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IHOP Ignores Your Resolutions, Brings Back All You Can Eat Pancakes

IHOP-58-Cent-Pancakes It’s not officially the start to a New Year unless IHOP brings back their All-You-Can-Eat Pancake deal. Last year, Foodbeast writer Sean Fahmy took advantage of the offer and broke the in-store record for eating the most pancakes in one sitting. Pretty sure he fell asleep in the office bathroom as soon as he got back to work. If you’re not looking to break any records, but just want a LOT of pancakes for a solid price, you might want to head over to IHOP. Patrons can get their pancakes in a short stack of five for $4.99, or as a combo for $10.99 with four pieces of either bacon or sausage.

The combo meal comes with two pancakes and, as they finish them, the rest will come in sets of two until diners’ bellies can no longer take it. IHOP’s short stack will also follow suit, adding an endless set of two pancakes after the initial five. The AYCE promotion has already begun and will be around for the whole of January.


Popular California Burger Chain Creates An Eggs Benedict Burger With French Toast Buns


Man, Slater’s 50/50 can really make a hearty burger. The customizable burger chain based in California is best known for their 50/50 patties that combine both ground beef and ground bacon. They also do a Burger of the Month that’s usually something crazy, terrifying and delicious.

January’s burger is the French Toast Benny Burger, based on the Eggs Benedict breakfast dish. Made with a breakfast sausage patty, the burger is served with Canadian Bacon, spinach, a chipotle hollandaise and a sunny-side up egg that’s served on sourdough French Toast.

Kind of a middle finger to anyone with a New Year’s goal of dropping a few pounds.

A 1/3-pound burger is available for $10.95. Slater’s suggests pairing it with Elysian Loser Pale Ale. Sound off in the comments if you were able to try it this month.

Also, remember that Kangaroo Burger they made a while back?