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‘Pizza In A Bag’ Is Now A Real Item You Can Buy From Wal-Mart

Pizza is one of those ultimate all-day foods that’s just as tasty straight outta the fridge at 2 am as it is fresh from the store at 2 pm. It’s not exactly the most portable item, though, but converting it into jerky form changes all that while keep the flavor levels to the max.  

Pizza jerky is now a thing thanks to the brains at Epic Meal Time. Harley Morenstein and the squad have developed a new brand called Super Snack Time. Their flagship product, Pizza in a Bag, takes pepperoni and beef jerky and imbues them both with the ingredients of pizza to create a unique fusion of the two.

Currently, Super Snack Time’s pizza jerky is available in three flavors:


A classic Pepperoni Pizza Style,

A spicy Buffalo Pizza style that combines the best of pizza, wings, and jerky,

And a Supreme Pizza Style that piles on the variety in topping flavors.

You can enjoy any of them just on their own, but the tastes inside beckon to some unique pizza jerky fusions. Adding slabs of it into sandwiches comes to mind as a possible example. Or, you could go super meta and put pieces of the pizza jerky onto real pizza. Morenstein would definitely give that idea a fist bump.

If you’re down to sample Pizza in a Bag, it’s available now at all Walmart locations in the USA. You can also buy packs of the pepperoni jerky on Super Snack Time’s website.

Created in partnership with Super Snack Time

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These Snacks Might Be Able To Replace Traditional Protein Bars

There is a portion of this world that likes to be super active, whether it’s going on a hike, climbing Mt. Everest, or just gettin’ down ‘n dirty in the gym every day. With my 2-3 gentle yoga classes per week and a total lack of stamina when it comes to most anything else, I wouldn’t even dare to place myself within this pristine group of humans, but I appreciate what they do. I like to show my support by being a cheerleader or by taking on the responsibility of making sure everyone gets fed – two things I excel at on a daily basis.

While I may be a gym noob, I do know the most important part of working out is what you eat afterwards to replenish your nutrients. Here’s where Caveman Foods comes in. This company, co-founded by the dude who made Muscle Milk, strives to create delicious snacks packed with protein to give you that perfect post-workout or post-scaling-Mount-Everest fuel.


Caveman Foods has three main products: Primal Bars, Bites, and Jerky. Most of these snacks are not for the faint of heart, and by faint of heart I mean vegans/vegetarians. All three of these products use chicken meat as their base, which provides for a high protein and low fat snack. However, while they aren’t advertised as much as these baseline products, Caveman Foods does make nutrition bars that are nut-based and meat-free.

Let’s talk about these meat snacks for a second, though. In all honesty, eating meat in this format was a new thing for me. I’m usually an eat-steak-hot-off-the-grill kind of gal, but I found myself getting into this. Here’s my rundown of the products:


Chicken Bites: These are such a great idea. First of all, they’re portable and bite-sized, which makes everything better in my book. Also, it’s pretty incredible that these have 10 grams of protein per serving. Second of all, they come in interesting flavors, like habanero & green chili, sun dried tomato & kale and applewood smoked BBQ. The BBQ was definitely my favorite, as its smokiness really shined through. The habanero and green chili, on the other hand, was super spicy. I could definitely imagine it being a good pick-me-up after the gym.


Primal Bars: The primal bars are essentially the chicken bites but in a larger format, except they have 18 grams of protein instead of *just* ten. If you ask me, this format is probably the most efficient way to regain what you lost at the gym. If you’re a fan of fruit flavors with your meat (weird thing to say, but some people aren’t), you’ll definitely be into the sweet cherry flavor. I would say it’s more tangy than sweet, which was a good flavor combo with the chicken. The smoked jalapeño was a winner. What can I say, I love smoked meats. The texture of these bars are somewhat precarious, since the chicken is cooked and then chopped and formed into the bars. It was just a new texture for me since I’ve never eaten anything like this before.


Jerky: I’ve been eating jerky for as long as I can remember. It was always my dad’s go-to snack whenever we were on the road. Caveman Foods has a pretty dope take on this classic snack. Again, their jerky is made with chicken, which provides you the most protein with the least amount of fat. The texture of this snack is what you’d expect with a good jerky. I was pretty sold on this, especially because I tried the buffalo flavor. I am obsessed with buffalo to the point where you could probably douse anything in buffalo sauce and I will eat it. Please don’t take that as a challenge because I will probably lose.


Nutrition Bars: Okay, these were LIT. I would eat one of these every single day if I could. These come in almond cashew and maple nut flavors, of which the maple nut was definitely my favorite. This bar kind of tasted like those Nature’s Valley sweet & salty peanut bars but a million times better (and better for you). A lot of nut bars can be difficult to eat because they’re overly chewy or the nuts aren’t roasted and sweetened enough, but there were none of those issues here. Each bite was deliciously chewy and sweet, but not overly so. Totally a home run on this one.

Long story short, Caveman Foods is one of the good guys out there. For those of you with dietary restrictions, most of their products are gluten-free, milk-free, peanut-free, and many are 100% paleo. They also use only all-natural chicken and refuse to put nitrates in any of their products. If you’re looking for the perfect snack to refuel, Caveman Foods has got your back.



Photos by: Analiese Trimber

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Of Course A Korean BBQ Joint Would Make Great Jerky


A few weeks ago, we wrote that popular Korean BBQ chain Gen offered a delivery service where you could get your frozen meat delivered anywhere. We had no idea, despite many visits to the Korean BBQ house, that they actually made beef jerky.

A feature of Gen Delivers is that you can order bags of beef jerky online. Kind of an add-on to your frozen meat order, or simply if you’re in the mood for jerky and nothing else. The flavors are : Spicy, Hawaiian, and Cajun.


They weren’t bad, and in fact, a pleasant surprise.

We passed the bags around the office to see what fellow Foodbeasts thought of the product. Here’s what the few that weren’t taking an afternoon nap had to say:


Initial thought: the bag should come with a plastic zipper so it’s resealable. The Hawaiian’s good.


What jerky company is making jerky with legit cuts and KBBQ-level marinades?


I feel like jerky is either the really soft delicious kind or the super hard gas-station kind and this somehow sits in the middle.

Each bag is about $6, which you can order from Gen’s online delivery store.



This Brand Of Beef Jerky Comes With Floss In The Bag

Men and women worldwide have been struggling with beef jerky for centuries. Not when it comes to flavor or production or anything trivial like that. The issue we have is getting it stuck in our teeth. Every time I eat beef jerky, I end up looking like the Scarecrow from Batman.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 5.14.04 PM

One manufacturer of beef jerky intends to change all of that.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 6.00.20 PM

True Gentleman’s Jerky was founded by a couple of buddies from San Diego in 2013. They claim that they are just simple men with simple jerky, but they underestimate the gravity of their creation. These guys have changed the world by doing one simple thing: including floss with every bag of jerky.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 6.00.30 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 6.01.04 PM

Sure, it’s probably not that big of a deal for most people, but for many like myself, this is huge. I love beef jerky, and more often than not, I find myself in a situation where my mouth is adorned with jerky. Tiny threads of beef keep trying to squeeze in between my teeth like a fat guy going back to his seat in a crowded movie theater.

Granted, the entire concept of “floss in a bag of jerky” has been around for a few years now, and True Gentleman’s Jerky isn’t the only company to do it. Someone even mentioned it on Reddit nearly three years ago. Yet, for reasons unbeknownst to me, a large majority of people still never knew that this combination existed. Hell, I work at Foodbeast and not a single one of my coworkers had seen it before. Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 5.37.25 PM

Too many times have I been forced to shove the corners of playing cards or gnawed straws into my mouth to try to remove the jerky. Hopefully other brands pick up on this trend and start following suit. It’s always in a company’s best interest to address the greatest issue the public has with their product. Even Heinz is getting in on the action by letting consumers know (FINALLY) how to get the ketchup to come out of the glass bottle.

Let’s just hope that the heavy hitters of beef jerky like Jack Link’s and Krave can hop on board this well-hidden trend.



Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

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Bite-sized SPAM JERKY Is Coming To Grocery Shelves Near You


When we start snacking on bits of Spam, we get dirty looks. When Hormel Foods Corp. releases Spam Jerky, however, it’s “innovative.” Really though, this is awesome news.

The dried meat bites will be available in three flavors: Bacon, Teriyaki and Classic. In an effort to keep in pace with the consumer base, Hormel plans to focus on innovation rather than imitation.

If innovation means chopping up pieces of dried Spam and serving it ready-to-eat in a snack pack then we’re all for it. Look for the Spam Snacks to hit stores this summer at selected supermarket regions.

Hormel also presented a line of Turkey Breast Sticks. They’re probably a much less saltier alternative.


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Trader Joe’s Sweet Sriracha Bacon Jerky Answers Our Uncured Prayers


A while back, everyone and their moms became really invested in candied sriracha bacon onion rings. The only downside was, now matter how delicious, the recipes actually took some time to make. While wandering purposefully through our local Trader Joe’s, we discovered a curious bag of Sweet Sriracha Uncured Bacon Jerky.

It looks like this:


To our sriracha-coated glee, the jerky tasted phenomenal. It perfectly captures the magic of those sriracha rings, but with none of the kitchen mess. Sure, it’s missing the onion bit, but was that really anyone’s favorite part of the recipe?

The bacon jerky is made with a combination of sriracha-style sauce, honey, soy sauce, garlic, ginger and spices. One might wonder what the difference between cured and uncured meat could be. Essentially, uncured utilizes natural preservatives. It’s still cured, they just call the process “uncured” for some reason.

You can find a bag for about $5.49 at your local Trader Joe’s. It’s a little costly, but what jerky isn’t?



The 10 Pettiest Food Stories The Internet Has To Offer


We’ve all been guilty of, or victims to, petty revenge. Sometimes the smallest, most inconsequential act of defiance can really help vent rage and frustration. It also can sometimes make for a pretty damn funny story if the revenge is good enough. Whether it’s an elaborate, well-planned act of vengeance or a quick-witted response to an injustice, sometimes you just feel better.

We submit to you, the ten most petty acts of food-inspired revenge seen on Reddit. Naturally, take these stories with a grain of salt. Though, enjoy them nonetheless.


1. Chocolate Milk


My significant other decided he didn’t want to go on the date we had been planning for over a week because he was too tired. He was too tired because he had stayed up late redditing and playing games. If you’re reading this, I drank the last of your chocolate milk.

It was delicious.


2. Five-finger discount

When I was in college I worked the night shift at a gas station. One night a group of four high school kids drove in, and it looked like they were on a double date. They were apparently running on fumes and badly needed gas, but didn’t have much cash between them. They all came in and emptied the change from their pockets onto the counter and came up with $1.12 total. I punch in $1.12 as the pre-pay amount for their gas and the nice girl who was driving was appreciative that I had helped count out the change – there were a lot of pennies.

After this the girls go to use the bathroom while the boys peruse the small store. The aisles are angled toward the register so that I can look down them pretty easily. I see one of the boys clearly take a Snickers bar and place it into his jacket pocket — he made absolutely no attempt to hide this action.

I was about to call him out on it, but remembered that they hadn’t started pumping their gas yet. As they were walking out the door, I cleared out the pre-pay amount and typed in $0.59, subtracting the $0.53 that I knew the candy bar cost.

I then waited for the fun.

The nice girl starts pumping her gas and when the pump stopped at $0.59 she looks at me through the glass and raises her hand to make the international gesture for WTF. I motion for her to come inside and she’s a bit annoyed until I explain that her friend stole a candy bar, so I took the price of the candy bar off of the total amount.

The look of incandescent rage that crossed her face was beautiful! She took that anger back out to the car and opened the passenger door. Even though I couldn’t hear her, I could see her yell animatedly with her hands, and soon she started walking back to the store, candy bar in hand.

She placed the candy bar on the counter and said thank you, I put $0.53 back on the pump. I could see her still yelling at him as she finished pumping the gas and drove off.

TL;DR: High school boy steals a candy bar and I let his date know about it in my own way.


3. Half a Dr. Pepper

I love my boyfriend, but there’s one thing I go nuts on; he leaves Dr. Pepper cans everywhere in the damn house. Usually half empty, and by the time I find them (he puts them in really obscure places, i.e., behind books or tv), they have mold in them.


So after getting ignored when I get after him, I wait. One day he sets his can down next to like four others by the table so he can pee. His method of not getting to drink mold is always looking for the cold can. I get a moldy one I’d put in the fridge, waiting for this, and switch them.

He comes back, sits down.

I wait … yes. He picks it up and drinks it!

He makes an awful face and looks at the can for a second, drinks again! He spits it out and glances over at me. I keep a straight face. He throws it away, along with the rest of the cans.

To this day he hasn’t left a can, remembering that moldy one “he must have grabbed by mistake.”


4. Never. Eat. My. Goddamn. Spaghetti. 


I used to work for the largest company in the world (by market cap) and know quite a bit about their electronic gadgets. This has earned me the unfortunate family title as tech support for all things Fruit related.

Last week, I received a call from my brother asking if I could fix his friend’s phone as it was acting weirdly. I told him to come by my place and I would get it sorted out. Well, this friend of my brother’s is 16, and kind of a little douche (LD). He also smokes far too much weed to ever be healthy. Anyways, they come by stoned out of their mind right as I finish making myself some delicious baked spaghetti for dinner.

I proceed to update his phone to the new OS and fix his issues and all is ready to go. I come back to find my baked spaghetti completely devoured by LD while my brother was playing video games in the living room.

You motherfucker.

So I went into the settings and now his phone autocorrects ‘tired’ to ‘high’ every time he types it in. That way, every time he types “I am too tired,” it becomes “I am too high,” etc. Give him the phone back and say all is fixed.

Two days later I get a text message asking “WTF?”, because his friend is grounded for telling his parents he was too high to go to a family dinner.

Never. Eat. My. Goddamn. Spaghetti.


5. This round’s on me.

A couple of years back myself and a couple of friends were enjoying some late night weekend drinking. As usual, the bar was packed and I was still waiting for drinks after 40 minutes or so. I am not a patient person. I saw many people come and go from the bar, yet I was still to be served.

When I finally secured a place at the bar, about to hail the bar steward, only to notice a sharp, digging pain in my left side. I look, a young girl, around 18 years old stood there, I heard her friend tell her to ‘dig her elbows deeper’. Then she somehow managed to get in front of me to the bar, block my path and allow her pal access.

I had waited too long for this to happen and not yet being drunk I quickly thought of a plan.

“It’s OK ladies, allow me. This round’s on me. What would you like?”

They requested their order, though I never bothered to listen to it. They then freed up some space for me to get to the bar. I ordered my drink and nothing more. I then proceeded to explain to the barman how I had heard these girls talking about school and probably weren’t old enough for drinking. I turned around to see them casting me some really evil looks as I left the bar with only my drink. They lost their place, had to wait some more time only to be refused drinks as they failed to produce ID.

TL;DR Girl elbows me out of the way in a bar queue, I offer to buy drinks and instead buy only my own, alert the bartender to possible under-age drinking. Feel like a boss all night.


6. How was dinner?


You know the scam. Whine about perfectly good food to get some sort of comp. In their old age, my parents befriended another older couple who would pull this stunt everywhere they went. After my mother told me a few stories about how their new friends had shown them how to get discounted or free meals, I felt like I was suddenly the responsible adult, concerned about the bad influence these people were having on my parents.

While visiting my parents with my girlfriend, this other couple attended dinner with us. As I expected, the food was brought to the table and they immediately began dramatically complaining to one another about the quality/taste/temperature/etc. They were making a scene in order to attract the attention of the waitress.

When our waitress returned to ask how we were doing, the miserable old bastard who played the lead role in their act took a deep breath, struck a dramatic pose (with his hand raised to begin gesticulating for emphasis) and bega–I leaned forward and cut him off before he could finish the first word:

“Everything is absolutely fantastic. It’s all great! Thank you very much!”

She smiled, and began her obligatory “Great, well if you need any–” when he made a second attempt.

“We come here all the time an–“. I didn’t acknowledge that he was speaking at all, repeated that all was just as we ordered and thanked her again. He was stunned and thrown off from his routine by my interruption.

During this pause the waitress walked away (it seemed clear that she knew what they were trying to accomplish).

He turned bright red. I turned to my girlfriend and, smiling and without lowering my voice, stated how pitiful it is that some people could be dishonest, deceitful and put at risk the livelihood of a cook, server or hostess for a pathetic discount or a free early-bird special.

My passive-aggressive reverse-parenting broke my parents of the habit in short time.



7. No cake for you.

I was at the grocery store yesterday getting some stuff for this weekend when I stumbled upon something that really ticked me off. I’m just hanging out, minding my own business looking for stuff on the list my wife made me, when I heard something in the next aisle. Sounded like an argument. I’m a curious guy, so I skiddoodled on over to see what was going on.

Some middle-aged soccer mom looking bitch was absolutely tearing into this cherub-faced kid about them not carrying the type of cake mix she wanted.

“This is ridiculous! What kind of place is this! I need that cake mix! Get your ass to the backroom and look for it again! I’m having a party tomorrow and have to have it!”

The poor guy looked shell-shocked. If he was anything over 16 years old, I would be so surprised. But I’ll give it to him, he handled it pretty well.

“I’m sorry ma’am … we don’t have any. I already looked … we have the store brand, though … it’s basically the same stuff … I’d be happy to get some of that for you?” he replied. Good on you, young store employee.

“NO. I DON’T WANT OFF-BRAND. GET ME YOUR MANAGER.” Cake bitch was losing her shit. I know cake is awesome, but com’on lady, you’re being a big ol’ turd.

The kid’s manager comes out, chats with the lady who continues to freak out, but eventually gets her just to take the store-brand cake mix. He and his employee walk past me, staring straight ahead with the eyes fixed on the empty void ahead of them like only someone who works in a retail job can do.

I was feeling a little bit feisty yesterday.

I can be a bastard-coated-bastard with bastard filling sometimes, but I absolutely hate it when people are rude to store employees/waiters/people they think are ‘beneath them.’ Really, really pisses me off. That bitch wasn’t getting away with it. I stalked her through the store, never getting too close to set off alarm. She moved from aisle to aisle getting more things for her impending bitch-festival, not knowing that a predator was about to strike. She got some pretty delicious looking things, I might add…but I wasn’t after those.

I had my target. I was going to take that fucking cake mix.

I knew exactly where it was in her cart. Her cart was getting pretty full so I decided to move in for the kill. The petty-revenge gods were on my side because somehow the cake mix wasn’t covered by anything. She turned her back on her cart and bent down to get something off the bottom shelf. I rushed in, very nonchalantly snagged the cake mix out of her cart, and moved on.

Of course I had to watch to make sure she checked out. In fact, I made sure I was right behind her. She didn’t notice a thing. For how big of a deal that damn cake mix was to her, I was surprised how little attention she payed to what she put on the conveyor belt.

I smiled all night thinking about how she got home, unloaded all of her groceries, but couldn’t find the cake mix. She probably went back out to her car, looked around, maybe under the seats … but guess what lady, it’s not there.

That cake mix deserved better than her. I bought it. It was confetti cake mix. It might have been for a kids party for all I know, but I don’t care.

I made it when I got home and it was fucking delicious. Store brands are great.


8. This is what a quarter gets you. 

So there I was getting my normal hamburger and fries in the cafe at work tonight. I brought my meal to the cashier to pay and the conversation with her went like this:

Me: “Hi, I have a hamburger without cheese and fries.”

Cashier: “Without cheese?”

Me: “Correct, no cheese.”

Cashier: “Ok.”

I gave her my credit card and then noticed she put it into the register as a goddamn cheeseburger. So I told her:

Me: “I ordered a hamburger, not a cheeseburger. You put it in wrong.”

Cashier: “It’s only a quarter…”

The bitch gave me this look like “come on man, you can afford it,” then billed it to my credit card without fixing her mistake.

I don’t care if it’s a quarter or a fat stack of franklins. She stole from me, so I grabbed her tip jar and took a quarter out of it. She gave me this stunned look … like I was violating her tip jar… like I was stealing from her… like she didn’t deserve it.

I then said, “It’s only a quarter,” shrugged, and walked away.

I made an enemy today.


9. Jerky jerk


This is a story from when I was in 8th grade. To provide a little background, I was a nerdy kid of less than 100 pounds with no muscle whatsoever. I was frequently bullied because of this, usually just verbal but sometimes more. This kid named “A.” realized that he could take my lunch and I couldn’t do anything about it, so that went on for a few days. He had a particular taste for packaged meat products – this is important.

After the second time he stole my lunch (and I went hungry as a result), I was fed up. I went home, took a piece of beef jerky, and soaked it in Dave’s Insanity sauce for 36 hours. After sampling the meat (holy shit was it spicy, and I have a high tolerance for heat), I brought it in to school. I told my friends and classmates what was about to go down so that they could watch it happen.

Well, what do you know, A. came around and snatched the beef jerky out of my hands at lunch. I hardly complained, just told him it was a special recipe of mine. He took a giant bite and started to talk about how spicy it was, me telling him that was how I like it (and with a big shit-eating grin on my face).

Fast forward to 10 minutes later and A. was visibly sweating, face red, swearing loudly about the beef jerky he was still nibbling on so he didn’t look like a bitch in front of his friends. He snatched my fruit snacks and applesauce, ate them in front of me, and then I knew I had to end this once and for all, so I tried to think of a plan. Meanwhile, A. spent the rest of lunch blocking anyone else from using the water fountain in order to wash the heat from his mouth.

On the way back from lunch, A. still swearing at me, I told him I knew a little trick to get the heat out. I told him to just massage the corners of his eyes, right near the tear ducts.

A. spent an entire period crying into the water fountain to wash the spice out of his eyes. He never stole my lunch again. And neither did anyone else.


10. Yeasty

I like my bread and I pay more ($3.50 a loaf) for the brand I like so it’s fresh, soft and tasty. I’d just bought a new loaf with plans of making some PB&J and, more specifically, a grilled cheese to go with the tomato soup I’d bought. I’m a college student and my food budget is a little limited so, sadly, a good loaf of bread with the means to make some sandwiches is a treat.

I went to sleep before work while images of tasty sandwiches danced in my head.

I woke up and went into the kitchen to make my sandwiches only to find that my entire loaf of bread was gone! I already knew what had happened. I went to my roommate and asked him where my bread went.

He told me, “Oh, I ate it while you were sleeping,” like he didn’t just ruin my meal plans for the day.

I asked, “So what the hell am I supposed to eat before work!?” He said, “I didn’t really think about that. Relax, I’ll buy you a new loaf.”

I scrape together something to eat and head off to work, eased a little by the knowledge that my bread will be replaced and I can have a sandwich when I get home.

Fast forward 8.5 hours

I get home, put my things away, wash up, and head to the kitchen to make my sandwich. I see sitting on the counter a loaf of the cheapest generic brand crap he could find. I kid you not, this stuff is hard and tastes like cardboard WHEN IT’S FRESH!! I proceed to flip my shit, he knows what kind of bread I eat and it’s right next to the shit he bought. His response was “Chill man, it’s only bread …”

I know that he is extremely picky about the beer he drinks and always keeps a six pack of his favorite in the fridge. To get my revenge I wait until he goes to work and I drink his entire six pack and replace it with a six pack of Natural Light. I lined the bottles up on the counter so he’d be sure to see them and waited.

He gets home a few hours later, puts his shit away, washes up, and walks to the fridge to get a beer.

He sees the bottles and yells, “Dude! You drank all my beer!”

I yell back, “Relax, I got you some more.” He opens the fridge, see’s the six pack of inferior beer, and storms into my room beer in hand.

“What the fuck is this shit!? This isn’t what I drink!” to which I reply, “Chill man, it’s just beer …”

TL;DR – Roommate ate my good bread and replaced it with crap so I drank all his good beer and replaced it with Natural Light.



Show You Mean Meaty Business With These Beef Jerky Business Cards


We’ve already seen a business card that doubles as a grater but these beef jerky business cards are a game changer.

Just imagine the look you’ll get when you slyly hand over an edible business card instead of the drab glossy standard. Yup, that’s sure to make a tasty first impression.

Created by the aptly named company Meat Cards, these business cards are literally slabs of beef jerky laser etched with your contact information. The jerky is completely edible and lasts up to one year before perishing. These innovative business cards are sure to get you noticed but don’t be too bummed if you don’t get a call back, your acquaintance must have devoured your info, whoops.

Besides business cards Meat Cards also prints birthday cards and postcards. Pricing is currently negotiable all their etched beef products. No word on if other flavors are being offered other than straight up beef but teriyaki or peppered could really let someone know you mean business…delicious, meaty business.

H/T + PicThx That’s Nerdalicious