This $26,000 Truffle Dinner Comes With an $11,500 Watch

The rare white truffle can command anywhere from $6,000-$10,000 per pound, so the math on this nine-course meal from Philadelphia’s Le Castagne kind of makes sense. It becomes an especially good deal when you factor in the included limited edition $11,500 Panerai watch (“because timing is everything in life” according to managing partner Anthony Masapollo), although I wonder how well ceramic and titanium pair with white truffle and during which course it is served.

I have no problem with Le Castagne offering a “menu item” for marketing purposes that no one will actually choose (they do offer more affordable $700 and $250 packages) but I’d like to see a marketing effort in line with the $26,000 price tag. I can’t begin to describe the cringe on my face when executive chef Michael DeLone says “milanese” with an unchecked Philly accent. At least he nailed the classic Italian hand gesture, if not the language.

So far, this extravagant meal only has one buyer: entrepreneur, internet marketer, real estate investor, top wealth coach, AM radio personality, and speaker JT Foxx. Counting the watch, I guess publicity is a three-way street. I just hope JT makes sure to get his frequent-flier miles from this high-end purchase.


Spinach salad with truffle vinaigrette. Soft-boiled egg deep-fried in truffle flour and breadcrumbs.


The watch. Pretty sexy


via HuffPo/ photo courtesy of Le Castagne