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Banana Bread Is Quarantine’s Unlikely Hero

The unspoken hero of this quarantined time is the humble oven. Since most of the world went into hiding, people have taken solace in one of the few acts that is productive, comforting, and time consuming: baking banana bread.

Cookies, brownies, muffins, all have been given shine on social media these past couple weeks. But, nothing has made the rounds more than banana bread. Not a day has gone by in the last week in which a load didn’t touch down on my timeline. 

The phenom even made its way to the cream of the crop of Twitter, with Chrissy Tiegen taking to the platform to offer a loaf of her famous banana bread in exchange for romaine lettuce, which she eventually found.

We decided to join in on the hype, and started with the very bread seen in Tiegen’s exchange, which can be found in her recipe book, Cravings. Check out the video above to see the process and our delicious results.

Now, I wasn’t satisfied with just the bread, I wanted answers. Why on Earth has banana bread taken ahold of our collective mind as we all sit, bored as hell, in our homes?

I sent up a signal. I posted on my Instagram story, asking people to DM me if they’ve made banana bread while pent up. To those who DM’d me, I simply asked, “Why?”

I expected to be able to make this into a quick, heartwarming story with the responses, one that hopefully alluded to banana bread being a childhood favorite to many that, in turn, is providing comfort in a time of need. And while some responses did support this theory, I overwhelmingly received two specific sentiments:

“I saw it on TikTok/YouTube,” and “I had rotten bananas.” 

After digging around a little, I found multiple TikTok’s showing recipes for banana bread, some with hundreds of thousands of views, while some in with millions. 

Also, apparently, a lot of people panic bought bananas. And, no one actually ever remembers that they bought them, so there were a lot of rotting bananas out in the world.

The trend seems to have been borne out of virality and necessity, as is everything in this day and age. Hell, most of my meals in the past few days can be sourced from the same ideals, too. 

And it seems like for the next few weeks that frame of mind will dominate the kitchen. People will continue baking, using whatever they have in their kitchen. Maybe keeping something from exploding in the oven will distract from the world seemingly exploding around us, who knows. 

But, hey, until it does, keep making that scrumptious banana bread.

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Chrissy Teigen Admits To Baking Kanye A Terrible Cheesecake

Chrissy Teigan has become a goddess in the food world, as the model has positioned herself to be a go-to source for everyday recipes. That doesn’t make her infallible, though, and she recalled an embarrassing time when she served Kanye West a cheesecake that was barely a cheesecake.

While on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” Teigen and hubby John Legend talked about the infamous cheesecake, saying that it tasted more like flan — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“I’ve made a bad meal for a celebrity friend before,” Teigen said. “I made a cheesecake for Kanye… it was very bad.”

Legend backed up his wife, saying that the cake still tasted good, but it wasn’t necessarily a cheesecake. Apparently Kanye kind of nodded his head and said, “This is kind of flan-ish.”

Obviously, Kanye didn’t insult his friends, but the incident still embarrassed Teigen to the point that she’s never tried to make the cheesecake again.

You’d think Teigen would own it and call it a flan cake or something. Maybe it wasn’t what she intended, but I honestly hope it’s in her next cookbook.

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John Legend Sings Gordon Ramsay Insults And It’s Beautiful AF

When John Legend jumps on the keys and warms up those pipes, he can make anything sound like it’s the sweetest, most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard.

That was never more evident than last night, when Legend sang some of Gordon Ramsay’s most popular, profanity-laced insults on the Nightly Show.

While Legend performed an array of soothing songs, Ramsay showed up next to him for the final ever-popular ballad, “Why did the chicken cross the road? ‘Cause you didn’t fucking cook it.”

The British late-night show features different celebrity hosts every week, and this week, Ramsay took the reins, doing his best Jimmy Fallon impression, and performing fun skits such as this one.

Since he had Legend as a guest, Ramsay even fed him some traditional British foods, such as beaver salami and digestive biscuits.

It looks like the duo had a good time on the show and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the Ramsay insults album actually comes out, ’cause it sounds FIRE.

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Chrissy Teigen Admits To Being Hospitalized After Cooking Scalloped Potatoes


A photo posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

Chrissy Teigen is one of our favorite celebrity foodies, often tweeting out her food life, and even writing a best-selling cookbook. As great as she is in the kitchen, she recently admitted to having a bloody incident with her hubby John Legend.

She told Delish of a past incident that involved the couple trying to cook up some scalloped potatoes. During their cooking sesh, not only did she slice off the tip of her finger, but so did John.

“I gave John the task, and within the first three swipes, he cut the tip of his finger clean off,” Teigen told Delish.

A video posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

The two were hosting a football game at their home, wanted to make their guests some food, and decided to use a new mandoline. John gave it a crack, and immediately sliced himself up. Teigen, not learning from Legend’s mistake, tried to slice the potatoes herself, and did the exact same thing to her finger.


They both ended up going to urgent care to patch up their fingers, and thankfully it wasn’t worse for the cooking couple.

We’re willing to bet both will be more careful next time, as they both make money off their hands.