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Twitter Rips Dole Sunshine For Their Unusual Take On A ‘Jerk Chicken’ Recipe

It’s 2018, and consumers now DEMAND regional authenticity in their food. So if you’re gonna post something like, say, a Jamaican jerk chicken recipe, you better come correct. AKA, don’t do what Dole Sunshine just did to Jamaica’s iconic dish.

Dole’s packaged foods division recently posted their take on “Caribbean Style Jerk Chicken” that has the internet either horrified or laughing. The recipe, which features ingredients like pineapple juice, golden raisins, and bananas, was a far cry from how the dish is traditionally made. Everything from allspice to spicy Scotch bonnets peppers, and even salt was missing.

In light of the desecration of this traditional dish, the Internet banded together to call Dole out with a generous pinch of savagery.

Popular cultural blogger The Love Life of an Asian Guy also shared the recipe to his Facebook page, where the brutality of the responses only intensified.

None was as gut-busting, however, as this Twitter user’s incorporation of Chadwick Boseman on SNL.

Dole has since responded to the travesty, saying they are working with the Sunshine team to “correct the recipe.” Hopefully, the next version at least includes some salt.

UPDATE (June 1st, 2018): Dole Sunshine has since removed the “jerk chicken” recipe from their website.

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Can You Handle The Heat From Jamaica’s Spiciest Pizza?

Want in on a fiery little secret? If you’re up for some sizzle and scorch in your life and are in the paradise of Jamaica, the Moon Palace Jamaica resort in Ocho Rios is offering up the spiciest pizza on the whole island.

Featuring one of the Caribbean’s spiciest peppers, the infamous yet flavorful Scotch Bonnet, the pie is also topped with freshly grilled Jamaican jerk chicken straight from the resort’s on-site jerk chicken shack.

For those not familiar with the bliss that is Jamaican jerk chicken, it is one of Jamaica’s most famous dishes that involves slow grilling chicken in a bounty of savory spices, one of which is pimento, otherwise known as allspice.

Though the Scotch Bonnet is featured prominently on the pizza, the heat becomes a tolerable and pleasant surprise due to how delicious the pepper is. The situation is then turned into a flavor block party once the jerk chicken enters the equation and makes for one of the most unique and unforgettable pizza experiences any ‘za aficionado will ever have.

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Pizza Hut Canada Launches New Pizzas Celebrating Canada’s Diversity


Besides offering Canadian classics, such as the Cheesy Beef Poutine Pizza, Pizza Hut Canada has introduced a pretty interesting new line up to celebrate the country’s diversity. The new pies includes Pulled Pork, Pepperoni Margherita, Sweet BBQ Jerk Chicken, and Hot Sriracha Chicken. First of all, all those pizzas should be in ‘murica cause we would eat the shiz outta that. Just sayin’.

Brand Eating describes each of the pizzas in all their delicious glory:

The Pulled Pork Pizza is topped with “tropical sauce,” pulled pork in BBQ sauce, red onions, and mozzarella

The Pepperoni Margherita Pizza comes with “Old World Sauce,” Pepperoni, Pesto Marinated tomatoes, and mozzarella.

The Sweet BBQ Jerk Chicken Pizza features BBQ Jerk sauce, cheddar, roasted red peppers, red onions, grilled chicken strips, bacon strips, and mozzarella

The Hot Sriracha Chicken Pizza has sriracha sauce, green peppers, banana peppers, grilled chicken strips, and mozzarella.

Besides the pies, Pizza Hut Canada is also offering new Hot Sriracha Wings and Sweet Jerk Wings. The new line up is going for $15 CA ($13.73 US) for a medium pizza. No word on how long these pies will be on the menu but I’m still not giving up on bringing these to the Pizza Hut US menu.

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