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Carl’s Jr. Tests Jolly Rancher Shake That Will Launch Nationwide Next Year

Burger King has made the news over the past year for some insane cereal-themed shake creations. In a bid to keep up with their fast food rival, Carl’s Jr. has incorporated a beloved candy into their latest drink with a new Jolly Rancher Shake.

jolly rancher shake

Photo courtesy of Carl’s Jr.

Currently, the dessert beverage is being tested in Southern California and near Birmingham, Alabama. It contains actual pieces of Jolly Ranchers mixed throughout the shake, with additional bits topping the typical whipped cream garnish.

Foodbeast was able to get their hands on a shake to try and were able to identify flavors like blue watermelon and green apple as the Jolly Ranchers included within Carl’s Jr.’s new item. While the drink is quite a bit on the sweet side, some of the more sour flavors of the candies inside do help provide some balance to the sugar rush.

If you’re interested and live in either of the aforementioned test areas, you can head to a local franchise now and try it as part of the limited-time test. Everyone else won’t have to wait long, though, as a Carl’s Jr. representative confirmed to Foodbeast that the Jolly Rancher Shake will launch nationwide sometime next year.

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Hershey’s Unveils Limited Edition SPOOKY Halloween Candy

With Halloween less than a week away, we need to sit down and think about what candies and chocolates to pick up for your ghoulish guests. The Hershey Company has released six new Halloween products to sink your vampiric sweet tooth in for the candy-themed season.

Iconic brands like Reese’s, Kit Kats, and Jolly Rancher are all getting a spooky makeover.

New items include:


Reese’s White Peanut Butter Ghosts Snack Size: White crème-coated ghosts filled with peanut butter filling. 


Kit Kat White Minis Snack Size: White crème-coated Kit Kat’s filled with crème and crisp wafers.


Jolly Rancher Lollipops Spooky Shapes: Jolly Rancher candies in fruity flavors, featured in an array of adorably ghastly shapes. Flavors are Pink Lemonade, Green Apple, Watermelon, and Cherry.


Hershey’s Caramel Apple Filled Milk Chocolates: Apple-shaped, foil-wrapped milk chocolates filled with a caramel filling.


Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Crème Skulls: Wrapped in skull-themed foils, these cookies ‘n’ crème chocolates designed for both Halloween and Día de los Muertos celebrations. 


Halloween Party Assortment: A large pumpkin filled with an assortment of classic snack-sized Halloween treats from Hershey’s, including Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat Miniatures and Almond Joy Bars.


The new candies are definitely something to consider while you’re browsing through the candy aisle this weekend. Heck, we might even turn our porch lights off and just save the candies for ourselves. Though that might invite some bad juju going against the spirit of the holiday.

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The Timeless Treaty of Jolly Ranchers

A photo posted by Jo Earle (@joanna_earle1) on

I recall loving Jolly Ranchers as a kid, but never buying them with my allowance or making it my one-candy choice when my parents took us tiny doofuses to the movies. Jolly Ranchers were sort of like this gift from adults. They always seemed to have them on hand.

My grandparents had them when they felt too wild for caramels, usually in the summertime. My principal had them in her office, though I only got to eat them when I was there for a good reason. And it was more or less a universal strategy by my teachers, doctors, and babysitters to shut me up, since snacking on those treats felt like an exhausting several-hour endeavor for my little motormouth.

But Jolly Ranchers weren’t flashy, a surprise move for a multi-colored snack. There wasn’t some loud, psychedelic talking animal wearing a sports jersey trying to kickflip his way into my tiny heart, pressuring me to buy his damn candies (which, I assure you, I loved at the time).

Maybe I only noticed that because it seemed like Jolly Ranchers were the one candy that everyone of any age could agree upon. My young love of Raven’s Revenge was way too much for my grandparents, and their darling black licorice wasn’t even close to enough for me (I still find it infuriating, actually).

“… so maybe these harlequin handfuls that older ladies and gents used to give me were their way of keeping nostalgia shining bright with their passing of the torch.”

That universal approachability of a snackable color spectrum likely had to do with the classic candy’s creators, a warm, friendly married couple.

The Jolly Rancher Company, founded by Coloradans Bill and Dorothy Harmsen, made ice cream and chocolates in addition to candy. All of their products were originally sold at local Ranch Maid Ice Cream stores and killed it in the summer, but struggled in the winter.

The company came into existence in 1949, when the United States was settling into backyard parties and Sunday drives, so maybe these harlequin handfuls that older ladies and gents used to give me were their way of keeping nostalgia shining bright with their passing of the torch.

Even the name Jolly Ranchers itself — a tender evocation of western hospitality — was a sign of that attitude: cherished offerings from a mom-and-pop operation that started out by making treats in their farm’s barn.

From there, the company grew and evolved, later purchased by Hershey in 1996, ultimately branching out into a whole score of jazzy hybrids, like jelly beans, lollipops, and popsicles.

But I remember those candies for what they were in my youth, a treaty for the ages — the right amount of sugar most adults trusted me with, the minimum buzz I was willing to take. It was the slow nod of give and take, the beautiful product of a bygone era.


Banana Runts, Raisins in Trail Mix and More ‘Rejectable’ Snacks You Love to Hate


Like white crayons, there are just some foods you love to hate. From black licorice jelly beans to raisins in trail mix – these are the foods you look at and can’t help but wonder why they’re here and what they want from us. And the worst part is you just can’t escape them, since snack manufacturers seem hell-bent on making us waste an extra two minutes just picking them out from the Chex and almonds and Apple Runts they know we love.

Our friends at Thrillist dubbed these foods the “Rejectables.” And these are the ones we’ve come to lovehate most:


Raisin in Trail Mix


To be fair, trail mix kind of sucks to begin with. There’s always too much processed honey/sugar flavor and not enough M&Ms. But add in all those extra raisins and you can’t help but pucker.  And then there’s all the syrup that oozes out and gets over everything. Raisins, do us a favor and keep your yuck to yourselves.


Peanut Taffy


I’m not sure who makes these and why they keep doing it when no one seems to like them. But for some reason, at least one house on the block continues to hand them out every Halloween, leading to more than few dollars wasted every time kids inevitably throw them out.


Black Licorice Jelly Beans


This goes for black licorice in general, but at least those straws keep to themselves. These guys have absolutely no business crowding up my Jelly Bellys.


Banana Runts


Banana flavored things are just weird as a collective, maybe because they’re too sweet. From now on, let’s assume all fruit-flavored candies need to be a little sour, k? (Green Apple my darling, I’m totally looking at you.)


The “Regular Option” in a Variety Pack


Thrillist used regular Sam Adams Boston Lager as their example, but I’d like to extend the category to all regular options in Variety Packs. From fruit snacks to condoms, the only reason I’m buying this stupid variety pack in the first place is because buying a whole set of the one I actually want is too expensive. If I wanted the normal version, I’d buy the normal version, so GTFO of my variety pack.


Check out the rest of the list of top “Rejectable” foods over at Thrillist.


Jolly Rancher-Scented Nail Polish Is The Next Best Thing to Scented Markers


If you loved those fruit-scented markers as a kid, here’s the next best thing:  Lotta Luv has candy-scented nail polish that smells like your favorite candy (assuming your favorite candy includes Jolly Ranchers).  Each set comes with five vibrantly-colored shades to match their sweet scents.

If nail polish isn’t enough to satisfy your candy craving, they also make candy-scented lip balms and bath sets.

Just a warning: feverishly sniffing your hands at work may come off as a bit strange to others, so close your eyes while sniffing so that you don’t see the weird looks you get from passerby.

Also, please don’t try to eat this stuff. They have actual candy for that.

Candy-Scented Nail Polish @Lotta Luv

H/T + PicThx Lotta Luv