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Watch Jon Favreau Recreate The Infamous Chocolate Lava Cake From ‘Chef’

Jon Favreau’s got a knack for recreating the most iconic recipes from his culinary film Chef. After sharing the recipe for his Cuban sandwich that everyone began falling for on the Internet, the director/actor/chef has added another food from the item to his arsenal: chocolate lava cake.

For those unfamiliar, Favreau’s character in Chef, Carl Casper, had an epic meltdown over a food critic and his remarks on the chocolate lava cake Casper’s restaurant made. Casper blasted the critic for saying his cake was undercooked, saying that it was “fucking molten” instead thanks to a frozen ganache cylinder on the inside.

Favreau decided to recreate that recipe, and enlisted the help of Chef Roy Choi, who made the dishes for the film, and Andrew Rea, host of YouTube cooking show Binging with Babish. On Rea’s channel, the three joined forces to recreate the cakes just like they looked in the original film, frozen ganache and all.

It was an interesting experience for Favreau, who noted that “this is one the dish that was already plated” on set, meaning he got to learn as much from Rea as Rea did from him and Roy Choi. Rea also left the day with Favreau’s pasta fork from the set (the one used to make the sexy Aglio de Olio pasta), so he got a huge win out hanging with Chefs Choi and Casper.

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Jon Favreau Just Shared The Ultimate Cuban Sandwich Recipe With The Internet


You may know actor-slash-director Jon Favreau best for his role in Swingers or more recently as Tony Stark’s assisant Happy in the Iron Man trilogy, but once upon a time Mr. Favreau played a chef. It wasn’t actually that long ago.

In the 2014 film, Chef, Favreau played a big-time chef who loses it all and has to reconnect with his roots. If you seen the movie (spoiler alert) you’ll know that cuban sandwiches play a HUGE role in his character’s story arc.

So for the Super Bowl this past weekend, Favreau decided to post his favorite Cuban sandwich recipe on the Internet for everyone to enjoy.

Here it is.

Cuban sandwiches I made for the Super Bowl. First time I cooked these since Chef was released. Still delicious!

For everyone drooling during the entirely of Chef, you can now enjoy one of the film’s most prominent dishes in the comfort of your own homes.