PASSOVER: How To Have Your Bread And Eat It Too

Passover is coming up and it is coming up fast. By fast, I mean now. Passover means something different for everyone. On the most superficial level, this year Passover meant shelling out more money to attend weekend 1 of Coachella so you could appease your family and attend the Passover festivities.

On a foodie level, Passover means planning how you will keep Kosher while still satisfying your craving for well, anything and everything. Some people see Passover as an excuse to shy away from carbs. To that I say “Aw, cute, but thats a firm no for me, thanks.”

Now is the time for your best Matzo meals to shine! Grocery stores practically smack you in the face with it as you walk in so why not embrace it. We have suffered enough, I am putting my foot down on giving up carbs.

Here are some ideas for how to incorporate matzo bread into every meal.



Matzo Avocado Toast

Jews who also identify as hipsters, Los Angelenos, Avocado-fiends, and honestly people who just like a simple breakfast rejoice! A simple subsititution of the “toast” part of your beloved avocado toast will not only make your lovely Jewish grandma proud but it will start your day off in a healthy, Instagram-worthy way. Who says this keeping kosher thing is hard. Psh, we got this.

Pro tip: If you feel it won’t fill you up because of the unleavened bread, try adding a hard boiled egg to your toast.



Open-faced sandwich

For lunch try an open- faced sandwich. The fact that it isn’t topped with another piece of matzo is great for two reasons. 1. Without the extra matzo on top,  it won’t crumble into a mess on your lap after the first bite 2. Too much matzo can mean too much of a good thing and Passover is a marathon not a sprint.

The inner child in you can now relax, a grilled cheese on matzo bread will still be delicious. The college kid on a budget can still make the ultimate whatever-is-in-the-fridge sandwich and the more sophisticated palate can still indulge. From a simple peanut butter and jelly to a more sophisticated meal such as goat cheese, tomato and arugula, there is sure to be an option for everyone. A simple chicken salad on matzo is a delicious classic that comes highly recommended by me

Snack time



Cheese and Fruit platter (with Matzo)

Cheese and fruit compliment each other so beautifully you won’t even miss the yeast in your bread. The Matzo cracker simply acts as a vehicle in which to deliver this delicious (and healthy) snack.

The snack gets even better because there is so much variety in one. I mean, do you go with the apple and asiago or the grape and brie? Do you put your cheese on the matzo and forgo the fruit or switch it up and just do fruit and cheese? The possibilities are endless!  It’s the little things in life.




Stolen by skinny recipe cookbooks time and time again, it is time for us Jews to reclaim what is rightfully ours: MATZO BREAD PIZZA!

If you are a major fan of the crust part of your pizza you may be bumming a little at this alternative but any pizza is better than no pizza: FACT! Up your cheese ratio to make up for the lack of bread, add on some extra toppings, dip in your favorite sauce, and sit back and enjoy.




Chocolate Matzo Bark

In case you really just can’t get enough of unleavened bread and want to indulge in its sweeter side. Chocolate dipped Matzo is a classic and it is so easy to make. Add some sea salt and any other topping your beautiful, keeping-kosher, heart desires and it’s basically a gourmet chocolate dessert for a portion of the price.

Happy Passover!


Kosher And Halal Animal Slaughter Now Banned In Denmark


On Monday, Demark has issued a ban on the religious slaughter of animals. The move garnered tremendous backlash from both Jewish and Muslim communities, Time reports.

Because of the ban, slaughterhouses are now required to stun animals before they’re killed. Before, religious communities were given a pass when it came to this. However, that’s not happening any longer.

Dan Jørgensen, the Danish minister for agriculture and food, told Demark’s TV2 that “Animal rights come before religion.”

The Independent reports that activists are upset over the change calling it a “clear interference in religious freedom.”

Under both kashrut and halal laws, Jews and Muslims will not consume meat unless the animal is killed with a single slice to the neck, with the intent being to minimize the pain.


Jewish Epic Meal Time: Cheese and Bacon Free!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it seems that the art of excess isn’t exclusively an American trait. It turns out you can have one hell of a gut-busting meal using all kosher ingredients that result in one huge shawarma roll and falafel-infused bread loaf. Check out how the Chosen People get their grub on sans bacon, cheese and Jack Daniels in the Epic Meal Time parody by LoonieFilms entitled Jewish Epic Meal Time.

So how exactly do these Jews make their meals epic without the help of that wonderful candy of meats we know as bacon? I mean, any avid fan of Epic Meal Time is familiar with their extensive use of bacon strips (and bacon strips, and bacon strips), which are definitely not allowed in the diet according to Judaism. This is where pastrami and shawarma meat make excellent substitution as you’ll see in this flagrant use of falafel:


Higher Food Costs Affect Jewish New Year

Rosh Hashana, a Jewish holiday that began at sundown on Wednesday and started a 10-day period known as the High Holidays, is often celebrated with traditional Jewish foods. Unfortunately, many Jews this year are seeing the cost of these traditional foods used for during the 10 day period rising. The U.S. Farm Bureau notes that Red Delicious Apples cost 27 cents more per pound, and honey which is often eaten with apples and challah averages $4.80 a pound which is up 30 cents from the last 3 months. This affects many families who observe the holiday — many of which often like to share and prepare meals for up to 20 people.



Sfratto: The Multi-Cultural Dessert That Could

One of our readers from Italy turned us on to these amazing little dessert rolls. These are from a shop in Pitigliano (Little Jerusalem) and the name traces back to an American writer Elena Servi, who described the history of the Jewish community from 1528 until the early ’40s. In this history, the Jews were evicted from their homes in Rome, so these desserts come from the name “Sfratto” = “eviction”, has a shape of the rod with which the Jews were evicted from in their homes in Rome. The roll is stuffed with honey, walnuts, orange peel and cinnamon. Thanks for the tip Velio!

Hit-Or-Miss Humor

Jones Soda: Christmas and Hanukkah Packs

This could possibly be a pack of the weirdest soda flavors I’ve ever heard of. Included in the Jones Soda Christmas pack are four different flavors: Sugar Plum, Christmas Tree, Egg Nog, and Christmas Ham. But don’t think for one second that Jones forgot about all you folks that don’t celebrate Christmas. They of course made a Hanukkah pack to that includes flavors such as: Latke, Apple Sauce, Chocolate Coins, and Jelly Doughnut. Even better, the Hanukkah pack is 100% Kosher comes with a free dreidel! Check that pack out by clicking more. (Thx Jones)


Menorah Cork

This product goes out to all the Jewish Foodbeasts in the audience, or those who simply want to get that bottle of vino open with 9 candles lit, we have a Menorah Cork. This cork fits secure into any sturdy bottle and measures about 11″ x 3.5″. Available for $16 at Fred Flare.