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A Waitress Once Asked Shaq For A $4,000 Tip And He Paid It

Have you ever wondered how much celebrities tip their servers? We just got a glimpse into how generous Shaquille O’Neal is when it comes to gratuity.

Last week, the basketball legend and titular hero of the cinematic masterpiece Kazaam, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote the new Shaq statue that unveiled outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles. During the interview, Shaq revealed that he was a pretty generous tipper.

The former NBA star and current owner of a Krispy Kreme franchise said that when he went to restaurants, he would tell his servers:

The quicker I get my order, the bigger your tip will be.

At the end of the service, he’d then ask how much his server wanted as a tip. One lady, he claimed, asked for $4,000. When Kimmel asks Shaq what his response to such absurd request, Shaq simply said he paid her $4,000.

Set down your pitchforks because the gesture didn’t go without appreciation. The grateful waitress burst into tears thanking the celebrity who pretty much paid two months of her rent.

What a nice guy.

Shaq also mentioned that he would tip his valet drivers about $300 too, at least on the days he has cash on him. Man, imagine what it must be like to be the Postmates driver delivering his orders.

Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss Video

41 Irish Terms For Being Drunk, Recited By Jamie Dornan [WATCH]

Jamie Dornan’s known for his starring role as a steamy sexual deviant in the “Fifty Shades” movies, but while on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Irishman indulged in another vice, as he shared 41 different terms the Irish use to say they’re “drunk.”

With today being St. Patrick’s Day, it was fitting for Kimmel to bring in the Irish actor to reveal terms you’ve probably never even heard before.

It started off simple enough, with phrases such as, “Hammered,” and “Intoxicated,” but it got a little more complicated after that.

For example, have you ever drank so much that you were, “Rat-arsed,” or “away with the fairies”?

Each term gets better than the last, and it’s mind boggling that anyone would even use these in normal conversation.

To be honest, some of the best ones were probably, “Off your tits,” and “Fucking the waitress.”

Choose your favorite as you celebrate the luck of the Irish this weekend and get “shit-fucked.”

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Jimmy Kimmel Meets The Guy Who Spent $100,000 On A Cheeto [HUMOR]

How much are you willing to pay for a bag of Hot Cheetos? Let’s get a little more specific with this: How much are you willing to pay for a single Hot Cheetos that sort or resembles the late gorilla Harambe?

Earlier this week, someone posted a Cheeto on eBay asking for 12 bucks. A fair price for a novelty snack.

However, the bidding war escalated into the tens of thousands with the final bid going to someone in Burbank, CA, for $99,900.00. That’s about $99.899.00 more than I’d spend on a funny-looking Cheeto.

In last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the titular host decides to pay this big spender a visit.

Watch watch happens when Jimmy Kimmel meets the man who spent nearly $100,000 on a spicy puffed cornmeal snack.

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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Tell His Daughter He Ate All Her Halloween Candy

Imagine you’re a kid, dressed up and ready for Halloween. After a long night of trick-or-treating, you only get to eat a few pieces before your parents tell you to save the rest for the next day. The only thing that gets you through the night is the thought of popping those sweet morsels of refined sugar into your mouth for breakfast. It’d be downright evil to suddenly take that hope away, right?

For the past six years, late night host Jimmy Kimmel does a bit where he pranks kids by having their parents record themselves telling them they ate all their Halloween candy.

Cruel? Yes. Hilarious? Even more so.

This year, Kimmel decided to shake things up by telling his own two-year-old daughter that he ate all of her Halloween candy. As you can see from the hilarious video, she wasn’t having any of Kimmel’s shenanigans.

Check it out for yourselves!

Celebrity Grub Restaurants Video

Gordon Ramsay Admits He Cut The Line At Franklin’s BBQ And Got Away With It

Franklin’s BBQ is considered to be one of the best barbecue spots on the planet. It’s only natural that such a popular spot would have a line that lasts hours long. In fact, Franklin’s BBQ takes their patrons’ patience so seriously that they’re strict on cutting in line. A while back, Kanye West tried getting a pass at some of their BBQ and was told to wait his turn. Sorry, Yeezy.

However, during a late-night interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live, chef Gordon Ramsay revealed that he did get cuts at the iconic BBQ joint.

The reason, Ramsay gave, was that chefs tend to look after one another when it comes to these things. So he just hopped in through the back and got his BBQ fix without arousing any suspicion. Guess Kanye’s gotta start a new career in food if he wants to avoid that wait.

Ramsay did say that this dining experience was so good it was the first time he ever had to ask for a doggie back to take home from any restaurant. Sounds like our trip to Frankin’s is now long overdue.

While on the show, Ramsay also shared with the audience what his top 5 worst Halloween candies were.

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Watch The Cast Of Stranger Things Hand Out PB&J Sandwiches To Guests At The Emmy’s

Despite hipster douchebags swearing it was overrated, Stranger Things was by far the hottest TV series of the summer, and anything the youngsters in the cast do at this point, is considered gold.

During the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy’s, the beloved child stars were called upon to deliver peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to everyone in the audience.


Emmy’s host Jimmy Kimmel said he had his mom make 7,00o pb&j’s and needed some help handing them out.

Like in the show, the Stranger Things cast hopped on their bikes, rode around the aisles and became the cutest delivery squad you can think of.


Even though the new show wasn’t eligible for awards this year, they still found a way to steal the Emmy spotlight.

Do not underestimate the power of PBJ’s from the “Upside Down.”


Once Again, Jimmy Kimmel Tricks Kids Into Thinking Their Parents Ate All The Halloween Candy


Every year, that lovable scumbag Jimmy Kimmel tricks a bunch of kids by having their parents tell them that they’ve eaten all their Halloween candy. Guess it’s that time again.

Kimmel, ever the prankster, has been known to fool people continuously throughout the seasons. No matter the gender or age, no one’s safe.

Now to a child, and some adults, the spoils of Halloween are a sacred thing. We wanna be waist deep in the Halloween candy we’ve collected, regardless if we finish all of it on Halloween night.

Check out this year’s batch of poor souls pranked by Kimmel.


Jimmy Kimmel Fools Juice Enthusiasts into Praising Tang and Skittles Water [WATCH]


Cold-pressed juices have been never been more popular than in the last year. With health enthusiasts paying up to $8 for a bottle of fresh juice, it seems that price is not a factor when it comes to health.

Late-night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel has been known to prank his fans every now and then. In keeping with the juicing theme, Kimmel set up a fake shop in the heart of the Los Angeles Farmers market.

There, he offered four flavors from his faux brand, “Jüce,” to the market patrons. Among them Soul (Fun Dip), Cure (Tang), Detox (Creamsicles) and Rainbow (Skittles).

Offering no nutritional value, watch as folks give nothing but compliments to these fictional flavors. Some of the reactions to these sugary drinks are downright hilarious.