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Carl’s Jr. Tests Jolly Rancher Shake That Will Launch Nationwide Next Year

Burger King has made the news over the past year for some insane cereal-themed shake creations. In a bid to keep up with their fast food rival, Carl’s Jr. has incorporated a beloved candy into their latest drink with a new Jolly Rancher Shake.

jolly rancher shake

Photo courtesy of Carl’s Jr.

Currently, the dessert beverage is being tested in Southern California and near Birmingham, Alabama. It contains actual pieces of Jolly Ranchers mixed throughout the shake, with additional bits topping the typical whipped cream garnish.

Foodbeast was able to get their hands on a shake to try and were able to identify flavors like blue watermelon and green apple as the Jolly Ranchers included within Carl’s Jr.’s new item. While the drink is quite a bit on the sweet side, some of the more sour flavors of the candies inside do help provide some balance to the sugar rush.

If you’re interested and live in either of the aforementioned test areas, you can head to a local franchise now and try it as part of the limited-time test. Everyone else won’t have to wait long, though, as a Carl’s Jr. representative confirmed to Foodbeast that the Jolly Rancher Shake will launch nationwide sometime next year.