Waffle House Sues Rapper for Releasing ‘Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle House’ Mixtape


You’d think that Waffle House would be thrilled that a Tennessee rapper released a 21-track mixtape about how much he loves Waffle House — at least, until you heard that the mixtape is entitled “Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle House” and the rapper is a convicted felon known as “Jelly Roll” who describes Waffle House as “an old pregnant woman strip club that sells hash browns.” So they’re suing the crap outta him.

Waffle House is not a fan of Jelly Roll’s particular brand of waffle worship, especially since he’s using their logo on the cover of his mixtape . . . right next to a glowing bottle of whiskey and a giant pot leaf. Waffle House slapped the Tennessee native with a cease-and-desist order before freezing him out of his Facebook and YouTube accounts in an effort to halt the mixtape’s distribution.

We’ve gotta hand it to Jelly Roll, though — he really, really loves Waffle House. The Tennessee native has eaten at his local Waffle House branch “thousands of times” to order his signature breakfast and has been “smothering, covering, and chunking sh*t [at Waffle House] for twenty-eight years.” Even the threat of a Waffle House lawsuit (a Wafflesuit?) hasn’t stopped Jelly Roll from popping in to grab a few orders of hash browns, “Even after I vowed I’d never eat at one again, I found myself hungry at an odd hour, under the intoxication of a little whiskey and a little weed, and I wound up in a Waffle House.” Guess old habits die hard.

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