How To Make Sriracha JELL-O Shots Out Of Sweet Peppers [WATCH]


Photo by Max Bartick

There we all sat, the collective Internet staring at our screens, I imagine some sitting on medicine balls at work, others (me) cradling a phone while sitting on the toilet, all of us wondering one thing…what’s gonna be the next Jell-O shot innovation?

Well folks — prepare to have your brain bashed around a bit before it explodes, someone has created Sriracha JELL-O shots. To make matters even more spicy, they’re not just in stupid little Dixie cups, the shots have been cast into beautiful red and orange peppers.

Let’s recap: they look like peppers, they’re filled with Jell-O that will get you drunk, and they’re ridiculously easy to make. Instead of a written recipe, here’s a cute girl getting drunk making it with some applicable music: