Jelly Bean Scented Pillows Give You The Sweetest Dreams


Ever dream of drifting off to sleep with the smell of jelly beans filling your nostrils? Check out these Jelly Bellys jelly bean scented pillows! You can buy Tangerine, Cherry or Watermelon flavors on Amazon (HERE). They’re also being sold over at Costco, so for those who have a membership, head on over and scoop some up! For those of us who don’t have a membership, we just gotta keep shopping at our regular-ass non-bulk grocery stores which don’t sell jelly bean scented pillows because life isn’t fair you guys.


Written by Brittany High, Incredible Things


Tabasco Jelly Bellies Probably Won’t Go Well With Eggs

Since Jelly Belly first brought Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans into the Muggle world, it’s seemed as if no jelly bean flavor is off limits. But just because “Tabasco” sounds a little less crazy than “vomit” or “booger” or “sardine” doesn’t make it any less fire. (Look ma, I made a funny.)

Partnering with the makers of the 140 year old hot sauce recipe, Jelly Belly has managed to recreate an authentic Tabasco flavor that “will ignite the taste buds with a peppery punch that hot sauce fans crave,” while retaining just a hint of sweetness from the bean itself.

In other words, if you’re anything like me and just appreciate Tabasco for the tongue-pinching kick it offers to your daily breakfast, these new sweet-hot beans probably won’t make an appropriate substitute. But if you just happen to like the taste of spicy Arco gas, have at it.

Tabasco Jelly Bellies are currently available in 10 pound bulk cases for $8.99 to $9.99 per pound, and will be available in 3.1 ounce single servings starting December, $2.49 to $2.99 each.

[Via Candy and Snack Today]