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Matt Stonie Tries Jollibee For The First Time, Downs 5 Buckets In Half An Hour

It’s no secret that the Foodbeast squad is a huge fan of Jollibee. If you haven’t gotten in on their crispy Chickenjoy with their ethereal gravy, you’re missing out on some of the best fast food fried chicken out there. Renowned competitive eater Matt Stonie just learned that lesson as he took on the Filipino fast food icon in his latest eating challenge.

Stonie had never tried Jollibee prior to his latest video, but used the recent social media hype around it as an excuse to finally sample it. And by “sample,” I mean take on five buckets of fried chicken in as little time as possible.

From the first bite, Stonie was in love, his face in utter disbelief at the flavor and juiciness that Jollibee’s gold standard provided. He tried adding on the gravy about three pieces in, but found the poultry so succulent that he deemed it unnecessary to add on.

Sad to see so much gravy go to waste, but hey, at least Stonie loved the chicken. So much so, in fact, that he kept a pace of under a minute per piece and crushed all five buckets in just 27 minutes. And that was while he was savoring the chicken and taking it slow on the first bucket.

The only person in the building that wasn’t impressed by Stonie’s latest feat was Foodbeast managing editor and fried chicken sherpa Reach Guinto.” I could do that faster, WITH the gravy,” he proclaimed after learning about it.

The man loves Jollibee fried chicken more than Homer loves donuts, so I wouldn’t put it past “Tito Reach” to pull that off. Sounds like we need him to face off against Stonie, though, just to be sure.