,565 in back pay and $250,000 total in damages. Dollar General, disappointed with the ruling, is currently appealing for a new trial.

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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Smelly Garlic Fingers


We’ve all worked with garlic in the kitchen before. While an incredibly delicious and essential ingredient, the tiny onion (yes, it’s an onion) tends to leave your hands smelling pretty bad long after you put down the cutting board.

As you may know, soap does pretty much nothing and the smell can linger for the rest of the day unless the appropriate action is taken.

If you want to make sure your hands smell the freshest they could possibly be after mincing, smashing, peeling, or pureeing some garlic, check out these fives ways to get rid of that odor from your fingers.


Stainless Steel


Stainless steel is one of the most popular ways to get the garlic smell out of the way without wasting any other food resources. Rubbing your fingers, after handling garlic, on the flat side of a knife or the inside of your sink works.

We recommend the inside of a sink or even your faucet. That way, there’s less of a chance that you’ll accidentally cut yourself.

Lemon Juice


It’s always a good idea to keep some lemon wedges around when in the kitchen. After working with garlic, squeeze a generous amount on your fingers and rub them together. You’ll get the smell off in no time.

The only downside is if you happen to accidentally cut yourself when working with the un-peeled cloves. Then it’s gonna burn.

Coffee Grounds


There’s nothing like waking up to the aroma of fresh coffee brewing in the morning. So if you can’t get your hands to stop smelling like garlic, maybe you can get them to smell like something else more pleasant.

Coffee grounds can also exfoliate your skin, helping get rid of the garlic funk quicker. Just dunk your fingers in some excess grounds and rub them around for a minute before rinsing them off.



Think of it as washing your hands with soap and water. Once finished with the garlic, apply a generous amount of salt to your hands and scrub them diligently. The smell should disappear as you rinse your hands with warm water. Like the lemon juice, however, make sure you don’t have any fresh cuts to your hands before adding the salt.

You can also wear gloves when working with garlic, but where’s the fun in that.

Tomato Juice


A common solution when getting skunked, the bright-red liquid that comes from the tomato can work wonders when trying to get rid of unwanted odors. If you’re in a pinch, soak your hands in some tomato juice for a few minutes until the smell dissipates from your fingers.

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Watch This Guy Juice An Entire McDonald’s Meal Then DRINK It

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 10.52.04 AMThis guy posted a YouTube video juicing fast food and it got really weird. He juiced (well, sludged) a couple of McDonalds burgers, fries and a soda, then drank a full glass of the brown sludge.

I was completely prepared to watch him throw it up and, to be honest, I’m still surprised that he didn’t. As far as juicing videos go, this is pretty entertaining. Note their use of slo-mo and highly appropriate music selection.

All in all, it’s just one of those things that you don’t want to watch, but you just can’t stop watching. It was posted 4 days ago and 239,000 people have already watched it.

They’re taking requests for more Junk Juice recipes, and at the end of the video, suggest several other concoctions that sound as nasty as this one.

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7 Surprisingly Dangerous Foods For Pregnant Women And Babies

Sushi and alcohol may be the obvious culprits, but you’d be shocked to learn there’s a much broader list of foods and drink to avoid when you’re expecting or feeding a baby. Keep those cravings in check with this guide.

1. Caesar Salad


This classic dish contains one potentially harmful ingredient in its dressing: raw egg. Consumption of undercooked yolk may result in that familiar bacterial strain known as Salmonella.  Often associated with raw chicken, avoiding infection means cooking eggs above 160-degrees. Too bad cooked dressing isn’t trending.

2. Parsley


A seemingly harmless herb, this infamous garnish is not recommended. Ingesting an abundance may encourage uterine contractions. In layman’s terms, it’ll lend itself to an early delivery. While consuming an excess of anything is never recommended, it’s easier to avoid this green altogether than wonder how much is in that batch of pesto.

3. Deli Meat


Cold cuts, bologna, and we might as well throw charcuterie in the mix– sandwiching these slices can be a cause for concern. It’s not so much the mom-to-be as much as it endangers the unborn child. The chances of acquiring Listeria are generally low, but expectant mothers are more at risk and may pass it along to baby. Complications may occur, leaving the child with complications. Or worse, resulting in death.

4. Water


Odorless, colorless, and without taste; babes in arms should not be drinking tap water. Newborns aren’t known for their immune systems, and receiving infections from drinking water would likely spread throughout their bodies and affect multiple areas of their already fragile body. In addition, for every time they pee, they’re losing sodium. Sodium loss causes seizures and brain swelling. Seriously.

5. Cinnamon


We know, we know. That fun stick in our spiced cider can’t possibly be bad for you. For all the benefits it seemingly promotes (fights off colds, acts as a bug repellent, cures athletes foot, etc.), excessive use results in premature labor.

6. Juice


Specifically, unpasteurized juices are not baby’s preferred beverage. You won’t always know if what’s being offered has gone through the process, so just avoid the option altogether. Need a good reason? Diarrhea. Yeah, we knew that would shut you up.

7. Eggs Benedict


Before you diss poached eggs over ham and English muffins, remember what this brunch staple is dressed in. Hollandaise is the enemy, so get irked because of that. That’s just bananas, if you ask us. See Caesar salad if you’re seeking more justification.


Trader Joe’s Is About To Shake Your World Up With These 11 New Foods

Whenever Trader Joe’s announces a new item, we definitely have to try it out. The specialty grocery store chain has become one of the most popular supermarkets in the country.

Though let’s be honest, the majority of our Joe’s trips ends with us leaving with something to snack on. We can get fruits and veggies, wherever.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the newest things Trader Joe’s has added to their store shelves. Here you can check out all the latest additions all at once. There are definitely some winners we’re excited to try in this batch (BUTTERNUT GYOZA!).


Chocolate Mousse Whole Milk Greek Yogurt


Abondance Cheese


Whole Wheat Butternut Squash Gyoza


Steamed Chicken Soup Dumplings


New England Clam Chowder


Autumnal Harvest Pasta Sauce


Rosemary Garlic Monkey Bread


Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Baking Mix


Pumpkin Soup


Root Juice


Seasoned Wild King Salmon on a Cedar Plank



This SINGLE Capsule Machine Can Make Coffee, Soda and Juice


Looks like having a coffee pod machine, a soda stream and a juicer all separately is no longer necessary. A new beverage appliancance found in Sao Paolo, Brazil, works as all three in one.

Kind of like a Keurig, all consumers need to do is insert a capsule into a slot and the machine starts brewing drinks. The options also include a cold and a fizzy option, according to Reuters.

The B.blend machine was created to compete with all the coffee and soda making machines currently in the market. Taking the purpose of the two machines, combining them and even adding a third juice function, the B.blend is said to be the first ever of its kind.

Designed by Design Inverso in a partnership with Whirlpool, the machine looks to only be available in Brazilian markets currently.

However, unlike the Keurig machine which runs for $199, the B.blend will set you back about $1,150. Guess that’s the price that comes with convenience.




There’s A Bottled Drink That Combines COFFEE With JUICE


Coffee and…juice? Yep, it’s a thing! A new company has combined the robust flavors of coffee with the sweet taste of juice. They’re calling it Coffee Juice.

Using cold-brewed coffee, the beverage is combined with juice berries and cane sugar into one amalgam of caffeinated juice.

The beverage is available in four flavors. These include Original, Coconut, Sweet Vanilla and Salted Caramel. Coffee Juice is all natural, dairy free, non-carbonated and non-GMO. You can find them at Central Market locations in 16-oz glass bottles.

It’s literally the best of both breakfast drinks.