Mannequin Nutcrackers — Crack Your Nut Between Her Thighs, Seriously

nutcracker mannequin jennifer rubell art

What a view. NYC Artist and all-around-foodie Jennifer Rubell recently exhibited her 18 life-size-nut-destroying dames at The Frieze Art Fair earlier this month.

For the unbeknownst, watching the video of the older gentleman placing his hazelnuts (or other shelled nut variety) between the horizontal inner thighs of the voluptuous Barbie looks rather scandalous. Gently placing his hand on her left ankle for stability before delicately caressing the indehiscent fruit into the portal of destruction. Then BAM! Time for a snack.

Silly mannequin, you thought this was love? We were only using you for our instant enjoyment and nutritional satisfaction. But in a drastic change of heart…

So I just met you and this is crazy. But here’s my number, so call me maybe? Video and additional pictures below:

mannequin nutcracker remains

row of mannequin nutcrackers

[Via Jennifer Rubell & Incredible Things]