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The Internet Roasts J.R. Smith For Throwing a Bowl of Soup At His Coach

Cleveland Cavaliers basketball player J.R. Smith is known for getting into trouble every now and then. Most recently, he’s been served a one-game suspension for a seemingly bizarre reason: Throwing a bowl of soup at his coach.

The story was first reported by ESPN, who confirmed with multiple sources that Smith threw the soup at Cavs assistant coach Damon Jones. Smith was benched in a recent game versus the Philadelphia 76ers as a result of the incident.

Upon learning that soup was the reason for Smith’s suspension, the internet had a meme field day. The internet is undefeated when it comes to swift meme-fueled judgement and brought us all a plethora to crack up at.

ESPN’s Bobby Marks reported on Twitter that Smith will lose out on $94,897 as a result of the suspension. For those wondering, that’s equivalent to about 95,000 cans of soup.

Still, there are many questions surrounding the boiling controversy that still need answering. What kind of soup was it? Why did Smith throw it at his coach? Where did he even get the soup to begin with?

And, since this is J.R. Smith we are talking about, we have to ask: was it really soup, or something else?