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Spicy Meatball Ramen Is The Winter Comfort In A Bowl That We All Deserve

Jinya Ramen Bar, known for off the wall iterations of the Japanese favorite (think lobster heads and fried chicken), keep up the creative consistency with their latest seasonal offering: spicy meatball ramen. Offered at Jinya’s 30+ locations from 12/1 – 2/28, it’s the perfect convergence of comfort foods to help warm our frigid souls and bellies.

If you’re still not captured by the enticing prospect of spiced, plump beef meatballs and unctuous chicken broth, then may I add that they’re well-supported by a cast of bean sprouts, green onion, bok choy, 48-hour-marinated egg, thick noodles, and a hefty dusting of original chili seasoning. Shook now? I know, I know, I don’t blame you.

Given the limited availability of this new ramen option, it’s best to make your way to the nearest Jinya Ramen Bar with haste before winter’s over.