These Earrings Could Make Your Lobes Smell Like Corn Dogs


Remember those buttery waffle and cinnamon roll necklaces that smell like the real deal? It turns out the jewelry company Tiny Hands also makes other charming accessories you’ve gotta have. More specifically, they sell corn dog earrings and pumpkin pie rings. Real life.

Just like their delicious-smelling counterparts, these pieces also feature accurate food scents. This means your lobes could smell like corn dogs, snow cones, heck — even sugar glazed donuts! As for the Tiny Hands ring offerings, there are plenty of options, from cherry chocolate truffles to mint chocolate chip ice cream cones.




scented waffle-ring


Although these cute niblets look and smell yummy, remember: they’re unfortunately inedible.

Tiny Hands Scented Rings and Earrings, $23-$45 @Tiny Hands

Picthx Tiny Hands


Play-Doh Food For Grown-Ups [WARNING: Play-Doh Still Not Edible]


It’s been a long time since I sneaked off into the lunchbox-and-dirty-shoes corner of a classroom, tiny sphere of pilfered Play-Doh in hand. I had chosen red. Like all candies, ever, red was certain to be the best flavor, full of all the tang and spice a three-year-old foodie could handle. And how could it not be? Have you ever smelled Play-Doh? Of course you have. You’re human. Even now, the thought of that weird, salty, dough scent makes my mouth water (don’t judge me).

And yet that first bite was. . . regrettable. Like, immediately regrettable. Like, I-totally-blew-my-cover-because-all-at-once-I-was-gagging-and-crying regrettable. I like to think it was then I became an adult. That was when I realized how truly disappointing life could be.


Fast-forward twenty years, and some hope has been restored. French art director and illustrator Alexandra Bruel must have had an equally traumatic childhood, but unlike me, she got up and she did something about it. Apparently, she refers to her medium as ‘plasticine’, but really, guys, it’s Play-Doh. It’s grown-up Play-Doh, and she’s made it into crazy awesome stuff like bacon (inedible), bejeweled bananas (inedible, sexy, no, not that way), and pimped-out soup cans (soups can have always been inedible, duh).

So, maybe now you’re thinking, “Big deal. I made stuff with Play-Doh all the time.” Not like this, you didn’t. And have your sculptures ever appeared in British Vogue spreads? Yeah, mine, neither.

Then again, mine never made it past, “Oh, honey, this is so. . . unique!” on Mother’s Day, either. So. There’s that.


H/T + PicThx DesignBoom


This One Goes Out to All the Ladies – The Flask Bangle

Sorry fellas, it looks like your services will no longer be needed on girls night out. You know, since you’re just there to carry our stuff for us. But really, thanks to this spiffy new flask bangle bracelet by Cynthia Rowley, trashy club girls everywhere can now carry their favorite booze by themselves, thank you very much.

Although it’s not as sneaky as the Flask Tie, it’s still world’s better than the Wine Rack Sports Bra.

Personally, I’d like the design so much better if it wasn’t for that ugly chain connecting the cap to the bracelet. What do I need that for? It’s not like I’m gonna lose it or anyth . . . nevermind.

Flask Bangle: $225 @ Cynthia Rowley

via Incredible Things


PYKNIC Brand Jewelry — Now You Can Hang Red Velvet Cupcakes From Your Neck

Pkynic brand is a tale of young, hungry “small-town” kids with rebellious attitude towards art, food, music, sports and life at large. The young brand maintains a solid attitude and guided focus, creating a range of clothing and accessories that maintain a common theme of staying “young and hungry.”

Their food theme permeates throughout their jewelry selection, a range of necklace chains including a Red Velvet Cupcake pendent, to oddball pieces like the BBQ Seasoning Vial, Coffee & Creamer chain, and a chain of mini cutlery.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces from their line, most of which are priced way under $20 via the brand’s web store:



Guy Fieri’s Newest Venture… Jewelry?

Hey Guy, can I get two sides of bling with my sushi?

Proving that nothing is off-limits if you put your heart and mind into it, Food Network Star Guy Fieri is teaming up with Room 101 Jewelry to dish out his own line of jewelry. The jewelry line allows you to pick from Star Detail Cuff Links, Dog Tag Pendant with Chain or a Heavy Chain Bracelet, which are all made of 100% steel.

“This stuff is off-da-hook. It’s some killer bling,” says Guy, straight from his website.

Christmas may have been yesterday, but who says you can’t share the gift of bling for any other occasion? Visit his shop here to check out the jewelry in detail!


Cocktail Rings for Cocktail Drinkers

What you’re looking at is part of the Limelight Paradise Collection from upscale diamond jeweler Piaget. These cocktail rings were designed to depict actual thirst-quenching mixed alcoholic drinks. The Blue Hawaiian uses a blue topaz for the drink, and a white chalcedony palm tree with a yellow sapphire set in the middle. The Sex on the Beach ring displays a pink tourmaline as the drink and a peridot for the lime. Ladies, if you get friendly with these drinks on a regular basis, then these rings are for you. For guys, if your woman loves Sex on the Beach [/pun] then you already know what to get her for your next special occasion. (Via Piaget/IncredibleThings)


Silver Pretzel Pendant

We’re looking at handmade sculpted pretzels made to order with or without pmc fine silver “salt” pieces. Each piece is hand shined and burnished and measure about 1.5 – 2 cm. The chain pictured above doesn’t come with the order, but that opens it up for you to get crazy on the customization end. ($15.00 @ TheSCOOPatBOOPS)


Best Friends Oreo Necklace

“You are the top portion of my Oreo cookie.” Nothing says awww like that phrase. So maybe it needs a little work. Regardless, this necklace is pretty sweet and cute for friends, couples or whomever you choose. ($15 @ Etsy)