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3 Del Amo Fashion Center Spots That Transcend ‘Mall Food’

Positioned less than four miles from the Redondo Beach Pier, the Del Amo Fashion Center is a newly-built, sprawling modern retail hub, featuring some of the most stunning contemporary architecture found in Southern California.

But what’s really drawing crowds to Del Amo, isn’t so much the storefronts — it’s the food.  

With a long list of culturally diverse eateries, Del Amo isn’t just a shopping mall, it’s becoming a dining experience that’s just as beautiful on Instagram as it is in person.   

Del Amo is home to Frida Mexican Cuisine, featuring traditional Mexican classics like the Molcajete Frida — a giant boiling bowl of slightly spicy salsa verde sauce, made with tomatillos onions and cilantro, served with nopales (grilled cactus), chicken, juicy carne asada, and a creamy queso panela.

While seamlessly blending fine dining experiences with shopping and casual eating, Del Amo food court’s avant garde vibe has welcomed vendors like Pink’s Hot Dog’s — one of the most famous restaurants in the history of Los Angeles.

We all know Pink’s has a menu perfectly suited for the hungry fashion center crowds. If you plan on making a pit stop, check out the Jaws Burger. A charbroiled chili cheese burger, served with a perfectly grilled spicy Polish sausage, topped with lettuce, tomato and onions.

With a seemingly endless list of retailers and restaurants, it might be hard to choose something. So, here’s a pro tip — hit up Brio Coastal Bar & Kitchen. While you’re there, be sure to order the Buffalo Cauliflower Steak. Sliced cauliflower, grilled, then drizzled with a tangy buffalo sauce and a spicy horseradish sauce.

These are just a few of the spots that make Del Amo Fashion Center our Chomping Grounds.

Where are yours?

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