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Here Are All The Details On Goose Island Beer’s Highly Coveted Release of Bourbon-Infused Beer

As the holidays are now in full swing, everyone has their traditions — whether it’s connecting with old friends or even SantaCon. At Goose Island Brewery, tradition comes in the form of a line of highly sought after, delicious bourbon-infused stouts.

The Chicago-based brewery has been aging this beer in bourbon barrels for its annual release of Bourbon County Stouts since the early 1990s. One of Goose Island’s biggest releases of the year, the 2017 Bourbon County Brand Stout variants has fans lining up across the country for their chance to buy the coveted beers.

This year, Goose Island released six different flavor profiles — their original Bourbon County Brand Stout, a Bourbon County Barleywine, a Bourbon County Stout Coffee, a Bourbon County Northwoods Stout, a Bourbon County Proprietor’s Stout and limited-edition Bourbon County Reserve Stout.

This year’s Bourbon County Brand Stout was made in the barrels that were second use, fresh-unrinsed, 5 to 7-year-old bourbon barrels. It was brewed in honor of the 1,000th batch at Goose Island’s original Clybourn brewpub.

In years past, Bourbon County Brand Barleywine was aged in third use bourbon barrels that previously housed their barrel-aged stout. This year’s Barleywine was aged exclusively in freshly emptied, second use bourbon barrels, so expect this vintage to have a slightly higher ABV and an enhanced bourbon character. According to our Brewmaster Jared Jankoski, this release should have sublime barrel-aged character.

Goose Island teamed with next-door neighbor, Chicago’s Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea for its Bourbon County Brand Stout Coffee. This stout is made with a different coffee blend each year; with the change in coffee comes a change in the flavor profile. This year, they used Intelligentsia’s Black Cat Espresso, which was the bean they used in the first Bourbon County Coffee release in 2010.

The concept for this year’s national variant, the Bourbon County Brand Northwoods Stout, has been bouncing around in Goose Island Brewmaster Jared Jankoski’s head for a couple years. It combines some of his favorite flavors in blueberry and almond.

Its Bourbon County Proprietor’s Brand Stout was created by brewer Quinn Fuechsl and will be available exclusively in Chicago.

Finally, its Bourbon County Reserve Brand Stout is made in 11-year-old Knob Creek Bourbon barrels and will have a limited release in Chicago and Kentucky.

More than 20 years ago, Goose Island Brewmaster Greg Hall met legendary Beam Family Master Distiller, Booker Noe, at a Beer, Bourbon, and Cigar pairing dinner. What began as a conversation about a special 1,000th batch for Goose Island’s Clybourn Brewpub turned into this annual Bourbon County release.

Thanks to Noe’s gift of four barrels, bourbon barrel-aged beer was born. That original collaboration has now come full circle with the 2017 release of Bourbon County Reserve Brand Stout. Aged in 11-year-old freshly emptied Knob Creek Bourbon barrels – the Small Batch Bourbon created by Noe himself in 1992 – this beer is simultaneously a celebration of Knob Creek’s 25th Anniversary and a toast to the chance encounter that brought Bourbon County Brand Stout to the world.

Much like the hottest gifts of the season, Goose Island’s Bourbon County releases are coveted items for beer drinkers so grab them while you can.

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There’s A Smart Decanter That Pours A Perfect Glass Of Bourbon For You

Nothing’s better than relaxing at the end of a long, hard day. By the time you make it home, you’re exhausted from the grueling stresses and hard work that you’ve been up to since the crack of dawn.

There’s probably a million complaints and ninety-nine problems in your head, and while this high-tech smart bourbon decanter can’t fix all those issues, it can at least fix you a drink.

Jim Beam developed the single-serve piece of technology, which literally only has two purposes: to be a smart aleck, or pour you a shot of booze. Ask it anything else, and “JIM,” as it’s called, will just respond with some sarcastic frat bro version of “I have no idea, but have a drink.” Takes me back to my college days.

You can actually pour any type of bourbon, or alcohol for that matter, into the smart bourbon decanter. So if you’re not really a bourbon person, or still salty over Mila Kunis, you don’t necessarily have to fill JIM up with some of his namesake. Smart devices haven’t reached “Terminator” levels yet, so he won’t know the difference, don’t worry.

The high-tech decanters are priced at $34.90 each, and they’ve already sold out of their first limited batch on the Jim Beam website. The company does tell you to “check back soon” for more quantities to be available, so if you think this’ll be the perfect Christmas gift for your bourbon-drinking dad, then hit up the website every now and then to see if it’s back in stock.

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Mila Kunis Causes Jim Beam Boycott After Admitting She Trolled Mike Pence

Mila Kunis proved herself to be a subtle master of savagery in a interview on Conan O’Brien’s late-night show. However, her revelation that she had been low-key donating to Planned Parenthood in Vice President Mike Pence’s name for months, has led to a Jim Beam boycott by some drinkers who disagree with her.

Kunis, who has been taking us inside the rack houses of Jim Beam since 2014, told Conan that she had been making the donations for months as a “peaceful protest” to show her disagreement with him on issues like abortion. Of course, pro-life advocates and those who like Mike Pence were not a fan of her decision. Since she’s become well known as Jim Beam’s spokesperson, many decided to take their anger out on the bourbon brand as punishment for Mila’s remarks.

Many of those protesting Kunis’s actions have proclaimed to be switching to Jack Daniels as their Jim Beam alternative. However, as one Twitter user points out, there is a fallacy in that…

Boycotters are hoping that their efforts result in a deep slash in Jim Beam’s revenue. Considering they produce 500,000 barrels of their signature booze a year, though, it’s going to take an insane amount of effort to even leave a scratch on their bourbon sales.

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Japanese Liquor Brand Suntory Gives Back To Hurricane Victims

Suntory Holdings, makers of U.S. brands Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark, recently committed $1 million to support the American Red Cross with recovery efforts in communities that have been impacted by the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

“Suntory’s vision of Growing for Good is built on core values that include giving back to society. It is in that spirit that we want to support relief and recovery for those impacted by these devastating hurricanes,” said president and CEO Takeshi Niinami via a statement. “Our thoughts are with the families, communities and our partners impacted by these massive storms.”

In addition to the Japanese company’s donation, Beam Suntory – a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings – has also contributed more than $100,000 to support employee assistance funds established by its largest distributor partners, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits and the Republic National Distributing Company, as well as the Bartender Emergency Assistance Program. Beam Suntory is also matching the hurricane relief donations of its U.S. employees. Another Suntory Holdings company, Pepsi Bottling Ventures has made a monetary donation to the American Red Cross and will also be providing access to water and other supplies.

Suntory’s business in the United States includes Chicago-based Beam Suntory, the world’s third largest premium spirits company, and North Carolina-based Pepsi Bottling Ventures, the largest privately-held bottler for Pepsi-Cola products in North America. Beam Suntory’s operations include the Cruzan Rum distillery in the U.S Virgin Islands, which were in the path of Hurricane Irma.

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Jim Beam-Infused Pancake Syrup Makes for a Wicked Sweet Hangover


Mornings would be easier if they just involved more booze. For days that don’t start with the letter “S,” though, there’s Jim Beam whiskey-infused pancake syrup.

Unlike the regular saccharine swill, we expect Jim Beam’s take on breakfast toppings to be dark and moody with just a little bit of  heat — perfect for days that you’d rather pretend you don’t have to be a functional human being. Pour over a hefty stacks of whiskey pancakes or drizzle into honey basil lemonade. For $30 you get six whole 16-ounce bottles, which leaves you plenty left over to take a few shots too, if you’re so inclined.

H/T Nerdalicious

*Pancakes completely optional.

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Heidi Klum Makes This Carl’s Jr. Jim Beam Burger Look Really, Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking


The explanation for having Heidi Klum play the iconic role of Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate? It’s for the new Carl’s Jr. Jim Beam Bourbon Burger commercial featuring a “mature burger for mature tastes,” while Heidi Klum is a hot, mature lady who seduces a young lad with her tasty, juicy, erm, burger. And gosh, she does it well.

The Jim Beam Bourbon Burger includes a tangy sauce flavored by the distinctive taste of Jim Beam bourbon, two strips of bacon, melted pepper-Jack cheese, a juicy beef patty and crispy onion straws — all sandwiched between two sesame seed buns. You can swoop up the bourbon-clad burger at all Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s locations for $3.59.

Now, peep the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at Heidi Klum shoving a burger in some fellow’s face, because that’s what you really wanted to see. The commercial airs nationally on March 25.


Get A Free Burger at Red Robin if Your Name is Jim

Who and/or what is “Jim Day,” you ask? Who cares! FREE BURGERS!

Red Robin is celebrating the renown holiday affectionately referred to as “Jim Day” (whatever that is) on December 4 (that’s today, folks) and giving away free Sweet Jim Beam Bacon Swiss burgers at participating restaurants.


Jim Beam Reveals New ‘Honey Tea’ and ‘Spiced’ Flavors of Red Stag Bourbon

Jim Beam, one of the world-leaders in bourbons is launching two new flavors this month, Red Stag Honey Tea and Red Stag Spiced.

Joining the original Red Stag ‘Black Cherry’ flavor, the two new varieties are available this month for a suggested retail price of $17.99 for a 750ml bottle.

Tony Sachs of The Huffington Post notes that the Honey Tea version “is a nice combination of sweet, tangy honey with dry, slightly bitter tea, while Spiced has a nice cinnamon edge to it.

80-proof flavored bourbon? Count me in! Jim Beam is doing their best to push the bourbon-envelope, open up the experience to new consumers all the while trying not to alienate their core demographic. Will you be trying the new Red Stag flavors?