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Goldfish Debuts Jalapeno Popper Flavor, Collabs With JNCO On Pants

Goldfish are taking me back back with the debut of their new Jalapeño Popper flavor. Because not only does this flavor hearken back to this latchkey kid nuking some jalapeño poppers right after getting home from school just to serve as the perfect snack while watching Gargoyles, but Goldfish actually partnered with JNCO Jeans to create a one of a kind, limited edition Goldfish Jalapeño Poppers JNCO Snack Pants.

The nostalgia is huge here, just like some JNCO wide leg jeans. Same goes for the new Goldfish flavor, as it offers a bold, cheesy taste with a slight sizzle of heat.

90s heads and those that can appreciate can cop pair of the limited edition JNCO jeans at, with each pair of jeans being accompanied by a bag of Jalapeño Poppers Goldfish.

The actual Jalapeño Popper Goldfish will be available at retailers nationwide starting September 2021.