These Are The Jones Sodas You Can ONLY Get At 7-Eleven


Convenience store chain 7-Eleven has partnered with Jones soda to create an exclusive line for the beverage brand.

The five new flavors are Twisted Citrus (lemon, orange and lime), Fruit Loose (cherry, orange, pineapple and lemon), Cocolocolilinut (Coconut, pineapple, mango and Hawaiian lilikoi), Tropical Slam Rambutan (passionfruit, pineapple, guava and tropical rambutan) and Bluesberry Smash (raspberry, cherry and strawberry).

Made with natural flavors and a light amount of cane sugar, the Jones soda boasts that it’s no ordinary soda.

Jones’ 7-Select premium sodas are only available at participating 7-Eleven locations in the United States. It seems the five flavors will be the first of many as customers can hashtag #7SelectxJones and throw out suggestions for new flavors.

Might we suggest Chili Cheese Caramel?


Jones Soda Hops on Back-to-School Bandwagon with Peanut Butter & Jelly Soda


It was a sad day when I discovered Disneyland had discontinued its regaled peanut butter and jelly soda. Subtle, sweet, vaguely salty, it reminded me of playground days without the saccharine aftertaste of Kool-Aid. Thankfully, the fine fellows from Jones Soda have stepped in to fill the void.

PB&J soda has been done in the past, but the flavor is a brand new addition for Jones, who released  it just in time for the new school year. Currently available in Canada and coming to the U.S. in Harmons, Hastings, Associate Food, and Cost Plus World Market Stores by September, the peanut butter and grape jelly-flavored drink is also completely safe for people with peanut allergies. No real peanuts or peanut materials were harmed in the making of this pop.

Now, knowing this thing exists, you have a few options. You could A) ignore it B) reminisce sadly about your childhood or C) buy some, make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and also pick up an ice cream version for yourself at Cold Stone. Sharing with your kids = completely optional.

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Jones Soda Appeals to Our Northern Neighbors with New Poutine-Flavored Soda


Enough is enough, America. Yes, Canada has funny-colored money. Yes, their cops are called Mounties. And yes, Justin Bieber is entirely, entirely their fault. But they also have plenty of redeeming qualities (like Ryan Gosling, for instance). And if we don’t wise up and stop picking on them, that good old Canadian hospitality is bound to run out and then we’ll never get a chance to try poutine-flavored soda.

Offered exclusively in Canada, Jones Soda’s new limited edition “Poutine” flavor is currently available in select regions all across the Great White North, including Quebec, Ontario and Vancouver.

Described as having “a nice balance of rich, savory gravy over a starchy potato base, and accented with those fatty, cheesy notes you expect in a plate of poutine,” the soda sounds, honestly, absolutely horrendous. Which means it’s probably delicious, especially when paired with a piping hot plate of actual poutine.

Mmm, poutine.

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Jones Soda Launches 16 Oz. Cans

Jones Soda 16 Ounce Oz Cans

Jones Soda, known for its delicious and specialty soft drink flavors, announced last week that the company will be introducing new 16-ounce cans to be aimed at the convenience store channel. The 16-ounce offerings includes Green Apple, Berry Lemonade and Strawberry Lime (all pictured above), and will retail for $1.29 MSRP.

As a consumer I’ve only seen Jones Soda sparingly at Starbucks, Costco and independent retailers. Hopefully the cans will give consumers more access to the their pure cane soda. More like soda-licous.



Epic Kaukau Time is the Hawaiian Response to Epic Meal Time

Chalk it up, yet another Epic Meal Time offspring has hit the web, this time led by a group of hefty Hawaiians calling their show Epic Kaukau Time. In their debut effort the crew has cooked up an epic manapua (barbecue pork-filled bun) that racks up 460g of fat and 13,301 calories. The show’s aesthetic and music follows the general Epic Meal Time established rhetoric, with a lower third calorie and fat counter using a familiar font.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor

Jones Soda: Christmas and Hanukkah Packs

This could possibly be a pack of the weirdest soda flavors I’ve ever heard of. Included in the Jones Soda Christmas pack are four different flavors: Sugar Plum, Christmas Tree, Egg Nog, and Christmas Ham. But don’t think for one second that Jones forgot about all you folks that don’t celebrate Christmas. They of course made a Hanukkah pack to that includes flavors such as: Latke, Apple Sauce, Chocolate Coins, and Jelly Doughnut. Even better, the Hanukkah pack is 100% Kosher comes with a free dreidel! Check that pack out by clicking more. (Thx Jones)


Jones Soda: Bacon Soda Holiday Pack

Tapping into the bacon foodie hype, Jones Soda brand has prepared a rather peculiar holiday gift pack…the Bacon Soda Holiday Pack. The description notes the pack features a “one time only” Jones Bacon Soda flavor, and has teamed up with the creative group at Bacon Salt to include 1 Tube of Bacon Lip Balm, a package of Bacon Popcorn and a package of Bacon Gravy Mix to round out the holiday gift basket. Available for a limited time only for $9.99 on the MyJones web store.


Dungeons and Dragons Jones Soda

The rejoice that has fallen upon the nerd community must be a huge one with the release of these limited edition D&D drinks by Jones Soda. These themed sodas bring the game to life even more so now with names like “Potion of Healing” and “Bigys Crushing Thirst Destroyer”. God I really hope that this does not mean more people start running around in elf costumes, we have enough mystical worlds out there already. (Thx sogoodblog)