7-Eleven Officially Adds Jarritos’ Mandarin Flavor As A Big Gulp, The First Time It’s Ever Found Outside The Bottle

Fans of the widely popular Jarritos soda brand will soon be able to have as much of the popular Mandarin flavor as they can chug, thanks to a new partnership with 7-Eleven and Stripes.

For the first time in the history of the beverage, the Mandarin Jarritos soda is venturing outside of the bottle and joining 7-Eleven’s Big Gulp soda fountain lineup.

Over the past summer, 7-Eleven launched a Mandarin-flavored Jarritos Slurpee drink that garnered positive social media reaction like gangbusters. The resulting popularity led to the decision of adding the actual craft soda into the soda fountain lineup. The Mexico-based soft drink company was founded in 1950 and, over the past 70 years, has risen to become one of the most popular soft drinks in the country.

Expect to see the newest Big Gulp flavor rolling out at participating 7-Eleven locations. If successful, we’ll probably see more iconic Jarritos flavors joining its Mandarin flavored comrade not long after.

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Mandarin Jarritos Slurpees Lowkey Dropped At 7-11 And Folks LOVE Them

Jarritos are one of the most recognizable Mexican sodas out there and are a fixture at nearly every taqueria you can find in the country. They’re about to become even more widespread, though, because 7-11 has been quietly dropping Jarritos Slurpees in some of their locations.

The sole current flavor spotted by folks on social media so far has been Mandarin, one of the more popular Jarritos offerings. Users on Twitter and Reddit have been spotting them and sharing photos since about mid-May, with locations carrying the Slurpee ranging from Denver to Texas.

Judging by their reactions, people have been loving the Jarritos Slurpees so far.

While the drink has been around for a couple of months at least, Jarritos just got around to announcing the flavor on their social media feeds. They’re saying that it’s only available in select locations of 7-11, so you’ll need to hunt around your area to track one down.

It would definitely be cool to see more Jarritos Slurpees flavors in the future, too. I’d personally be down to guzzle a Tamarindo or Limon version.


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