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Brilliant New Game Combines Jenga and Jello Shots


Watch out Beer Pong. Make way Hungry Hungry Hippo. There’s a new game in town that is both part drinking game and part board game. Introducing the Tipsy Jello Shot Tower.

According to PopSugar, this tipsy version of Jenga is the “perfect Summer party game.” And we don’t disagree. Created and sold by Minnesota-based  Stone Point Custom Woodwork, the game is just like its drier predecessor except several pieces feature jello shot slots (see above). So, if you pull one such piece, you get a treat.

The Tower comes in two sizes, a Little Tipsy Tower ($79) and a Double Tipsy Tower ($89). Both come with jello shot cups with lids, and a jello shot recipe card (not that you need one) and laminated rules for how to play (not that you need those).

Both versions are currently sold out, but you can sign up to be alerted when the game is back in stock.


Here’s How to Make Cherry Pie Jello Shots, Complete with Mini Graham Cracker Crusts

So the family-centric holidays are technically over (unless you’re one of those people who actually enjoys boozing it up with gramps, ya freak). But that doesn’t mean the family-centric holiday-themed treats have to end. In fact, why not keep the fun of all the suffocating hugs and ugly sweaters and forced smiles going by whipping up some of these Cherry Pie Jello Shots for your favorite New Year’s Eve bash?

Because nothing says awkward familial gathering like a delicious slice of cherry pie.

Brought to us by the “queen of jello shots” herself, That’s So Michelle, these delightfully simple tarts are made by pouring your cherry-flavored jello/vodka mix into pre-made mini pie crusts. Best of all, each “pie” can be cut up into smaller individual slices, guaranteeing there’s enough awkward tasty holiday misappropriation to go around.

Check out the full recipe and photos, here.

H/T That’s So Michelle


Gingerbread Man Jello Shots Are Deviously Simple

Michelle over at ThatsoMichelle is a woman after our own Foodbeast-y hearts:

“I’ve wanted to make gingerbread men jello shots for a long time now,” she writes in her GINGERBREAD MEN JELLO SHOTS recipe post