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Savage Jimmy John’s Cashier Calls Gun-Wielding Robber A ‘Bi*ch’

Last Wednesday, surveillance footage surfaced of a Jimmy John’s cashier, Tuker Murray, being robbed at gunpoint and not even being phased by the harrowing ordeal.

After the incident, TMZ interviewed the bad-ass cashier, where Tuker Murray said that the robber… “tried to rob me like a bitch.”

With a smirk on his face the whole time, Murray detailed the events, basically roasting the robber for not only ordering a “Slim” sandwich, but for wielding a jammed gun, and not being at all intimidating.

“I wasn’t really that worried about it, to be honest,” Murray told TMZ. “He wasn’t that intimidating I guess. I was actually surprised when the detective told me that he had done, like, 12 other robberies… ’cause it was amateur hour.”

According to 41 Action News, the suspect chose to rob the Jimmy John’s because the lighting looked dimmer. Little did he know that the they had an HD as f*ck camera that caught him clearly on tape.

When looking back at the footage, Murray looked fearless, and after these interviews, we now know that he is as savage as he appeared to be.

This dude was either born a legend, or working fast food just took his soul to the point where death is an afterthought. Either way, he has an epic story to tell for the rest of his life.