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Johnsonville Launches Sausage Strips, Looks and Cooks Like Bacon

I’ve never really thought about what sausage would be like in bacon form, but with Johnsonville’s Sausage Strips I guess accepting its reality seems pretty chill. I mean, bacon is pork, and with sausage reformed into bacon-like strips, they’re pretty much the same thing. However, Johnsonville did state that the Sausage Strips contain 40% less fat and 30% less sodium per serving than traditional bacon, so there’s that added bonus.

These Johnsonville Sausage Strips were originally launched in 2020 exclusively to the Midwestern United States. But now, they’ll be readily available at more major retailers like Kroger, Meijer, Albertsons-Safeway, HEB, Food Lion, and many Walmart locations.


Refrigerator Clean-Out Sandwich

Who knew that National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day would inspire our friend Nick to create a real-life sandwich tower that couldn’t look better had we photoshopped it ourselves. Credit this sandwich to November 15th, but give equal thanks to the stuff coming out of the fridge that normally don’t get proper shine, especially in a joint effort such as this one.

We’re looking at multiple levels of Cheddar cheese, slices of Provolone cheese, deli turkey, deli ham, half-finished package of pepperoni, a Johnsonville brat burger patty, Johnsonville Italian sausage patty, Ballpark Franks, a turkey burger, maple syrup-flavored breakfast sausages, a package of Oscar Mayer turkey bacon, toaster waffles, Banquet Cheesy Macaroni & Beef and a slab of mystery meat found in the depths of the freezer.

The potential dryness of all the combined ingredients was apparently counterbalanced with some old Papa John’s garlic dipping sauces as well as sweet and sour packets from a recent Chinese takeout trip. 9 inches never looked so good, although I’m sure some of you fiends out there might disagree. 😉

[Via DudeFoods]